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Old Mission Church 1910 - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Historic Mackinac Church
One of the Few Remaining Unchanged from Pioneer Days

The old Mission Church on Mackinac Island is one of the few Protestant temples that have come down to the present time unchanged from pioneer days. It was built in 1829 when the inhabitants of the island were fishermen. It fronts on the main street and looks across the narrow road just as it did when its builders put the finishing touches to its roof. Before the mission are clustered several cottages with low eaves. These were built in the olds days too, and served as homes for the hardy fellows who caught fish in the lake. Two great elms half hide the view of the building from the shore. The edifice was put up under the direction of Rev. Dr. Ferry, whose sons has since risen to eminence as a United States Senator. It was built firm and strong. In spite of the fact that almost seventy northern winters have beaten upon it, the old timbers are as staach as when they were put together, and the tin on the tower shines as lustrously as the day it was smelted. Along in the 30's when the fur company dissolved, Mackinac lost its character as a field for mission work, and the building and thr grounds about it were sold. The old church passed through a somewhat precarious exist ence until some of the cottages and islanders bought it. Now every Sunday morning services are held in it, and the pews are filled with fashionably attired women and modern men.

Indian Mission 1905 - contributed by Paul Petosky

Engadine, MI (Methodist Episcopal Church) (1915) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Our Lady of Lourdes Church - Engadine MI Contributed by Paul