Town of Kenneth
Mackinac County MI

History of Kenneth MI Post Office

Kenneth, MI (Mackinac County), Moran Township was a station on the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway.

Originally established as Pines on June 2, 1884 with Charles E. Switzer as its first postmaster. It discontinued operation on May 31, 1897 and was reestablished as Kenneth on August 21, 1903 with William J. Ross as its first postmaster.

Kenneth was named for the son of William J. Ross who began lumbering in this area around 1900.

List of Pines, MI Postmasters
Charles E. Switzer.........June 2, 1884
William W. Taylor...........June 25, 1886
Peter Chantler................December 9, 1887
Richard Fisher................March 1, 1890
Robert Albrecht..............August 16, 1895 to May 31, 1897

In 1893, S. Fell was listed as the railroad and express agent at Pines.

The Kenneth Post Office was located in the William J. Ross General Store.

List of Kenneth MI Postmasters
William J. Ross...............August 21, 1903
John D. Leonard.............February 16, 1906
Jerry Taylor.....................February 26, 1915
Margaret Erwin................May 11, 1915
William J. Ross................October 26, 1915 to May 31, 1917

Discontinued operation on May 31, 1917

Kenneth Post Office reestablished on May 8, 1924

Lawrence L. Kitchen......May 8, 1924
Mrs. Flavia Chartrand...October 11, 1926 to December 31, 1929

Discontinued operation on December 31, 1929; with mail service to Ozark.

A chronological timeline at Kenneth.

In 1910 Kenneth had a population of 40. Businesses include W. J. Ross General Store & Post Office, and Leonard & Murray Sawmill.

In 1915 population was 165. Lots of lumbering activity was going on at that time. Beveridge Cedar Company (saw & shinglemill), Central Paper Company (sawmill & pulp wood), W. J. Ross & Son Grocers & Post Office, Leonard & Murray Mill & Jerry Taylor General Store.

In 1917 population dropped to 75. At this time Kenneth had telephone service. The same lumber mills are listed as in 1915. W. J. Ross & Son Grocers and Jerry Taylor General Store. Post Office was closed from 1917-1924.

Company 3628, Camp Kenneth, a CCC camp was established on June 12, 1935. (see photo).

Kenneth is located between Trout Lake and St. Ignace on Highway M-123. A sign is posted along the highway noting Kenneth. To this day a few residents still reside in Kenneth.

This is a doane Type 1, Number 1 postmark dated September 9, 1908 from Kenneth, MI.
This is the latest known use reported for this type of postmark from this town.

Kenneth, MI postmark dated November 3, 1911.

For whatever reason this does not have the official last day of use postmark of December 31, 1929, Instead it is postmarked at Kenneth on December 30, 1929. It even has the signature of Mrs. Flavia Chartrand, postmaster.

It is possible she forgot to turn the dial to read December 31, 1929 or maybe December 30th could have been the last day of the Kenneth Post Office.

Since these postmarks are rare and scarce it is hard to compare with other examples to find out if this is true.

Railroad map from 1911 showing Kenneth.
This town was on the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway.

Next to the last day postmark of Kenneth, MI dated December 30, 1929. It officially discontinued operation the next day, December 31, 1929 with Mrs. Floria Chartrand as its last postmaster. It is noted on the 1929 calendar that December 30th was on a Sunday, and December 31st was on a Monday. is possible that December 30th was postmarked the last day of use. (Contributed by Paul Petosky)

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