Mackinac County MI

Cemetery Location County Township

Anebiwining/Father Marquette Park/St Ignace's Catholic High Street, 
    St Ignace. Mackinac Moran
Bethlehem Lutheran/German Lutheran Sec 29, north of Engadine on M-117 at the site 
   of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church,.3 miles south of McKelvey Rd, Engadine.  Garfield
Bishop Baraga/Chippewa Indian Village M-134. Mackinac St Ignace
Bois Blanc Island/McRae Section 8, Bois Blanc Island. Mackinac Bois Blanc
Brethren Section 4, 27 Mile Road. Mackinac Moran
Brevort Twp. 
Caffey Cem. 
Carp River/Our Lady of Victory Catholic Section 32, Gorman Road.  St Ignace
Curtis/Woodlawn Section 13, 1257 Curtis Road, Curtis.  Portage
Engadine Section 17, M-117, Engadine.  Garfield
EpoufetteSec 3, US-2,  Hendricks
Father Marquette's Section 27, Island View Avenue, Hessel.  Clark
Fenlons Section 10, Chard Road, Hessel.  Clark
Fort Mackinac Michigan Post/Soldiers
Garfield Cemetery
Grace Brethren/Ozark 27 Mile Road, Ozark. Mackinac Moran
Gros Gap   
Immaculate Conception Catholic/Saint Mary's Section 31, Dukes Road, Moran.  Brevort
Indian Burial Ground Section 1, Saint Martin Island. Mackinac St Ignace 
Italian/Italian Hill/Maple Wood Section 8, Saint Ignace Road, Hessel.   Clark
Mackinac Island/Protestant Section 13, at Garrison and Fort Homes Streets, Mackinac Island
Martin Graves Section 14, Private Claim No. 16. Burials of Samuel and Aileen Jackson Martin. 
   On private property. Contributor: James Fenlon. Owner: Private.  Moranu
Naubinway Section 20, near US-2 on G Trail, Naubinway.  Garfield
Newton Township Section 32, Leveille Road, Gould City.  Newton
Olive Church Grave Section 5, Light House Point.  Bois Blanc
Protestant Cemetery 
Polly Family Sec 10, Polly Rd, Gould City. Two graves.  Newton
Sandtown Cem
Simmons Section 30, Simmons Road, Rudyard. Marquette St. Anne's St Ignatius Catholic Unknown Old Section 36, near Bevort Lake and Black Point Roads. Brevort Western Cemetery of Brevort Sec 21, on US-2 in Brevort. Moran Woodlawn Cemetery