Jackson County Michigan

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Rodgers, J. D., of Stockbridge, Ingham Co., and Miss Amy A. Sweet of Waterloo, m. in Waterloo, March 28, 1850, by Eld. J. Kinne. 4-18-50

Fish, Mrs. Samuel B. (Jane) d. in Napoleon, Ap. 2, 1850, ae 26y First joined the Baptist church in Brooklyn. She lost her father when she was 8, and her mother in June, 1842. Married in 1844. 4-18-50

King, P. A., d. in Brooklyn, April 17, 1850, ae 33y 9m. 5-30-50

King, Jospeh, d. in Brooklyn, May 7, 1850 ae 63y and 9m. He was born in the town of Coventry, Kent Co., R.I., in 1781. 5-30-50

Calkins, Clinton B. of Leoni, and Miss Susan Eliot of Napolean were married on June 20, 1850, by Rev. J. A. Keyes. 7-11-50

Calkins, Wm. W. and Miss K. Eldred both of Leoni, were married on June 20, 1850 by Rev. J. A. Keyes. 7-11-50

Love, Maria, d. in Columbia, Oct. 6, 1850 dau. of Wm. C. and Mary Love, ae 7y and 15d. 10-24-50

Carr, George W., of Liberty, and Mrs. Eliza S. Chapman, of Jackson, m. in Jackson, on Dec. 4, 1850 by Rev. E. H. Hamlin. 12-12-50

Hathaway, Clarke L., and Miss Lucy M. Thomas, both of Jackson, m. in Jackson, Dec. 7, 1850 by Rev. E. H. Hamlin. 12-12-50

Palmer, Jedediah R., and Miss Mary Christopher, both of Liberty, m. Dec. 7, 1850 in Liberty, by Rev. E. H. Hamlin. 12-12-50

Welch, Sextus S., and Miss Cordelia M. Thomas, m. Dec. 7, 1850, by Rev. E. H. Hamlin. 12-12-50

Pool, Mrs. William (Jane) d. in Sandstone, Dec. 8, 1850, ae 47y 3m 21d. Born in Montville, Conn., Oct. 18, 1803. Joined Baptist Church in Colchester when about 45y. Married on Jan. 18, 1824. Removed to Michigan in 1832. 1-16-51

Sanford, David R. d. in Liberty, March 20, 1851, ae 26y. 5-22-51

Root, Wm. Rhinaldo, d. in South Jackson, March 25, 1851, second son of William and Mary root, ae 3y and 6m. 5-8-51

Smally, George L., of Concord and Miss Mercy Skinner of Jackson, m. in Jackson, April 29, 1851, by Rev. E. H. Hamlin. 5-22-51

Chapman, Homer C., and Miss Amanda M. Mosher, m. on May 6, 1851 in Brooklyn, Mich., by Rev., W. C. Smith. 5-15-51

Chapel, Ann Elizabeth, dau. of David and Sarah S. Chapel of Spring Arbor, d. July 22, 1851, ae 14y 11m and 7d 8-14-51

Brown, Samantha, d. in Spring Arbor, July 31, 1851, dau. of Anthony Johnson and Electa Brown, ae 19y and 22d. 8-14-51

Bengal, Leonard, and Miss Lydia James of Hillsdale, m. in Liberty, Dec. 11, 1851, by Rev. B. G. Lewis. 12-25-51

Randal, Mrs. G. R. (Adaline) d. in Leoni, Feb. 23, 1852, in the 29th year of her age. She was formerly a member of the North Burlington Church, Otsego Co., N.Y. 4-15-52

Root, Pliney Alvarado, d. in South Jackson, youngest son of William and Sarah Root, ae 1y 1m and 11d n.d. 3-25-52

Sanford, Oscar H., of Liberty City, and Martha J., dau. of Dea. S. Burge of Jackson, m. in Jackson, May 27, 1852 by Rev. J. Randall. 6-10-52

Door, William, of Manchester, and Miss M. R. Hay of Napoleon, m. in Napoleon, Nov. 18, 1852, by Rev. P. Van Winkle. 12-2-52

Hay, Franklin, and Miss Sophronia Mosher, both of Manchester, m. in Napoleon, Nov. 18, 1852. 12-2-52

Hamlin, Mrs. E. H. (Lucretia G.) d. in Jackson, Nov. 25, 1852. 12-2-52

Doney, George Washington, d. in Jackson, Dec. 16, 1852, youngest son of Henry W. and Lydia M. Doney, ae 10m 17d 1-13-53

Hamlin, Sarah Elizabeth, d. in Jackson, Dec. 26, 1852, ae 10y and 11m. 12-30-52

Hawkins, A. F., and R. Amelia Hubbard, dau. of the late Samuel A. Hubbard, of Franklin, Lenawee Co., m. in Spring Arbor, Dec. 27, 1852, by Rev. R. Dunn. 1-6-53

Hamlin, Mary Alice, d. in Jackson, Jan. 8, 1853, youngest child of Rev. E. H. Hamlin, ae 2y and 8m 1-20-53

Bowker, David, and Miss Sarah Kelly, m. in Barry, Jan. 30, 1853 by Rev. S. Bowker. 2-17-53

Freeland, Hamilton, and Miss Eunice E. Perkins m. in South Jackson, Feb. 13, 1853, by Rev. B. G. Lewis, all of Jackson. 2-24-53

Crego, Martin, and Miss Mahala Robert of Coldwater, m. in South Jackson, Feb. 16, 1853, by Rev. B. G. Lewis. 3-10-53

Morrison, William, d. in Jackson, March 20, 1853, ae 65y. He was a resident of Springport. 6-2-53

Butterfield, Mrs. J. L. (Wealthy), d. in Brooklyn, March 21, 1853. Born in Adams, Berkshire Co., removed to Manchester, Mich., in 1842. Married to J. L. Butterfield during winter of 1845. 4-7-53

Burgess, Seth, d. in South Jackson, May 11, 1853, ae 58y. Born in Antwerp, Jefferson Co., N.Y. Removed to Ohio, and then to South Jackson. 6-2-53

Chapman, A. G., and Miss M. G. Sweezey, both of Napoleon, m. in Napoleon, Ot. 12, 1853, by Rev. P. Van Winkle. 12-22-53

Holmes, Anna M., d. in Jackson, Dec. 10, 1853, ae 21y. 12-29-53

Rhoads, Gilbert and Miss Sarah Ann McGraw, both of Liberty, m. in Liberty, Jan. 9, 1854 by Rev. B. G. Lewis. 1-19-54

Hamlin, Rev. E. H., of Piqua, Ohio and Hannah M. Tyler of Concord, m. in Concord, March 28, 1854, by Rev. E. J. Covey. 4-13-54

Allen, Norman, of Jackson and Mrs. Amanda R. Fitch of Leoni m. at Michigan Center, April 18, 1854, by Rev. G. W. Harris. 4-20-54.

Blossom, Willis V., d. near Jackson, May 24, 1854, ae 24y and 6d, son of Benjamin and Clarissa Blossom of Sherwood, Branch Co., 7-6-54

Randal, Cyntha Ellen, d. in Leoni, June 24, 1854, ae 6y 8m. She was the dau. of G. R. and Adaline Randal, and the adopted dau. of W. and L. Freeman. 8-10-54

Ambier, Lewis R., d. in Brooklyn, July 22, 1854 eldest son of Wm. H. and Chloe Ambier, ae 22y. Born in Danbury, Conn., in Jan. 12, 1832; came to Michigan in 1839. 8-10-54

Jenison, Rev. C. A. of New York and Miss Sarah Lobdell of Jackson, m. in Jackson, Sept. 11, 1854 by Rev. D. winton. 9-21-54

Ellis, Mrs. A. A. (Electa B.) d. in Brooklyn, Sept. 25, 1854. She was the youngest dau. of J. and Cynthia Barney of Bellville, N.Y., where she was born. Married in 1844. Moved to Michigan about the same date. 10-12-54

Sear, Solomon, and Miss Sarah Ann Mayett, all of Jackson, m. in Jackson, Oct. 2, 1854, by Rev. J. J. Scarrett. 10-12-54

Shaw, Florence Bell, d. in Jackson, Nov. 15, 1854, dau. of Gardner H. and Abigail Shaw, ae 2y, 3m and 15 d. 12-7-54

Root, Mrs. Wm. (Sarah Ann) d. in South Jackson, Nov. 30, 1854, ae 37y. 2-15-55

Dunkin, David, of Unadilla, and Miss Julia A. T. Stoner of Grass Lake, m. Feb. 22, 1855, by Rev. Edward Tenney. 5-17-55

Emery, Rev. Wm., Pastor of the Baptist Church in Sandstone and Mis Mary E. Brown of Spring Arbor, m. in Spring Arbor, March 15, 1855, by Rev. J. J. Scarritt of Jackson. 3-29-55

Crego, Richard, and Miss Electa Reed of hanover, m. in Hanover, April 12, 1855, by Rev. B. G. Lewis. 5-24-55

Root, Wm. of S. Jackson, and Mrs. Emma Jane Fisher of Columbia, m. May 10, 1855, by Rev. B. G. Lewis. 5-24-55

Woodward, Henry L. of S. Jackson and Miss Marion E. Wheelock, formerly of Watertown, N.Y., m. by Rev. B. G. Lewis. 5-24-55

Snyder, George, of Liberty and Miss Lucy Burge, of S. Jackson, m. June 28, 1855, in S. Jackson by Eld. E. M. Lewis 7-12-55

Holland, James M., eldest son of Deacon S. Holland of Napoleon, and Miss Hellen M. Price, eldest dau. of J. W. Price of Grass Lake, m. in Grass Lake, Oct. 7, 1855, by Rev. P. Van Winkle. 11-29-55

Francis, Alfred C., d. in S. Jackson, Oct. 13, 1855, ae 41y. Born in Bristol, Ontario Co., N.Y... removed to Ohio, to Michigan in about 1851. 11-29-55

Thayer, Mrs. May P., d. in Jackson, Nov. 15, 1855, ae 64y. 12-13-55

Thompson, Lyman, d. in Brooklyn, Dec. 30, 1855 ae 63y. Came from Steuben, Oneida Co., N.Y. 2-14-56

Faulkner, Harrison and Miss Jenni M. Whitford, both of Grass Lake, m. in Grass Lake, May 1, 1856, by Rev. C. R. Pattison. 5-15-56

Bush, H. W. of Charleston and Mrs. Harriet S. Parker of Columbia, m. in Columbia, May 5, 1856, by Rev. Isaac M. Wade. 6-12-56

Bond, Mrs. Calvin (Nancy) d. in Jackson, n. d. in the 64th year of her age. She was born in Winchester, N. H., m. there to Calvin Bond in 1831. Removed to Sharon, N.Y. in 1834. Joined the church in Leesville. Came to Jackson in 1837. 7-3-56

Hendee, Kendrick, d. in Jackson, March 2, 1857, son of Harrington and Charlotte Hendee, ae 2y. 4-16-57

Townsend, Mrs. (Hannah Penny) d. in Concord, March 8, 1857, ae 72y. Born in Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., N.Y., dau. of Dea. Edward Penny. Moved to Walworth, Wayne Co., and in 1835, she moved to Michigan. 7-9-57

Chapin, E. B., son of Samuel Chapin of Scio and Ursula S., dau. of Ralph Updike, m. in Grass Lake, March 17, 1857 by Rev. J. M. Gregory of Ann Arbor. 4-2-57

Moore, Mrs. Harrison (Hannah A.) d. in Barry, March 25, 1857 ae 31y. United with Baptist church of Melvin Hill, Phelpstown, N.Y., later with church at Andover, Allegany Co., then of Hope. 4-23-57

Hamp, Thomas, of Pine Bend, Minn., and Miss Rebecca Mayett of Jackson, m. in Jackson, Ap. 20, 1857, by Rev. J. E. Johnson. 4-30-57

Lattimore, Mrs. George W. (Helen Cornell) d. in Spring Arbor, May 15, 1857. She was a dau. of Dr. J. G. Cornell of Spring Arbor. She was of Detroit. 5-21-57

Mosher, Charlie B., d. in Jackson, Aug. 5, 1857, ae 2y and 3d. He was a son of Benjamin G. and Eliza Ann Mosher. 8-27-57

Boroughs, Mrs. J. B. (Phebe) d. in Concord, Sept. 12, 1857, ae 72y. She was born in Shaftesbury, Vt., lived later in Whitehall, N.Y. Came to Michigan in 1833. 10-8-57

Smalley, J.N. and Miss M. E. Bulllock, both of Concord, m. in Concord, Jackson Co., Oct. 13, 1857, by Rev. J. E. Johnson. 11-12-57

Dupuy, Mrs. James (R. Ann) d. in Spring Arbor, Oct. 26, 1857, ae 23y. 11-26-57

Shearer, Deacon M. d. in Hanover, Dec. 12, 1857, ae 41y. He came to Michigan from Parma Corners, Monroe Co., N.Y. 2-4-58

Sweeney, Charles of Battle Creek, and Miss Sarah Lovejoy, of Grass Lake, m. Jan. 12, 1858, by Rev. L. Bath. 2-4-58

Smalley, David, d. Jan. 26, 1858 at the residence of his son-in-law Judge Videto, in Jackson, ae 62y. He was of Concord, Jackson Co., He came to Michigan from Washington Co., N.Y. to Concord in 1834. 2-25-58

Washburne, Benjamin of Leoni and Miss Cornelia Murdoc of Grass Lake, m. Jan. 28, 1858 by Rev. L. Bath. 2-4-58

Carpenter, Frances M., d. in Concord, ae 16y. 3-25-58

Place, Frederick W. of Sandstone, and Miss Sarah E. Hayes of Blackman, m. in Jackson, March 30, 1858. 4-15-58

Smalley, May Alice, d. in Jackson, May 7, 1859, infant dau. of George L. and Mercy Smalley, ae 17m and 27d 6-2-59

Baldwin, Stephen, of Antwerp, and Miss Charlotte Lucretia Parmeter of Concord, m. in Concord, May 23, 1858 by Rev. W. Emery. 6-3-58

Mann, Charles Harvey, and Matilda M. Parmeter, both of Concord, m. in Concord, Oct. 6, 1858, by Rev. W. Emery. 10-21-58

Dean, Julius P., and Miss Maria Weeks both of Columbia, m. in Colubmia, Feb. 3, 1859, by Rev. H. M. Gallup. 2-17-59

Robinson, Hatty, d. in Waterloo, April 10, 1859, ae 23y or 28y. 4-21-59

Source: Michigan vital records from the Michigan Christian herald: 1850-[1859]. Detroit, Mich.; unknown, 1900, pages 31-36 - submitted by Peggy Thompson)

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