" Back in the Old Days"


The Grand Traverse Herald 25 February 1859

A bill to amend chapter 194 of the compiled Laws, in relation to bail; A bill for the preservation of game in the State of Michigan; A bill to amend an act entitled “ An act to define the limits, jurisdiction and powers of Circuit Courts; A bill to organize the Michigan Asylum for the Insane, and more effectivally to provide for the care, maintainence and recovery of the insane; A bill to renew Internal improvement warrants issued by the Attorney General, pursuant to an act entitled an act to regu­late the issuing of certain land warrants, approved March 20, 1848; A bill to authorize Otto Thics to build a dam across Carp river.

The Governor has nominated to a joint convention of the two Homes, Frederick W. Curtenius of Kalamazoo, as Adjutant and Quartermaster General of this State for the next two years. Also John P. Leroy of Pontiac, as Trustee of the Deaf Dumb and Blind Asylum at Flint for six years. Also Jeremiah P. Woodbury of Kalama­zoo as Trustee of the Insane Asylum at that place for six years, and Luther H. Trask of Kalamazoo, also a trustee for the Asylum to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Charles T. Gorham of Marshall.

The bill to orgnaize a new county from parts of Otta­wa and Oceana, to be called Muskegon has passed both houses.

Gov. Wisner has vetoed the bill giving 649 acres of Land to Mrs. Sarah 0. Rodgers, of Saginaw county, who had four children at one birth. One ground of objection is that the Legislature has no right to give away the Lands without requiring drainage and reclamation; and another, that the bill was not passed by a constitu­tioned two thirds vote.

Mr. Allen, of Kent, introduced a joint resolution for the improvement of the sand flats of Muskegon river.

Mr. Pratt, of Kalamazoo, introduced a bill providing for the publicatiou of official statements of votes cast at all elections; also, a bill for ascertainiug the cereal products of the State annually: also, a bill providing for taking and preserving all local newspapers by Town and County Clerks.

On motion of Mr. McKinley, of Manitou, the judiciary Committee were instructed to enquire whether Manitou county is not attached to the Upper Peninsula for judicial purposes, and also for the purpose of chosing a State senator.

Mr. Wallace, of Wayne, introduced a joint resolution placing $1000 at the disposal of the Governor to be used at his discretion, in gathering up the scientific papers and other remains of importance of the late Dr. Douglas Houghton, which was passed.

Mr. S. F. Brown from the Committee on elections reportcd in favor of Chas T. Harvey’s right to the seat now occupied by Ebenezer Warnor, of Chippewa.

Mr. Thomson, from the committee on State Affairs rep­ortod in favor of the joint resolution establishing a National Iron Foundery on Lake Superior.

A bill to provide for collecting and setting apart a homestead was taken up, and after a long discussion and some amendments was laid upon the table.

Mr. Jones introduced a bill into the Senate, further to reserve the purity of elections and guard against the abuses of the elective franchise, by a registration of electors.

A bill has passed the house to divide the county of Wayne.