Having A Good Time

Bois Blanc - Mackinac County MI

Pastor Ackerman and Family at Bois Blanc
Bois Blanc, Mich., Aug. 13, 1906
Editor Times:
Dear Sir: — Greeting from Bois Blanc. Perhaps you would enjoy hearing what sort of a time we are having up here in the woods. Leaving home Tuesday noon over the D. & M. railroad, we enjoyed a pleasant ride to Cheboygan, arriving about 6:30. Wednesday morning we “did” the town, principally the dock, and soon after dinner boarded the gasoline launch which had come for us from the Mackinac Island side of Bois B1anc, about twenty miles away. There was a stiff breeze blowing and we had a grand ride. The water is very clear and we could see the rocks at the bottom where it was ten or twelve feet deep. We stopped at the life saving station and examined the apparatus and boats. We arc going over some Thursday to see them drill. The big storms last November did great damage to the property.

We have a very nice place here almost on the water. We can see Les Cheneaux islands and Mackinac very plainly.

There are big forest fires raging on the former. We spent the tenth at Mackinac, visiting historic places. Old Port Holmes and the observation tower attracted most of our .attention on that trip. The Old Mission church stands, as it was built in 1830. There is a legend connected with almost every spot on the whole island. But I suppose a great many Bay Cityans have been there, so no description is worth while.

Father and I have already made various “expeditions” back into the woods. Red raspberries and huckle-berries are to be had, if you are willing to pick them. Soon blackberries will be ripe.

Saturday we two went back to the farm—about a mile—and rode home on a load of hay. It was great sport, and, incidentally, we added to the brownness of our arms, for up here we can wear our sleeves rolled up as much as we wish.

We have a tennis court out alongside of the cottage, and about an hour ago I was hopelessly defeated by sister, but father beat her just as badly. The islanders enjoy watching us so we are going to teach some of them. As mail comes from Mackinac Island only Tuesday and Fridays, we are very glad for those days to come. We keep track of Bay City affairs through The Times, which we pass around when we have read it.

Father has just made his appearance in a black shirt, ready to go berrying, and as we girls are going along, I must get my big straw hat on.

The, others Join in sending best wishes to our Bay City friends.
Yours truly,
Edna M. Ackerman