Town of Ozark
Mackinac County MI

August 12, 1966 with the signature of the postmaster, Christina E. Clark.

Postmasters at Ozark and the exact dates they served.

George R. Phillips.......June 18, 1884 (Post office established)
James F. Hess...............March 26, 1886
James E. Wagley..........June 16, 1893
James A. Hough............May 26, 1894
Ethel E. Hough..............May 1, 1916
Samuel B. Martin..........March 13, 1917

April 9, 1917 Post Office moved 1 mile south
Valentine A. Hemm.......September 18, 1919
James A. Hough.............February 15, 1921
Clarence B. Dell.............March 11, 1922
Mrs. Irene A. Dell..........May 3, 1926
Mrs. Lorena M. Enquist..December 5, 1930
Mrs. Ethel Mann.............October 30, 1933
Christina E. Clark...........March 31, 1952 to August 12, 1966 (Post Office discontinued operation)

Ozark is in Mackinac County and was the site of charcoal kilns of the Martel Furnace Company and was a flag stop called Johnson's on the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad in 1882. Storekeeper George R. Phillips became the first postmaster on June 18, 1884. The name Ozark was derived from the early French name for the place, Aux Arc (pronounced Ozark), meaning at the bend.

When the Ozark Post Office discontinued operation; zip code 49967 was also discontinued; with mail service to Moran

Some additional information from Cris Bean:
James A (for Archibald) Hough is my great grand uncle
James E. Wagley married Nancy Hough, sister of James A.
Ethel Mann is James A.'s daughter (married Charlie Mann) she was also a poet and published a couple books
The Dells were good friends of my grandparents

Notes received from a relative: Not too many years later, both he [another brother Jacob] and Dad [Daniel Hough] bought 80 acres side by side in Ozark, about 1895-96. They got them through Uncle Jim. [James A.] Dad supervised Uncle Jim's extensive woods operations for many years. Uncle Jake just farmed the 80. Dad did both. For the first two years we lived in one of three log houses that were in a row, below a hill that isn't there any more, a block below Uncle Jim's store and boarding house. Then we (Dad) built a new home (our old one) that finally burned down. ...We lived... below a hill that isn't there any more, a block below Uncle Jim's store and boarding house. I remember well of Uncle Jim sending me down from the store to tell mother that Aunt Cynth's baby had been born and that his name was Morgan. Those news tidings had just come over the telephone from Doc Darby. Phones were the only means of communication then and the only phone in the Ozark area was the one in Uncle Jim's store. The official ring for Ozark was 3 shorts and one long. That must have been in 1896-97. I remember too of Uncle Jim sending me down (I must have lived in that store) to tell Dad that Admiral Dewey had just won a great sea victory. The Battle of Manilla. That was in the Spanish War which was April 1898." So, I think that the post office may very well have been in that store and boarding house, it sounds like they were connected. (By the way Aunt Cynth is James A's wife and the sister of James Wagley)

Ozark Map 1911

The Ozark, MI Post Office was established on June 18, 1884. It discontinued operation, along with zip code 49767 on August 12, 1966 with Christina E. Clark as its last postmaster. Mail service to Moran, MI. (Contributed by Paul Petosky)

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