Kalkaska County


Boardman MI - Methodist Episcopal Church 1911 - Contributed by Paul Petosky

from 'The Traverse Region - H. R. Page & Co 1884'


The following religious societies in the county have been incorporated in addition to those else where mentioned: The Methodist Protestant Church in Wilson was organized in January 1877. Names of members as follows: Eli Pickard, Lyman Bears, Malcolm Pickard, Sarah J. Pickard, E. A. Sheldon, Lizzie Way, John Way, S. W. Beebe, Margaret Sheldon, George Way, Benjamin Pickard, Norman Ross, Benj. W. Wilson.

The first pioneer Free Methodist Church of Orange was organized and incorporated in November, 1878. The names of charter members are as follows: Christopher J. Schnurer, Eber A. Blodgett, Jesse Decker, Wm. Richardson, E. K. Parmelee, Joseph Doherty, Joseph M. Blodgett, Sidney W. Butler, K. Hartman.

The first Congregational Church of Excelsior was incorporated in April, 1881. The charter members were William H. Eckler, Almedia Eckler, Emma H. Lewis, Juliet Wright, John Lewis, Benjamin Barns, Alison Webb, A. L. Williams, Eliza Woodruff, Charles Bailey, Hiram Bailey, Nettie Steward, William J. Steward, Elizabeth Campbell, Samuel Burns, Harriet Burns, Richard Lewis.

The first Congregational Church of Christ of Westwood was incorporated in April, 1881. The charter members were as follows: Erastus Watrous, Sarah M. Watrous, Eliza Campbell, Charles Leonard, Sarah Leonard, Christian Hansen, Christine Hansen, Thomas H. Paige, Eunice M. Paige.