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Tawas Point Lighthouse

Tawas Point Lighthouse (also known as Ottawa Point Light) off US 23 about 2-3 miles Southeast of East Tawas, 686 Tawas Beach Rd. East Tawas MI, has been in operation since 1876, and is now part of Tawas Point State Park. Construction of the lighthouse began in 1852. It was completed but not opened until 1853. Sherman Wheeler was the station's first Keeper and exhibited the Light for the pening of the 1853 season. The first permanet structures in Tawas Bay was the lighthouse and dwelling. Apparently the lighthouse was not built well, nor on a good foundation so it began to show signs of wear early on. When Captain Olmstead ran his schooner "Dolphin" aground near the lighthouse during a storm he openly blamed the light coming (or not coming) from the lighthouse for the accident. In 1875 it became evident that a new site and a new lighthouse were needed. The new lighthouse was opened for the 1877 season. In 1896 addition repairs and updates were made. An assistant lighthouse keeper, George Galbraeth who was appointed in 1900 but there was no place for him to live.. he soon resigned in 1931, when Edward L. Sinclair took his place. In 1905 an old boathouse was fixed up as a temporary dwelling for the assistant. In 1922 a house from town was bought - and moved out to the property of the lighthouse. The lighthouse was automated and closed in 1953. Leon DeRosia was the last keeper, having been there six years. The lighthouse has since been restored to its "turn of the 20th century" appearance and it is now a tourist attraction.

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