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Kent County Cemeteries

Cemetery / Location / County / Township

Achim/Ahavas Israel/Ahavis Achim Section 14, Garfield Avenue N.W., Grand Rapids. Walker
Ada Section 28, Carl River Drive, Ada. Ada
Algoma Section 21, Grange Avenue, Sparta. Algoma
Alaska Memorial Section 10, 68th Street and Thornapple River Drive, Alaska. Caledonia
Alpine/Pine Grove Section 13, Vinton Avenue, Comstock Park. Alpine
Alpine Town Hall/Old Alpine Section 22, 7 Mile Road, Comstock Park. Alpine
Alton Section 2, Lincoln Lake Avenue, Lowell. Vergennes
Ashley Section 2, Ashley Avenue, Belding. Grattan
Assumption Catholic/Belmont Section 16, Belmont Avenue, Grand Rapids. Plainfield

Bailey/Bailey-Vergennes/Vergennes Section 20, Parnell Avenue, Lowell. Vergennes
Barber Section 26, 96th Street and Whitneyville Avenue, Caledonia
Blaine Section 5, 68th Street, Cutlerville. Gaines
Blood Section 15, Richmond Street and Walker-Stocking Avenue NW, Grand Rapids. Part of Holy Cross Cemetery. Walker
Blythefield Memory Gardens Section 13, Northland Drive/M-44, Rockford. Plainfield
Bostwick Lake/Cannon Township Section 13, off Belding Road/M-44, Rockford. Cannon
Boynton Section 8, Ivanrest Road, Byron Center. Byron
Bowne Center Section 16, Alden Nash Avenue and 84th Street, Bowne Center. Bowne
Briggs Family Section 25, Northland Drive, Rockford. Algoma
Brooklawn/Brooklyn Section 4, 3455 Walker N.W., Walker Walker

Caledonia/Lakeside Section 29 North Street Caledonia
Cannonsburg Section 22, Sunfish Lake Avenue, Rockford. Cannon
Cascade Section 16, 30th Street, Grand Rapids. Cascade
Cedar Springs/Elmwood/Greenwood Section 36, Cedar Springs Avenue, Cedar Springs. Solon
Chapel/Oakfield Section 16, Wellman Avenue and Stultz Street, Greenville. Oakfield

Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens

Chubbick/Chubbuck/Pine Wood/Pinewood Section 8, Peach Ridge and 21 Mile Road Tyrone
Courtland Section 22, Peterson Street and Meyers Lake Avenue, Rockford. Courtland
Cross/Saur Section 17, 7 Mile Road, Marne. Abandoned. Alpine
Crum/Krum/Krum-Blanding/Yerkes/Yerkus Section 32, Vergennes Street, Lowell. Vergennes

Daniels Sections 23 and 24, 84th Street, Caledonia
De Graw Section 31, 16 Mile Road, east of Keller Rd. Spencer
Dutton Section 11, Hanna Lake Avenue, Dutton. Gaines

East Nelson/Nelson Township Section 23, 18 Mile Road, west of Tisdel, Cedar Springs. Nelson

Elmwood Cemetery

Englishville Section 1, Vinton Avenue, Sparta. Alpine

Fox's Corner Cemetery

Fair Plains/Fairplaines/Fairplains Section 8, 2056 Diamond N.E., Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids
Fairplains/Sparta Section 23, Stebbins Avenue, Sparta
Fallas/Fallasburg Section 24, Covered Bridge Road, Lowell. Vergennes
Findlay/North Ada Section 9, 2 Mile Road, Ada
Freedom/Lithuanian Section 4, Garfield Avenue N.W., Grand Rapids. Walker
Friant Section 24, Cannonsburg Road, Grand Rapids. Plainfield

Fulton Street Cemetery

Gaines Section 23, Hanna Lake Avenue, Dutton. Gaines

Garfield Cemetery

Gilbert/Weaver Section 24, Clyde Park Avenue, Byron Center. Byron
Graceland Memorial Park Section 36, 4341 Cascade Road S.E., Grand Rapids

Grandville Cemetery

Grattan/Grattan Center Section 16, off Belding Road/M-44, Belding. Grattan

Greenwood Cemetery

Hart/Mason Section 23, Ashley Avenue, Belding. Grattan
Harvard Saint Margaret's Catholic Section 31, 16 Mile Road, west of Harvard Rd. Spencer
Holy Corners Section 18, 84th Street and Kraft Avenue, Caledonia

Holy Cross/Polish Catholic Cemetery

Holy Trinity Section 26, Alpine-Church Street, Comstock Park. Alpine
Horton Section 8, 14 Mile Road/M-57, Greenville. Oakfield

Idlewild Section 27, 18 Mile Road, Tyrone

Kent County Home/Kent County Poor Farm Section 16, off 32nd Street, Grand Rapids. Paris
Kent Memorial Gardens Section 11, 7101 Clyde Park Avenue, Grand Rapids. Byron

Lakeside Cemetery

Lamoreaux/Mill Creek Section 1, 3599 W. River Road, Walker
Lisbon Section 30, 12 Mile Road, Sparta
Little Cook Section 15, 30th Street, Grand Rapids. Moved to Cascade Cemetery. Cascade
Livingston/Plainfield Township Section 15, Packer Drive, Grand Rapids. Plainfield
Lowell/Oakwood Section 2, Lowell

Marshall/Old Bostwick Lake Church Section 11, Ramsdell Drive, Rockford. Cannon
Martin (Private) Section 36, Cascade Road, Grand Rapids
Mason Section 11, Dunnigan Avenue, Grand Rapids
McBride Section 23, 36th Street, Lowell
Mennonite Section 13, 76th Street and Freeport Avenue, Alto. Bowne
Merriman Section 33, 52nd Street, Alto. Lowell
Mount Calvary Section 23, 1362 Leonard N.W., Grand Rapids. Walker
Myers Section 13, 13 Mile Road, Sparta

Nelson Cemetery

Oak Grove Section 8, 1400 28th Street S.E., Kentwood. Paris

Oakhill Cemetery

Oakwood Section 23, Cannonsburg Road, Grand Rapids. Plainfield
Old Rockford Section 31, 10 Mile Road, in Rockford. Courtland

Parnell/Saint Patrick's Catholic Section 32, Parnell Avenue, Lowell. Grattan
Pine Hill Section 32, 800 52nd Street S.E., Kentwood. Paris
Potters Field in Washington Park Memorial Gardens Section 14, 1205 Richmond Avenue, Grand Rapids. Walker
Punches Section 19, Ritchie Avenue, Cedar Springs. Nelson

Restlawn Cemetery

Resurrection Catholic Section 23, 4100 Clyde Park Avenue S.W., city of Wyoming. Wyoming
River Bend Section 6, Wilson Avenue, Walker

Rockford Cemetery

Rolfe/Rothe and Coons/Simpson Section 7, Fulton Street, Lowell
Rosedale Memorial Park Section 25, Lake Michigan Drive/M-45, Grand Rapids. [See also Ottawa County.] Walker

Sand Lake Village Cemetery Section 5, Ritchie Avenue, Sand Lake. Nelson
Sand Lake Section 5, Ritchie Avenue, Sand Lake. Nelson
Snow Section 13, Snow Avenue, Grand Rapids. Cascade
Soldiers Home Park/Veterans Section 6, off Interstate 96 and Monroe Avenue, Grand Rapids
Solon/Solon Center Section 22, Algoma Avenue and 18 Mile Road, Cedar Springs. Solon
South Gaines Section 21, Kalamazoo Avenue and 92nd Street, Caledonia. Gaines
Spencer Mills/Spencer Township Section 27, 17 Mile Road, between Podunk and Lincoln Lake Roads, Gowen. Spencer
St Andrew's Catholic Section 31, 900 Madison Avenue S.E. Grand Rapids
St Margaret's Catholic Cemetery Section 31, 16 Mile Road, west of Harvard Rd. Spencer
St Mary's Catholic Section 31, Kraft Avenue and 52nd Street, Grand Rapids. Cascade
St Mary's Catholic Section 34, Lincoln Lake Avenue, Lowell. Vergennes
St Mary's Catholic Section 9, Grosvenor Street, Sand Lake. Nelson
St Patrick's 92nd Street, East of Whitneyville Road, or West of Alden Nash Road, Alto. Bowne
St Patrick's Catholic Section 25, 92nd Street Kent Caledonia
St Peter and Paul’s Lithuanian Catholic Section 14, Garfield Avenue N.W., Grand Rapids. Walker
St Sebastian's Catholic Section 29, Wilson Avenue, Byron Center. Byron

Teeple Section 7. Moved to Little Cook Cemetery, then to Cascade Cemetery Cascade
Tower Section 30, 12 Mile Road, Rockford. Owner:Family. Oakfield

Valley City Section 6, 1100 Eastern Avenue S.E., Grand Rapids. Paris

Walker/Woodlawn Section 8, 2530 Kalamazoo Avenue S.E., Grand Rapids. Paris
Washington Park Memorial Gardens Section 14, 1205 Richmond Avenue, Grand Rapids. Walker
White Swan Section 19, 12 Mile Road, Rockford. Oakfield
White/White-Walker Section 15, Walker and Richmond Avenue N.W., Grand Rapids. Walker
Whitneyville Section 35, Whitneyville Avenue, Grand Rapids. Cascade
Winchester Section 14, 76th Street, Byron Center. Byron
Winegar Section 29, Homrich Avenue, Byron Center. Byron

Woodlawn Cemetery

Wright Section 4, Foreman Street, Lowell

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