Livingston County Michigan

Conway Township


This township, which was formed as Iena by an act of the State Legislature, approved March 6, 1838, is situated in the northwest corner of Livingston County.  Adjoining township organizations are Antrim, in Shiawassee Co., on the north, Locke, in Ingham Co., on the west, and Cohoctah and Handy respectively, in Livingston, on the east and south.  This township was formed from Howell, Section 3, of an act to organize certain townships, reads as follows:

"All that portion of the county of Livingston designated by the United States survey as township number four north, of range number three cast, be, and the same is hereby set off and organized into a separate township, by the name of Iena, and the first township-meeting therein shall be held at the house of Levi Parsons, in said township." 

The inhabitants became dissatisfied with this name, because of its similarity to Ionia, and for other reasons, and by a special act, approved March 20, 1841, it was changed to Conway.

The surface may be described in general terms as of an undulating character, the rolling and more elevated portions being found on the eastern border.  The major portion of the township, or perhaps three-fourths of it, was covered originally with a heavy growth of hard wood timber, termed by the early settlers "timbered openings."

The soil is of a rich loam, very productive, and the people are uniformly successful in the cultivation of wheat, corn, fruits, and other field products.;  The streams are unimportant.  Cedar River cuts the extreme southwest corner, while one or two small tributaries of the Shiawassee cross its northern and eastern borders.

The people are chiefly agriculturists.  Well-improved farms and tasteful farm-buildings abound in every portion, and the present population is estimated at about 1200.

Township Information

Frederick B. and Cecil D. Parsons Township Meeting
Robert Colborn Marriage
Ladyard S. Adams Public-House
Martin W. Randall Township Officers
: Supervisor, Clerks, Treasurer, Assessor
John Coughran Justices of the Peace
Warren G. Grant Drain Commissioners
Early Resident list Who purchased Gov't land
1838 Tax Roll Sections 1-5
1844 Tax Roll Sections 6-10
1845 Tax Roll Sections 11-15
1846 Tax Roll Sections 16-20
1847 Tax Roll Sections 21-25
1848 Tax Roll Sections 26-30
  Sections 31-36
First Schools Religion in the Township
School Inspectors  
Superintendent of Schools CEMETERY
School Districts Cemeteries in the Township
Teacher Certificates  
Benjamin Porter Sherman First Road
Luther Child Early Highways
William P. Stow  
Cecil D. Parsons Patrons Of Husbandry

History of Livingston Ellis, Franklin, 1828-1885.,
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