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Lapeer County


Wethey, Mrs. Sarah, d. in Lapeer, Jan. 19, 1850. 3-21-50

Churchill, Camel, and Miss Orvilla Calvin of Dryden, m. on Feb. 19, 1850 by Rev. C. Churchill. 3-21-50

Geve, Luman A., and Miss Mary Catharine Timson, m. Feb. 21. 1850 by Rev. L. D. Whitney. Both bride and groom were of Hadley, Lapeer Co., Mich. 3-7-50

Rix, Joseph of St. Clair Co., and Fanny Spaulding of Almont m. Feb. 22, 1850, by Rev. C. Churchill. 3-21-50

Hough, Mrs. Joseph (Lavinia P.) d. in Almont, May 6, 1850 in the 53d year of her age. She was born in Bozrah, Conn., joined the Baptist church in Colchester, Conn. in the 17th year of her age and was married on May 23, 1821. 5-30-50

Morse, Orlando, d. in Hadley, Oct. 25, 1850 ae 27y. He was born in New York State. 2-6-51

Daily, Alonzo, and Miss Clarissa Gardner, m. at Lapeer by Rev. Wm. Tuttle on Oct. 28, 1850. 11-28-50

Gardner, Wm., and Miss Cordelia Daily, m. on Oct. 29, 1850 in Lapeer. 11-28-50

Selick, Samuel, and Miss Sarah B. Daily, m. on Oct. 29, 1850 by Rev. Wm. Tuttle. 11-28-50

Harris, Mrs. Alanson (Polly) d. in Metamora, Jan. 14, 1851 ae about 48 years. 2-6-51

Saidler, John and Mrs. Mary Jane Bosworth, both of Dryden, m. on Feb. 1, 1851 by Rev. D. Amerman. 2-6-51

Hough, Joseph A. of Almont and Miss Aphia M. Bement of Almont, m. in Almont, March 6, 1851 by Rev. S. Goodman. 3-13-51

Sibley, Alfred J., of Armada, Mich. and Miss Elizabeth F. Clark, formerly of Chicopee, Mass., m. in Elba, on July 10, 1851, by Rev. Wm. Tuttle. 7-24-51

Wood, Almond, and Miss Sarah Bassett, m. in Orgeon, July 16, or May 16, 1851 by Eld. W. Tuttle. 7-31-51 and 6-5-51

Walton, James B. of Atica, and Miss Lucinda J. Tainter of Dryden, m. in Dryden, March 13, 1853 by Rev. John Grey. 3-31-53

Hough, Sarah Maria, d. in Almont, July 23, 1853, dau. of Edward H. and Mary Ann Hough ae 16y. 8-11-53

Shoesmith, Mrs. John Jr. (Caroline) d. in Almont, Sept. 7, 1853, ae 31y 9m and 14d. Born in Wadhurst, Sussex Co., Eng. Came to U.S. in fall of 1837, and located in Pittsford, Monroe Co., N.Y. Married int he spring of 1842 and moved to Almont, Lapeer Co., Mich. 10-5-53

Walker, Jeremiah of Imlay and Barbary Putnam of Almont m. in Almont, Oct. 23, 1853 by Rev. E. Steele. 12-29-53

Fay, Isaiah F. of Troy, formerly of New York City and Harriet Buck of Troy, m. in Almont, Oct. 29, 1853, by Rev. E. Steele. 12-29-53

Sellick, Samuel H. d. in Lapeer, Dec. 11, 1853 ae 29y 1-12-54

Hough, Edward H. d. in Almont, ae 48y. Born in Conn. in 1807; m. in 1832. 9-1-54

Collins, Mrs. John (Loisa) d. in Hadley, Aug. 23, 1854, ae 25y. 10-12-54

Griggs, Asa d. in Metamora, July 23, or 26, 1855, ae 45y. He left a wife and several children. 12-20-55

Daley, Lydia Jane, d. in Lapeer, Oct. 11, 1855 dau. of David and Elizabeth Daley, ae 13y 9m and 6d. 11-15-55

Kendrick, Sanford, d. in Dryden, ae 71y. He was born in Hanover, N.H., Ap. 18, 1785. Went to Genessee Co., N.Y. about 1813. Came to Michigan in 1836. 11-1-55

Daly, David, d. in Lapeer, Oct. 14, 1855, in the 56th year of his age. 1-3-56

Shoesmith, James, d. in Almont, Jan. 21, 1856, son of John and Lois Shoesmith, ae 26y. 2-7-56

Keyes, Charles W. D. d. in Almont, March 2, 1857, ae 30y 1m and 11d. 3-19-57

Cunningham, Charles, of Almont and Miss Sarah E. Wilks of Allison, m. July 2, 1857, by Rev. R. Demming. 7-23-57

Jones, Lucy M., d. in Metamora, Aug. 13, 1857, only child of Willett C. and Betsey Jones, ae 16y and 2d. 9-10-57

Barrows, Luella E. d. in Metamora, Sept. 20, 1857, aged 1y and 27d. only child of E. P. and E. H. Barrows. 10-8-57

Churchill, Rev. Cyrus, d. in Almont, Nov. 4, 1857, ae 53y. Born in 1804 in Fairfax, Franklin Co., Vt., later moved to Genesee Co., N.Y., then Charlotteville, C. W. Came to Almont in 1837. He leaves a wife and seven children. 11-26-57

Hough, Norman F., of Rochester, and Miss Elizabeth Matthews, eldest dau. of Simon Matthews of Farmer's Creek, m. at Farmer's Creek, Lapeer Co., May 12, 1858, by Rev. John Ross of Troy. 5-27-58

Bullock, David d. in Lapeer, Oct. 28, 1859, ae 38y. 11-24-59

Source: Michigan vital records from the Michigan Christian herald: 1850-[1859]. Detroit, Mich.; unknown, 1900, pages 41-42 - submitted by Peggy Thompson)