Mackinac County Michigan Memories

Mackinac County Airport Dedication 2 July 1934 - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Hello - Hello (Cosi-Cosa)
Hello, Hello, its a wonderful word,
Tra, la, la, la
Perhaps you have heard, Tra, la, la, la
At Mackinac we say "Hello, Hello"
Hello, Hello - Never mind if you do not know my name
You'll soon get to know me just the same
Tra, la, la, la
Do we say Hello? yes!
Do we say good-by ? Well yes and no
Oh Mackinac is the place where we play
Tra, la, la, la
We hope you will stay and come again another day
so we can say
Hello, Hello !!

Song of Mackinac contributed by Paul Petosky

Leslie Avenue about 1909 contributed by Paul Petosky

Old Fort & Dock around 1907 contributed by Paul Petosky

Round Island Lighthouse - Straits of Mackinac -
1924 - Built in 1924 - Decommissioned 1958
Contributed by Paul Petosky
History of the Lightouse (Offsite)

Naubinway, MI, Sawmill, 1910 - Contributed by Paul Petosky

On the right - Lil's Snack Bar & Diner in the 1950's

Round Island, MI (Mackinac Island from Round Island) (1899)
Round Island Light aka the Round Island Point Lighthouse
Contributed by Paul Petosky

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