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Lapeer County

Cemetery List contributed by Tina Easley

Cemetery Location County Township
Arms/Millville Section 19, Milleville Road. Lapeer Mayfield
Arcadia/DeGroat/Lum Section 22, Lum Road/County Road 7, Lum. 
    Owner:Township. Lapeer Arcadia
Almont/Hough Section 28, Hough Road, Almont. Lapeer Almont
Attica Section 16, Peppermill Road, Attica. Owner:Township. Lapeer Attica

Bahel Section 30, Bearinger Road. Lapeer Arcadia
Bentley/Gray/Lost/South Burying Grounds/Southeast Corner Section 34, 
   off the intersection  of Gray and Reamer Roads, Lapeer. 
   Owner:Township. Lapeer Oregon
Bethany Mennonite Section 36, Hunters Creek Road, Dryden. Lapeer Attica
Bird Cemetery
Bottom Creek Section 28, Oak Grove and Jefferson Roads.
   Site no longer exists. North Branch
Burlington Cemetery
Burnside/Burnside Corners/South Burnside/South
     Burnside Corners Section 21,
    1 1/2 miles south of the intersection of Burnside Rd and Van Dyke 
    Road/M-53, Brown City. Lapeer Burnside

Cedar Hollow/Harris Section 26, east from Broker Road between 
   Newark and Hunters Creek Road.  
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church/South Hadley Section 28, west side of 
   South Hadley Road/ County Road 27, north of Fox Lake Road, Hadley. 
   Owner:Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church. Lapeer Hadley
Clark/Green Oaks Cemetery

Dawn Memorial Sections 19 and 20, S. Elba Road, Lapeer. Lapeer Elba
Deanville Section 26, Deanville Road, Brown City. Lapeer Burnside
Dryden Burying Ground #2/Dryden Center Section 16, Crawford Road, 
   Dryden. Lapeer Dryden

Elba Twp. Cemetery
Evergreen Section 12, Cade Road, Brown City. Owner:City. Lapeer Burnside

Farmer's Creek Cemetery
Ferguson Section 15, Kidder Road, Almont. Lapeer Almont
Five Lakes Section 1, Kings Mill Road. Lapeer Mayfield
Foot/Miller/South Dryden/Southwest Dryden Pioneer Foot 
   (South Dryden/Southwest Dryden/Miller)
   —Section 23, Casey Road, east of Rochester Road, Dryden. 
Fox/Fox Farm Section 9, off Brooks Road, Brown City. Lapeer Burnside

German/Oregon Township Section 16, southeast corner of German/
   County Road 27 and Stanley 
   Road/County 69. Owner:Township. Lapeer Oregon
Goodland Township/West Goodland Section 28 and 29, 
   Van Dyke Highway/M-53, Imlay City. 
   Owner:Township. Lapeer Goodland
Governor Rich/Maple Grove Section 19, S. Elba Road, Lapeer. 
   Connects with Dawn Memorial 
   Cemetery. Site no longer exists. Lapeer Elba
Green Corners/Greenwood Section 5, on the northeast 
   corner of Green Corners and Pratt/
   County Road 62, just west of the village of Hadley.
      Owner:Township. Lapeer Hadley
Greenwood Cemetery

Hadley Community Cemetery
Harris Family Cemetery
Higley Cemetery
Hollenbeck Section 20, N. Lake Road/County Road 27, 
   Columbiaville. Owner:Township.  
Hunters Creek Cemetery Sec 33, Clark Rd,  

Imlay Twp. Cemetery Sec 8, N. Fairground Rd, 
    Imlay City 
Indian Section 2, Elm Creek Road, North Branch. Lapeer North Branch
Indian Section 14, Brown City Road/County Road 4, Imlay City. 
   Lapeer Goodland

Lamoreaux Section 4, west side of Bassett Road. Private and old. 
    All swamp and woods now. 
   Site no longer exists. Lapeer Elba
Lapeer State Home/Michigan State Home/Oakdale Regional Center 
   Section 6, 1/4 mile south of 
   the Grand Trunk R.R. on Michigan State Property, Lapeer. Lapeer Lapeer
Lutheran/Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Section 26, Hough Road, 
   one-half mile east of 
   Rochester Road. Lapeer Dryden

Maple Grove
Maple Leaf Cemetery  
Meadow Lawn Section 27, Columbiaville Road/County Road 44, 
   Columbiaville. Lapeer Marathon
Metamora Village Section 14, Dryden Road/County Road 62, 
   east of Gardner Road, Metamora. 
Mount Calvary Catholic Section 20, Blacks Corners Road, in Imlay City. 
    Lapeer Imlay
Mount Hope Cemetery
Mount Loretto Catholic Section 7, Turrill Road, Lapeer. Lapeer Lapeer
Mount Pleasant Section 13, Cemetery Street, Dryden. 
   Owner:Township. Lapeer Dryden

Nipissing Cemetery
North Dryden Section 1, Mill Road, Dryden. Lapeer Dryden
North Branch-Burlington Section 33, Peck Road, North Branch. 

Otter Lake Section 6, Otter Lake/County Road 39 and Hart Lake Road, 
   in Otter Lake. 
   Owner:Village. Lapeer Marathon

Pleasant View Cem 
Rich Township Cem. Sec 5, Rich Rd, Mayville.  
Rock Valley/Van Wagoner Section 36, on southeast corner of Rock Valley 
   and Barber Roads. Metamora
Roscoe Section 19, Newark/County Road 58, Attica. Lapeer Attica
Rural Vale Section 25, Baldwin Road/County Road 33, Hadley. 
   Abandoned. Lapeer Hadley

Sanborn Section 7, Washburn Road. Lapeer Hadley
Sand Hill/Sandhill Section 31, Sandhill Road, Almont. Lapeer Almont
Schuneman/Schunerman Section 33, off Metamora Road/County Road 50,
    Hunters Creek. Lapeer Lapeer
Scotch Settlement Section 36, Scotch Settlement Road, Almont. 
South Attica Sec 28, Hunters Creek Rd, nine-tenths of a mile west 
     of Lake Pleasant Rd, Attica.
     Owner:Township. Lapeer Attica
St John's Methodist Cemetery 
St Mary's Catholic Section 13, Summers Road, North Branch.  
St Peter and Paul Catholic Saints Peter and Paul’s Catholic—
    Section 17, Old State Road, 
   North Branch. Owner:Saint Peter and Paul's Catholic.  
Stiles Cemetery

Stuart Section 16, Van Dyke Highway/M-53, Imlay City. 
   Abandoned. One stone reads "Easter Ann". 
   Site no longer exists. Lapeer Goodland

Thornville Section 18, Dryden Road/County Road 62, Dryden. 

Unknown Section 28, Newark Road. Site no longer exists. Lapeer Lapeer
Unknown Section 32, Muck Road, Imlay City. Lapeer Goodland
Unknown Section 23, Tubspring Road, Almont. Site no longer exists 
Unknown Section 16, Ward and Jefferson Roads. Site no longer exists. 
    Lapeer North Branch
Unknown Section 19, Five Lakes Road. Lapeer Arcadia
Unknown Section 21, Brocker Road/County Road 68, Hadley. Two graves.  
Unknown Section 24, Gosline Road (Private) Lapeer Burnside
Unknown Section 5, on Markle Road near Clifford. 3 graves.  
Unknown Section 10, at Blood and Dryden/County Road 62, Metamora. 
   Site no longer exists. Metamora

Webster Cemetery

West Burlington  Sec 6, 
   Merrell Rd, Silverwood. 

West Deerfield Sections 5 and 8, south side of Otter Lake Road/
   County Road 39, Fostoria. 
   Owner:Township. Lapeer Deerfield
West Lawn/Westlawn Section 6, about one mile west of North Branch
   at the northeast corner of 
   North Branch Road/M-90 and Jones Road, North Branch. 
Whigville Section 29, Hough Road, Dryden. Lapeer Dryden
Woodlawn Cemetery