Morenci, MI (Cemetery) (1905) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Cemetery Location County Township

Adrian Center/Bogert Section 21, Hunt Road,  Adrian
Apple Hill Section 24, Treat Road, Adrian. One grave.   Madison
Aten Section 13, Macon Road, Tecumseh. Clinton

Bates Farm Section 10, Woerner Road, Rome Center  Rome
Baur Section 9, Tipton Highway. Bodies removed.  Adrian
Blissfield/Pleasant View Cem.
Bradish/Lime Creek/West Lime Creek Section 17, 
   .3 of a mile north of Lime Creek Road 
   on Munson Highway, Hudson. Lenawee Medina
Bradish/Madison/Madison Center Section 33, East Carleton Road,  Madison
Briggs Section 11, US-12. Woodstock
Brock/Old Lowe Section 14, Arnold Highway, Jasper.  Fairfield
Brookside Cemetery
Brown Section 29, Lowe Road. Hudson
Brownell-Binns Section 5, N. Rollin Highway, Addison.   Rollin

Cambridge Junction Cemetery
Canandaiqua Cemetery
Chandler Family/Hazelbank Section 20, Breckel Highway.  Raisin
Chapman Section 7, US-12. Woodstock
Clark Family  
Comstock Park/Old City/South Park Section 2, Michigan and Main Streets,  
    Bodies moved to Oakwood Cemetery.  Madison
Converse/East Lime Creek/Medina Center/Whitney Section 23, east side of 
   White Pine Highway, .5 mile south of Lime Creek Road. Lenawee Medina
County Line Section 30, east side of South meridian Highway/US-127, directly 
   across from intersection of Hartley Rd in Hillsdale Co., 
      3 miles north of the state line,
      7 miles south of Hudson. Medina
County Poor House 
Crane Cemetery 

Deerfield Township Cemetery
District School #7/Underwood/Whitmarsh Section 18, East Carleton Road.  
Dominican/Siena Heights Section 36, Siena Heights Drive,   Adrian
Dover Center Section 15, Carleton Road/M-34, Cadmus. Dover

East Rome/Rome Union Section 25, Forrister Road,     Rome Twp.
Fairfield Section 2, South Adrian Highway/M-52,   Fairfield

Fitts Section 32, Hillside Road. Site no longer exists.   Rollin
Franklin/Tipton Sec 22, east side of Tipton Hwy. a mile n. of M-50, Tipton. 
Friends/Lupton Section 31, US-127, Addison.  Woodstock
Frye/Union Society/Wilcox Section 1.  Palmyra

Gage/Old Cadmus Section 13, Cadmus Road.  Dover
German/Saint Joseph's Catholic Section 36, Oakwood Road.  Adrian
Goff Cemetery  
Goss/Perry Section 3, on US 120 about 3 miles west of Morenci. Medina
Graham/West Madison Section 19, Graham Highway, Sand Creek.   Madison
Green's Lakeside Section 10, off Manitou Road, Addison. Rollin

Hagaman/Hagerman Section 5, Lyons Highway,  Fairfield
Halstead Farm Section 14, Rome Road, Rome Center  Rome
Hand/Hillsdale/Hillside Section 36, off US-223. Woodstock
Hicksite Friends Section 26, Carson Highway,   Site no longer exists.  
Hillside Section 31, Junction Road, Addison. Woodstock
Holdridge Family Section 23, Sutton Road. Lenawee Raisin
Holloway Section 23, Sutton Road. Raisin
Hudson City/Maple Grove Section 18, Maple Grove Highway,  Hudson
Hunt/Hunt School District/Southeast Madison Section 35, E. Gorman Road, 
Lake Ridge Cemetery 
Lenawee Hills Memorial Park Cemetery 
Lenawee Hills Memorial Gardens/Memorial Park Section 30, M-50 and M-52,   
Little Hope/Raisin Center Society of Friends/Raisinville Sec 28, Chase Rd, 
Luke Farm Section 29, Ridgeville Road.  Ogden

Macon Village Section 4, Mills Macon Highway,  Macon
Maple Grove Cemetery
Maple Shade/Onsted Village
McClain/McLain Section 10, Rogers Highway, Holloway. Raisin
Medina Section 2, Medina Road, Hudson.  Medina
Mills Section 20, north side of M-50, .1 of a mile west of Nortley, Tipton 
Morehouse Grave Section 32, Hillside Road on high hill next to gravel pit.  

New Weston Cemetery 
North Adrian Cemetery
North Rome Section 6, Sandy Beach Road, Rome Center. Rome
North Dover Cemetery—Section 6, Hawkins Highway, Cadmus  Dover

Oak Grove Cem. 
Oakwood Cem.
Old East/Old Mount Section 5, in village of Clinton
Old Morenci CemeterY
Old Ogden/Peebles Section 32, off East Yankee Road. Ogden
Old Palmyra Village Section 22, US-223.   Palmyra
Old City/Protestant Section 19,  Hudson
Old Sacred Heart Church Section 19, off Foster Highway, 
     Site no longer exists Hudson
Old Weston/Weston Village Section 17, north side of Weston Road, Weston. 
Osborn/South Macon Section 20, Welch Road,  Macon
Packard/Porter Section 14, Packard Road, Seneca. Seneca
Palmyra Village Cemetery
Porter Cemetery
Pleasant View/Blissfield Cem.
Presbyterian Church Section 15, West Cadmus Road. Site no longer exists  Dover
Presbyterian Section 23, Sutton Road.   Raisin

Quaker/Society of Friends Section 16, N. Rollin Road,  Rollin

 Raisin Center Friends Cem,
Raisin Valley Orthodox Friends Section 24, W. Valley Road,  Adrian
Reed Grave Section 12. Lenawee Fairfield
Ridgeville Section 26, Arnold Road, Jasper.   Fairfield
Ridgeway Township
Riga Township Section 5, Cemetery Road, Blissfield. Riga
Riverside Cemetery 
Rollin Friends Cemetery
Rollin Village Section 33, Forrister Road
Rome/Rome Center Section 15, off Rome Road, Rome Center. Rome
St. Dominic’s Catholic Church

Sand Creek Section 31, Bryant Road, Sand Creek   Madison
Sanford/Wheaton/Woodstock Section 15, Heath Road. Woodstock
Scovell/Scovil Section 27, Crockett Highway.  Palmyra
Sherman Farm Section 17, Raymond Road, Addison.   Rollin
South Dover Section 20, Tomer Road, Cadmus. Dover
Speigel Lutheran Section 32, off Garno Road,  Blissfield
Springville Section 23, M-50, Onsted. Cambridge
St John's Lutheran Section 36, Oakwood Road.   Adrian
St Joseph's Catholic Section 2, Onsted.  Cambridge
St Mary's Irish Catholic Section 2, Division Street.  Madison
Stockwell Mausoleum Section 13, was near the intersection of Ranger Highway 
   and Wilder Road. Removed to Oak Grove Cemetery, Seneca Township.  Medina

Underwood Cemetery

Weaver Graves Section 26, Carson Highway,   Adrian
Webster Farm Section 5, Beecher Road/M-34. Bodies removed to Bradish Cemetery 
West Adrian Section 18, Wolf Creek Highway,   Adrian
West Rome Section 20, Hawkins Highway, Rome Center. Rome
Wisner Section 11, east side of Wisner Highway, .4 of a mile south of Service 
Woerner Cemetery—Section 4, Tipton Highway, Family Owned Adrian
Woodworth Section 3, on US 120 about 3 miles west of Morenci. Next to Goss Cem.
Wolf Creek Section 12, Adrian-Rome Townline Highway, Rome Center. Rome

Zion United Brethern Section 3, E. Horton Road, Blissfield. Ogden

Backgrounds By Marie