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Dowe, Mrs. Evans (Nancy) d. in Madison, Lenawee Co., Jan. 3, 1850. She was born in Topsfield, Mass. June 10, 1789, emigrated to New Boston, N.H. with her parents in her fouth year. In her 23d year m. Evans Dow of Weare, N.H. After marriage, removed with husband to Madison, Geauga Co., Ohio. In her 48th year, she emigrated to Madison, Lenawee Co., Mich. 2-14-50

Tripp, Mrs. John D. (Harriet L.) d. in Franklin, Lenawee Co., Feb. 20, 1850, ae 23y and 6m. 3-14-50

Parmenter, P., of Albion, and Miss Lorinda U. Osborn of Woodstock, m. in Woodstock, Ap. 2, 1850 by Elder B. G. Lewis. 5-2-50

Potter, Mrs. James (Sally) d. in Rome, June 23, 1850 ae 40y and 7m. Early part of life spent in Sodus, N.Y. About 1835 she came to Michigan with her husband. 6-27-50

Goodrich, Thomas, d. in Tecumseh, July 15, 1850 ae 76y. He was born in Lee, Mass., in 1774; m. in Amsterdam to Mrs. Katharine Ramsay...12-12-50

Stimson, Amernett Jenevive, d. in Adrian, Aug. 1, 1850, youngest dau. of Rev. H. K. and N. P. Stimson, ae 2y and 6m. 8-8-50

Arnold, Edward, and Miss Clarissa Mann were married in Adrian Aug. 4, or Aug. 12, 1850 by Rev. H. K. Stimson. 8-15-50 and 8-22-50

Fish, George F., and Mrs. Nancy Babcock, all of Adrian were married in Adrian Nov. 2, 1850 by Rev. H. K. Stimson. 11-14-50

Raymond, Mrs. Alonzo H. (Delia D.) d. in Adrian, Feb. 15, 1851 in the 22d year of her age. She was the dau. of J. Powers, deceased, and the ward of Rev. Mr. Hotchkiss of Medina. 3-13-51

Carter, Mrs. Michael (Martha) d. in Macon, Feb. 17, 1851, youngest dau. of John and Phebe Skinner ae 23y and 8m. She joined the Baptist church in Milan, Erie Co., Ohio. 10-9-51

Bigelow, Charles, of Toledo, Ohio and Miss Francis E. Stimson, m. in Adrian, April 15, 1851, by Rev. H. K. Stimson. 5-8-51

Lapham, Ephraim, of Rome and Miss Emily Stafford of Adrian, m. on April 23, 1851, by Rev. H. K. Stimson. 5-8-51

Osborne, Mrs. Sameul (Betsey) d. in Woodstock, May 16, 1851, ae 48y. 8-28-51

Church, Lorenzo, d. in Hudson, June 27, 1851. He was of Wheatland, Hillsdale Co., Killed by the cars. He was a brother of Rev. Pharcellus Church of Boston. 7-17-51

Bull, William W. of Belvidere, Ill. and Miss Helen A. Wicks of Macon, Michigan, m. on July 18, 1851, by Rev. R. M. Baker. 7-24-51

Tryon, Charles of Detroit and Caroline M. Thorp, dau. of Hon. Lewis P. Thorp of East Randolph, N.Y., m. in Adrian, Aug. 12, 1851. 9-18-51

Allen, Irving, d. in Medina, Aug. 22, 1851, only son of Artemas and Lucinda Allen, ae about 9y. 9-4-51

Cole, William, and Miss Abigail Lewis of Macon, m. in Macon, Oct. 15, 1851, by Rev. B. G. Lewis. 10-30-51

Aldrich, Philander H., and Miss Lucinda M. Power, both of Hudson, m. in Hudson on Nov. 12, 1851, by Rev. A. P. Howell. 11-27-51

St. John, Mrs. Jason (Lucy A.) d. in Clinton, Nov. 16, 1851, ae 29y. 11-27-51

Knapp, Albert and Miss Mary E. Humphrey, both of Hudson, m. on Nov. 19, 1851 by Rev. A. P. Howell. 11-27-51

Wilcox, Mrs. William S. (Sarah F.) d. in Adrian, Feb. 11, 1852, in the 29th year of her age. She was the dau. of Rev. B. S. Clay, a pioneer Baptist minister of Michigan...2-26-52

Downs, H. P., of Greenville, and Miss C. Morgan of Macon, m. in Macon, Feb. 16, 1852, by E. M. Lewis. 3-25-52

Adams, Rowena I. d. in Tecumseh, March 12, 1852 dau. of Isaac Adams, ae 12y 7m and 10d 4-8-52

McMath, F. C., and Miss Mary E. Wait, eldest dau. of E. W. Wait, m. in Dover, March 24, 1852, by Rev. Edward Royce. 4-15-52

Booth, E. J. and Caroline C. Remmell, both of Hudson, m. in Hudson on July 26, 1852 by Rev. A. P. Howell 8-19-52

Wheeler, L. P. of Tecumseh, and Miss H. R. Miner of Clinton, m. in Clinton, Sept. 25, 1852 by Rev. E. M. Lewis. 10-14-52

Miner, E. F., of Tecumseh, and Lucy Carey of Clinton, m. in Clinton, Oct. 5, 1852, by Rev. E. M. Lewis. 10-14-52

Spooner, Edward H., d. in Fairfield, Oct. 312, 1852, son of Elijah A. and Nancy J. Spooner, and grandson of elder E. Hodge, ae 9y. 7m. 20d. 11-25-52

Montgomery, H., and Miss M. Bodkin m. in Clinton, Jan. 19, 1853, by Rev. E. M. Lewis. 2-3-53

Miller, K. B., and Miss Rosamond Hotchkiss, both of Medina, m. Jan. 20, 1853 by Rev. U. B. Miller. 2-17-53

Fulton, Dr. S. J. of Pontiac and Miss H. C. Fisher of Tecumseh, m. in Tecumseh, Jan. 26, 1853, by Rev. J. I. Fulton of Saline. 2-10-53

Niblack, William, and Miss Eunice Lewis of Macon, m. on Jan. 27, 1853 by Rev. E. M. Lewis. 2-3-53

Tolford, Mrs. William (Mary) d. in Madison, Feb. 20, 1853, ae 29y 6m and 10d. Baptized in Palmyra, N.Y. Came to Michigan about 1833 3-10-53

Spencer, Rev. U., d. in Raisin on June 2, 1853 6-30-53

Cole, Tunis of Morenci, and Miss Mary Jane Garlic of Morenci, m. in Clayton, June 26, 1853, by N. Perkins, Jr. 7-7-53

Baker, Rev. R. M., d. in Adrian, March 27, 1854, ae 29y. Born ni Genesee Co., N.Y. m. Ann Eliza Herrick of Genessee. 5-4-54

Ingersoll, A. M., d. June 12, 1854, ae 35y. prob. in Medina, Mich. 6-29-54

Rhoads, Charles and Miss Prudence Thomas, both of Tecumseh, m. in Clinton, June 18, 1854, by Rev. Isaac M. Wade. 6-29-54

Hunt, John W., d. in Tecumseh, June 21, 1854, son of Deacon John Hunt of Lodi. he was born in Onondaga on March 21, 1803; m. to Sophia Fish in 1831 who died in 1851; m. (2d) in 1851 to Mrs. Louisa Anthony. 10-12-54

Isham, Warren, of Detroit, and Miss Lizzie H. King of Adrian, m. in Adrian, Sept. 2, 1854, by Rev. W. I. Crane. 9-14-54

Ely, Samuel, of Brady, Williams Co., Ohio, and Miss Hannah Tripp, dau. of Eld. H. Tripp of Franklin, m. on Oct. 26, 1854, in Franklin, by Eld. Heath. 11-16-54

Smith, Henry B. and Miss Mary Ann Burton, botho f Clinton, m. in Clinton, Dec. 21, 1854, by Rev. Isaac M. Wade. 2-22-55

Aldrich, Mrs. Silas (Lucy A.K.) d. in Rome, March 6, 1855, ae 34y. She was the youngest of a family of 19. She leaves a husband and three children. 3-29-55

Loud, Austin D. and Miss Mary L. Pulver, both of Jackson, m. in Clinton, Mich., by Rev. Isaac M. Wade 5-24-55

Wheeler, Rev. Judson, d. in Hudson on July 9, 1855, ae 51y. He was b. in Pownal, Bennington Co., Vt. July 5, 1804. In June 1810, his father removed to Marcellus, Onondaga Co., N.Y. His father died in Detroit, a soldier of the War of 1812. Married on April 9, 1823 to Miss Polly Gilbert, a niece of his pastor, Rev. Joseph Moore. He came to Michigan in 1831. Long obituary. 8-30-55

Gove, Mrs. George (Nancy W.) d. in Tecumseh, Aug. 19, 1855, ae 43y. Formerly of Mass. 9-6-55

Powers, Mrs. A. W. (Jane E.) d. in Adrian, Jan. 21, 1856, dau. of N. & L. Raymond, ae 22y. 1-24-56

Spooner, Hattie Adelphe, d. in Clayton, Jan. 25, 1856, dau. of E. A. and N.J. Spooner, ae 5m and 4d. 2-7-56

Downs, Mrs. Julius G. (Aurelia B.) d. in Clinton, Feb. 20, 1856, ae 34y, leaving a husband, a son & a daughter. Lived in Chautauqua Co., N.Y. about 1836. Married in New York State. 3-6-56

Ahle-, T. W. and Miss M. F. Shearer, m. in Rome on July 2, 1856 by Eld. A. E. Mather. 7-24-56

Dingman, George and Miss Juliana Putnam, m. in Rome on July 13, or 18, 1856, by Eld. A. E. Mather. 7-24-56

Holdridge, Felix, d. in Raisin, Oct. 15, 1855, ae 74y. Born in Pittsfield, N.Y., removed to Montomery Co, when 11y; m. at 21 to Miss Elizabeth Slocum. Joined Baptist Church at North Hampton. Removed to Onondaga Co., in 1814; then to Royalton, Niagara Co., in 1821, and in 1836 to Raisin, Michigan. Married in 1840 to widow Comfort Chandler. 2-14-56

Rees, Rev. C. W. of Fort Wayne, Ia., and Miss Ann F. Hamilton of Tecumseh, m. in Tecumseh, Dec. 3, 1856 by Rev. Mr. McLouth. 1-8-57

Brown, Mrs. Polly, d. in Clinton, Jan. 3, 1857. She was a member of the Baptist Church at Manchester. 4-16-56

Pack, Rev. William of Hudson, and Miss Matilda R. Hagaman of Adrian, m. May 31, 1857 by Rev. V. Church. 6-18-57

Hopkins, Thomas and wife drowned in Rollin, Jan. 24, 1858. 2-11-58

Potts, Mrs. and Mrs. drowned in Rollin, Jan. 24, 1858 2-11-58

Palmer, Benjamin, d. in Adrian, May 19, 1858 ae 61y. Born in R.I. in 1797; removed when 13 to Palmyra, N.Y.; m. in 1829 to Miss Stutira Treat; came to Michigan in 1832. 6-3-58

Hall, Mrs. Melissa, d. in Mendon, July 12, 1858. She left a husband and nine children, two of them infants of four weeks. 8-5-58

Smith, William, of Hudson, and Miss Zolema Taylor, dau. of W. C. Taylor of Hudson, m. in Hudson, Sept. 25, 1858, by Rev. James G. Portman. 10-7-58

Geddes, James C., of Lodi, and Miss Louisa E. Griffin, of Freedom, m. in Clinton, Jan. 22, 1859, by Rev. E. Tenny. 2-3-59

Oven, George, d. in Tecumseh, Nov. 8, 1859 ae 43y. He was a native of England, and a former resident of Detroit. 12-1-59

Source: Michigan vital records from the Michigan Christian herald: 1850-[1859]. Detroit, Mich.; unknown, 1900, pages 43-46 - submitted by Peggy Thompson)

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