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Crisp Point Lighthouse

Crisp Point Lighthouse is located thirteen miles west of Whitefish Point on Lake Superior. The area was one of Five Lake Superior Life Saving Stations as far back as 1875 know as station #10. It was named for Christopher Crisp, one of the life-saving station keepers. Christopher was a station keeper from 3 October 1878 - 18 March 1890. It was Established as a lighthouse in 1904, standing 58' tall, and is no longer operational. The Crisp Point Historical Society tells us it was first proposed in 1896 and every year thereafter until approved in June, 1902. Fifteen acres of land was purchased at a price of $30.00, the deed dated May 21, 1903.

Crisp Point Lighthouse became the property of Luce County in February 1997.

The lighthouse is 18 miles from a paved road, 23 miles from electrical service

This photo was provided by Paul Petosky dated 1964. History tells us that shortly after this photo was taken all but the light tower and service room were destroyed by the Coast Guard.