Les Cheneaux Islands
Mackinac County MI

The Les Cheneaux Islands are in Mackinac County.....but Chippewa County is also attached to these islands, for example,
St. Mary's River runs through all these islands. Many old towns in Chippewa County are pictured
on this rare postcard such as: Raber, Strongville, Donaldson, Stirlingville, Sugar Island,
Stevensburgh, now Dafter, Pickford, Neebish Island, Barbeau, Munoscong and Sault Ste. Marie.

If anyone has any presonal history on any of these people be sure and send it to me.
I'll be happy to post it here. These are the names listed on the card - 1910.
Contributed by Paul Petosky.

1. C. W. Seiberling
2. F. A. Seiberling
3. Mrs. E. Q. Murphy
4. Maurice F. Murphy
5. H. P. Goff
6. Mrs. N. C. Buchanan
7. Mrs. Robert McCormick Adams
8. "The Cabin" - Frank R. Grover
9. J. W. Stoll
10. W. M. Derby, Jr.
11. A. E. Anderson
12. Miss J. H. Anderson
13. H. F. Burnap
14. J. M. Cory
15. C. H. Cory
16. J. P. McCuen
17. Jacob Bongner
18. J. K. Buckingham
19. George A. Preach
20. Dr. W. A. Thomasson
21. J. D. S. Neely
22. George Ewing
23. H. T. Nye
24. S. W. Curtis
25. Professor John R. Allen
26. Edward Reiber
27. Dr. C. B. Kinyon
28. Albert H. Meads
29. Little LaSalle Dock
30. Harry Peach
31. Dr. E. H. Wood
32. D. M. Miller
33. Thomas H. Sheppard
34. R. O. Gentry
35. G. M. Martin

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