Kalkaska County Michigan

Cemetery List contributed by Tina Easley 

Boardman Township/South Boardman
Sec. 17, Boardman River Road, South Boardman. Owner:Township Boardman Twp.

Barker Creek/Saint Mary's
Sec. 32, Route M-72, Rapid City. Clearwater Twp.

Sec. 2, n. side of W. Sharon Rd between Creighton & Diebert Rds, South Boardman. Owner:Township. Springfield Twp.

Sec. 19 10 m south of Kalkaska on M-131, past South Boardman, to Shippy Rd, thence south on Shippy Rd 4 m to Coster Rd, Fife Lake. Owner:Township. Springfield Twp.

Sec. 23, Gillet Road 571, Rapid City. Owner:Township. Clearwater Twp.

Cold Springs
Sec. 20, Darragh Rd/County Hwy 571, Kalkaska. Owner:Township. Coldsprings Twp.

Sec 17, Third St., Kalkaska. Owner:Township. Kalkaska Twp.

Sec. 17, Sigma Road/County Rd 571 1 1/4 miles n. of M-72, Kalkaska. Owner:Township. Excelsior

Garfield Township
Sec 4, West Sharon Rd/County Rd 608. Owner:Township.

Leetsville/Maplegrove/Maple Grove
Sec 28, Wood Rd, Kalkaska. Owner:Township. Rapid River Twp.

Lodi/Orange Twp.
Sec.21, M-66, Kalkaska. Owner:Township

Maple Grove Cemetery

Oliver Township
Sec 8, N. Sharon Rd/County Rd 571 & Cool Rds, Kalkaska. Owner:Township.

Sec. 4, Westwood and Cemetery Rds, Mancelona. Owner:Township. Rapid River Twp.