Beck Graves Section 33, South Manitou Island.  Glen Arbor

Beechwood/Peshawbestown Cemetery Section 3, M-22,   Leland

Bingham/Fairview Section 31, County Road 633, Traverse City.   Bingham
Bland/Jacktown/Osborn/Huff Section 34, County Line Road. Empire
Burdickville Section 12, private property.   Empire
Cleveland Township  
East Kasson/East Kasson Evangelical Section 26, Kasson Road, Maple City. Kasson
East Leland/Concord Burying Ground Section 11, Esch Road. Leland
Empire Catholic/Saint Phillip Neri Catholic/Saint Philip Neri Catholic Section 19, M-22, Empire
Empire Union/Maplegrove/Maple Grove Section 8, M-109 and M-22, Empire. Empire
Fouch Section 13, County Road 614, Traverse City.  Elmwood
Gill's Pier Catholic/Saint Wenceslaus Section 30, Kolarik Road/County Road 626.  Leelanau
Glen Arbor Township Section 27, M-22
Grindstuen/Norwegian Section 17, County Road 651, Cedar. Owner:Family.  Centerville
Good Harbor/Swedish Mission Section 6, M-22, Cedar.   Centerville
Haas Graves Section 32, South Manitou Island.  Glen Arbor
Heimforth Section 6, County Road 641, Traverse City.   Elmwood
Holy Rosary/Isadore/Mount Calvary Section 29, Schomberg Road, Cedar.   Centerville
Hutzler Grave Section 33, Haas Road, South Manitou Island.  Glen Arbor
Immaculate Conception Catholic/Kateri Tekawitha Section 11, off M-22,   Suttons Bay
Kasson/Maple City Section 2, Cemetery Road, Maple City. Kasson
Kelderhouse/Port Oneida Section 6, M-22, Glen Arbor. Owner:Family.  Cleveland
Keswick/Maple Grove Section 4, County Road 633, Suttons Bay. Bingham
Kilwy Section 7, off County Road 651. Owner:Family.   Centerville
Leelanau Township #1 and #2
Leelanau School Road Section 23, 1 Old Homestead Road.  Glen Arbor
Leland Catholic Section 9, M-22, Leland.  Leland
Mongoo Section 33, on North Manitou Island.   Leland
Manseau and Paulus Private Propertry Section 3, Cherry Street.  Leland
Miller Section 1, Miller Road. Owner:Family.  Glen Arbor
New/South Manitou Island Section 33, Ohio Avenue, South Manitou Island Glen Arbor
North Manitou Island Section 15, on North Manitou Island. Leland
Northport Point Columbarium Next to church at Northport Point.   Leelanau
Norwegian Lutheran Section 29, Herman Road,   Suttons Bay
Old Indian/Scott Farm/Stanwick Farm Section 28, Foxview Drive, Northport.   Leelanau
Old South Manitou Island Section 3, Grand Boulevard, South Manitou Island.  Glen Arbor
Omena/Hillcrest Section 26, Kalchik Road, Omena. Leelanau
Onominee/Onomines/Onominese Section 5, Onominese Road, Northport. Leelanau
Onomonese Indian Cemetery Section 5, Gills Pier Road (access on private property) Leelanau
 Paulus Cemetery
Presbyterian Section 25, off Leelanau Road/M-22, Omena.  Leelanau
Price Graves Section 33, Haas Road, South Manitou Island. 
   [Two Price children; Haas girl (age & name unknown)  Glen Arbor
Sailors Graves Section 3, on private property, Grand Boulevard, South Manitou Island.
    [17 sailors; no stones]   Glen Arbor
Saint Joseph Saint Joseph’s—Section 21, County Road 669, Maple City.   Cleveland
Saint Mary Cemetery
Saint Michael Catholic Section 29, Elm Street, Suttons Bay
Saint Paul Lutheran Section 6, M-22, Cedar. Owner:Saint Paul Lutheran.   Centerville
Saint Philip Neri’s Catholic/Tobin/Glenmere Section 4, County Road 677, Glen Arbor. Empire
Nash-Pettengill Section 10, County Road 667, Maple City.  Kasson
Rose Hill/Zeigler Section 19, M-72 and Fritz Road, Empire. Kasson
Round Top/Roundtop/Quaker Section 11, Tower Road, Maple City. Kasson
Saint Rita Section 10, County Road 667, Maple City.   Kasson
Shoemaker Grave Section 32, South Manitou Island.  Glen Arbor
Solon Section 20, County Roads 651 and 616, southeast of Cedar. Solon
South Fox Island South Fox Island  Leelanau
Suttons Bay Township Section 29, Elm Street,   Suttons Bay
Tucker Lake Section 24  Glen Arbor
Unknown Section 26. Bodies moved to Suttons Bay Township Cemetery.   Leland
Unknown Section 36, Brandon Drive, Northport Point, Northport.  Leelanau
Werner-Erickson Section 1, off Miller Road on Port Oneida Bluff  Cleveland
Wilson-Holden Section 33, County Road 669, Maple City.  Kasson