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Kalamazoo County Michigan

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Cemetery Location  Township

Adams/Baptist/Pierce/Prairie Home/South Climax Section 3, 44th Street, 
   in Climax.
Alamo Section 21, 6th Street, south of Alamo.  Alamo
Augusta Cemetery  Sec 34, in Augusta.  Ross
Averill/Carney/Gilson/West Climax Section 17, 38th and PQ Avenue, 
    Scotts.  Climax

Bailey/Southside/Toad Hollow Section 32, MN Avenue.  Charleston
Baird/Beard/Leonidas Sec 31, 38th St and Sec 5, Leonidas Township, 
   St Joseph Co.  Wakeshma
Barber Grave Section 10, off U Avenue. Kalamazoo Prairie Ronde
Boughton Section 25, S Avenue.  Pavilion

Charleston Township/Riverside Section 19, Miller and 38th.  Charleston
Clement Cemetery 
Cole/Pretty Lake Section 20, off Q Avenue, Mattawan Texas
Comstock Section 18, N. 26th Street, Comstock.  Comstock
Cook/Earl Section 12, OP Avenue.  Pavilion
Cooper/West Cooper Section 21, Douglas Avenue, south of Cooper.  Cooper

Day Section 14, C Avenue.  Ross
Dry Prairie Section 8, 1705 W. Milham Road (O Avenue), Portage

East Cooper Section 24, Riverview Drive and D Avenue, north of Parchment.  

Fellows Family/Fellows Farm Section 31, off YZ Avenue, near Schoolcraft.  
   Kalamazoo Prairie Ronde
Flanders Farm/Wheaton Section 34, 31st Street and Kilgore Road.   Comstock
Ford/Ford's Hill Section 26, near Galesburg. Kalamazoo Comstock
Ft. Custer National Cem.  
Fort Custer Post Section 35, Fort Custer Dr, Augusta.  Kalamazoo Ross
French/Green Bower Section 12, Owen Drive.  Alamo
Fulton Section 22, 42nd Street.  Wakeshma

Galesburg Old Section 13, Hastings and Division Street, Galesburg. Comstock
Gate of Heaven Catholic Section 1, Nazareth College, 
   off Gull Street and Nazareth Rd, Kalamazoo. 
 Burial for nuns only.  Kalamazoo
Genesee Prairie Cemetery
German Lutheran/Hassic Section 33, YZ Avenue, Vicksburg  Brady
Gourdneck/Gourdneck Prairie Section 14, Portage Road, Vicksburg. 
Grand Prairie Cem

Harrison Section 12, 10th Street.  Prairie Ronde
Harrison Section 28, RS Avenue and 41st Street, Scotts.  Climax
Hebrew Orthodox/Jewish Riverside Sec 11, 1015 Gull Rd, 
  north end of Riverside Cem. Kalamazoo. 
Hill/Patterson Section 18, 2nd Street and J Avenue, Kalamazoo.  
Hope/Texas/Texas Corners
Howlandsburg Sections 31 and 32, G Avenue.  Ross

Indian Fields Cemetery
Section 2, 2027 E. Milham Road (O Avenue), Portage

Jenkinson Cemetery
Jewish Mountain Home Sec 16, 1402 W. Main St. west end of Mountain Home Cem  

Kalamazoo County Poor Farm/Rest Home Section 23, off Michigan Avenue.
Kalamazoo Town/Riverside Section 11, 1015 Gull Road, part of Riverside Cem 
 Graves originally from Old Southwest Cemetery. Kalamazoo

Lakeview/Yorkville Section 18, near D Avenue and McDonald Street, 
Lawler/Territorial Section 10, J Avenue in Fort Custer Preserve, 
 Visitors must sign at the guard desk to be admitted.  Charleston
Liberty/Liberty Street Section 34, G. Avenue, Vicksburg.  Alamo

Maple Grove Section 30, Cork Street and Sprinkle Road. Owner:City.   
McKain/South McKain Section 35, 34th Street.  Pavilion
Mt. Everett Cemetery 
Mount Ever-Rest Mem. Park
Mount Ever-Rest Mem. Park North/Spruce Mem. Gardens Sec 12, Drake Rd,  
Mount Olivet Catholic Section 11, 2003 Mount Olivet Street  Kalamazoo
Mountain Home Section 16, 1402 W. Main St.

North Climax/Roof Section 34, MN Avenue and 44th, Climax.  Charleston
North Fulton/Northside Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery
Old Southwest Street/Pioneer/Westnedge Park Section 22, 
    S. Westnedge &  Park Place
    Graves moved to Riverside Cemetery. Site no longer exists. 

Pleasant Valley Section 29, XY Avenue.  Prairie Ronde
Portage/Portage Central Section 15, 7737 S. Westnedge,  Portage
Portage South/South Portage Section 34, 10327 S. Westnedge, Portage. Portage
Prairie Home Sections 14 and 23, D Avenue/M-89  Richland

Riverside Cemetery
Riverside Catholic Section 11, 1015 Gull Road, part of Riverside Cemetery 
Ross Center Cem. 

Sand Lake/Smith Section 31, Sprinkle Road.  Pavilion
Schoolcraft Cemetery  US 131 
Schoolcraft Twp/Vicksburg Sections 13 and 2
 Shafter Section 13, N. Shafter Road.  Comstock
Shaver Section 15, VW Avenue. Kalamazoo Prairie Ronde
Virgo Section 30, RS Avenue and VanKal Street, Mattawan  Texas

West Cooper Cemetery
West Oshtemo Section 19, 1st Street and KL Avenue,  Oshtemo
Wolcott Section 24, off R Avenue and 36th Street.  Pavilion

Yorkville Cemetery

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