Livingston County Michigan

Green Oak Township

Whitmore Lake, MI (George L. Close General Store) (1910) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

The township of Green Oak is entitled to the distinguished mention among the townships of the county of Livingston not only from the period of its settlement, which, with one exception, ante-dates that of any other township in the county, but from the influential position it has maintained in its political and social relations.  This is mainly owing to the character of its inhabitants, whose broad and fertile acres are evidence of their industry, as their attractive houses are indicative of taste and intelligence.   Green Oak was one of the first three townships organized, having been erected by act of the Territorial Legislature, March 17, 1835, and included at that time townships Nos. 1 and 2, north of range 6, east of the principal meridian, and embracing the territory now known as Green Oak and Brighton, the first meeting of the townships for the election of officers being held at the house of Isaac Smith.

The soil of the township of Green Oak is a mixture of clay and gravel, clay predominating in the southwest portion. There is comparatively little timbered land that can be made available, though much of the ground is covered by what may be termed a second growth. The surface is undulating, though to a less extent than is apparent in some of the adjoining townships, and is dotted with many small lakes, chief among which are Silver Lake, Island Lake, Whitmore Lake (the northern portion of which lies in Green Oak), Maltby Lake, Thomas Lake, Mud Lake, half of Fonda Lake, and Crooked Lake.  The Huron River enters the northeast corner of the township, flows in a southwest direction, and leaves it from the west side at section 26. The south branch of the Huron enters the southeast corner of the township, and joins the main waters at the northwest corner of section 21.

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