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Kalamazoo County Michigan

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Thompson, Jaud, and Miss Sarah J. Mason, both of Augusta, m. in Augusta, Jan. 3, 1850 by Rev. E. S. Dunham. 2-14-50

Vaun, Betsey Ann d., in Kalamazoo, Mich., March 28, 1851. 4-10-51

Simmons, Welfred A., d. in Schoolcraft, Nov. 19, 1851, second son of E. A. and Sarah A. Simmons, ae 1y 11m and 20d. 12-11-51

Budrow, John L., and Miss Hester A. Burson, both of Schoolcraft, m. in Schoolcraft on Dec. 17, 1851, by Rev. H. S. Fish. 1-1-52

Mason, Mrs. I. (Allen) d. in Climax, Jan. 18, 1852, ae 50y. She was born in Canada, the dau. of Benjamin Allen. Biog. sketch. 5-27-52

Brigham, Lyscom, of Gunplain and Miss Mary Norton of Cooper, m. in Cooper, Jan. 29, 1852, by Rev. A. M. Buck. 2-19-52

Knapp, John, d. in Schoolcraft, Feb. 26, 1852 in the 61st year of his age. 4-15-52

Brayton, Gideon W. d. in Prairie Ronde, March 27, 1852, son of W. and Mrs. Brayton, ae 30y. 4-15-52

Hoage, Mrs. Abel (Lucy Caroline) d. in Climax, Oct. 7, 1852, ae 25y. She was a dau. of Isaac and Esther Mason. 10-21-52

Hoage, Abel, and Miss S. J. Mason, both of Climax, m. at Climax, by Rev. J. L. McCloud, n.d. 4-14-53

Burns, John, d. in Kalamo, July 14, 1853, in the 71st year of his age. 8-4-53

Burdick, Andrew J. and Miss Mary L. Ransom, both of Galesburg, m. in Galesburg, Nov. 8, 1853 by Rev. A. J. Bingham 11-24-53

Burdick, Charles L., of Charleston and Miss Jane Quaif of Augusta, m. in Galesburg, Nov. 8, 1853 11-24-53

Watts, William and Miss Lucy Mills both of Galesburg, m. in Galesburg, Dec. 24, 1853, by Rev. A. J. Bingham. 1-19-54

Watts, Alfred, d. in Galesburg at the home of his father, Aaron Watts, Jan. 15, 1854, ae 21y and 4m. He was married to Miss Henrietta Mills on 4th of July, 1853. 2-9-54

Buchanan, J. Claude of Gd. Rapids, and Miss Sophia H. dau. of Rev. A. Bingham of Sault Ste. Marie, m. in Galesburgh, March 18, 1854, by Rev. A. J. Bingham. 3-23-54

Wilkinson, Mrs. Rachel M., d. in Kalamazoo, Apr. 4, 1854, ae 39y. She was a church member in Avoca, Steuben Co., N.Y. 4-13-54

Seeley, Mrs. John (Clarissa) d. in Galesburgh, April 30, 1854, ae 45y. She had been a resident of Niagara and Rose, N.Y. 5-25-54

Aldrich, Philip of Charleston and Miss Charlotte Durkee of Galesburph m. in galesburgh, May 6, 1854, by Rev. A. J. Bingham. 5-25-54

Wilkinson, Hiram, d. in Kalamazoo, May 14, 1854, son of Samuel C. Wilkinson, ae 17y. He had joined the church in Avoca, N.Y. 6-1-54

McClary, Martha, d. in Charleston, July 30, 1854, ae 24y and 3d. 8-17-54

Whelan, Mrs. S. (Mary M.) d. in Oshtemo, Oct. 12, 1854, ae 37y. m. to Mr. S. Whelan on Feb. 14, 1836. She leaves three children. 11-16-54

Gregory, Edward B. and Miss Sarah L. Ward, both of Porter, Van Buren Co., m. in Kalamazoo, March 24, 1855, by Rev. J. M. Gregory of Detroit. 3-29-55 and 4-5-55

Knowlton, J. H., d. in Vicksburg, Ap. 13, 1855. 10-4-55

King, Dr. Salmon, d. in Charleston, July 15, 1855, ae 71y. Born in Sunderland, Bennington Co., Vt., moved to New York State. Served as a doctor in War of 1812 from N.Y. State. Resided in Canada for 16 years. Removed to Michigan in 1835. 8-9-55

Haskell, John, d. in Kalamazoo, July 23, 1855 at the residence of his brother, ae 41y. He came to Rockford in 1837. 8-16-55

Kingsley, Daniel W., of Oshtemo and Miss Eveline E. Carter of Kalamazoo, m. on Grand Prairie, Aug. 25, 1855 by Rev. S. Graves. 8-30-55

Haskell, Arabella, d. in Kalamazoo, Jan. 30, 1856, only dau. of Rev. Samuel and Mrs. E. H. Haskell, ae 11m. 2-7-56

Calkins, Abner d. in Schoolcraft, Feb. 1, 1856 at home of his son in law, Rev. R. R. prentice, ae 69 years. 3-6-56

Hawley, Mrs. Reuben (Louisa Eldred) d. in Climax, June 20, 1856, in her 36th year. She was a dau. of Hon. Caleb Eldred. Born in Otsego Co., N.Y., March 23, 1820. Came to Mich. about 1845. 7-24-56

McLane, Mrs. William (Phebe) d. in Charleston, July 26, 1856, ae 42y. She leaves a husband and six children. 8-7-56

Adams, Rev. Leonard of Hartland and Miss Lydia M. Reading of Galesburg, m. in Galesburg, by Prof. J. A. B. Stone of Kalamazoo. 11-20-56

Baker, Rev. A. W. of Mooreville and Mrs. Ann Eliza Baker of Kalamazoo, m. in Kalamazoo, Nov. 5, 1856 by Rev. S. Haskell. 12-4-56

Signor, Geo. A.of St. Louis, Missouri and Miss Sophia A. Burdick dau. of Lemkford Burdick of Galesburg, m. in Galesburg on Nov. 19, 1856 by Rev. A. J. Bingham. 12-4-56

Frarey, Hervey, d. in Augusta, Dec. 11, 1856, ae 55 years. Came from New York State. 1-8-57

Swenk, David of Chicago and Miss Maria A. Lockwood of Kalamazoo, m. Aug. 6, 1857, by Rev. E. Curtis. 8-27-57

Ostrom, Mrs. Surviva Barber, d. in Kalamazoo, Sept. 2, 1857, ae 60y (3?)m. and 13d. at the residence of her son, J. A. Ostrom. 9-17-57

Granger, Horace W., d. in Kalamazoo. 10-27-57, p.2

Kenyon, John E. and Miss Georgia A. Lake, both of Yorkville, m. in Yorkville, Dec. 6, 1857 by Rev. David Osborn. 12-10-57

Weed, Mrs. Elijah (Polly) d. in Charleston, May 18, 1858. Born in Fredericksburg, N.Y., Dec. 9, 1782. Married to Elijah Hawley, Jan. 25, 1801; bp. Oct. 1807 in Otsego, N.Y. Came with her husband Deacon Weed to Michigan in June 1844. She had a son-in-law, Deacon Aldrich of this section. 6-10-58

Griswold, David M., of Wayland and Miss Melissa C. Wait of Kalamazoo, m. in Kalamazoo, Aug. 15, 1858 by Rev. S. Haskell.

Ball, Cortland, of Augusta, and Mis Henrietta Phelps, dau. of Thomas B. Phelps, of Kalamazoo, m. July 27, 1859 by Eld. Salma H. Brooks. 8-11-59

Fanmetor, Emma Jane, d. in Galesburg, Sept. 29, 1859, ae 4y. dau. of William Fanmetor. 10-13-59

Fanmetor, Charles d. Sept. 30, 1859 in Galesburg, ae 6y. son of William Fanmetor. 10-13-59

Source: Michigan vital records from the Michigan Christian herald: 1850-[1859]. Detroit, Mich.; unknown, 1900, pages 37-39 - submitted by Peggy Thompson)


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