Mackinac County MI

Dunham House in 1913 - contributed by Paul Petosky

Forty guests had narrow escapes from death early today when the HotelHessel, at Hessel, Mich., eighteen miles northeast of here, was burned to the ground. A number of them escaped in their night clothes and lost all of their baggage. John Hessel was the owner of the hotel, and his loss is about $15,000. Hessel is reached by steamer from this island, and is in Mackinaw county, near Les Cheneaux islands.
Wednesday, August 11, 1909 Paper: Daily Telegram

Les Cheneaux Island MI - Elliott House 1919
Contributed by Paul Petosky

The Lakeside Hotel, Coryell MI 1911
Les Chencaux Islands

Proprietors of this hotel were Mrs. Eva D. McBain & Son. If you will also notice, she served as postmaster from June 11, 1915 to May 13, 1927, when Ralph S. McBain served as postmaster from May 13, 1927 to April 30, 1958. I am assuming Ralph was Eva's husband or son? Anyways they kept it in the family. I have no records as to who took over when it became a rural contract station of Cedarville. Normally when it becames a contract status one is no longer a postmaster and does not get paid as such. Whoever takes over gets very little money for running it. My guess is that the post office and contract post office was in the Lakeside Hotel. It would make sense, as the post office was a summer operation only and so was the hotel.

(FYI) - The Coryell Post Office was established on August 25, 1908 with John Coryell as its first postmaster. It discontinued operation January 15, 1913 and was reestablished on June 11, 1915 with Eva D. McBain as postmaster. Name changed to Coryell Islands on November 16, 1925.

Ralph S. McBain became postmaster May 13, 1927 to April 30, 1958, on this date it became a Contract Rural Station of the Cedarville Post Office. On February 10, 1966, it became a Contract Branch of the Cedarville Post Office. It finally discontinued operation, along with zip code 49719 on June 16, 1974; with mail service from Cedarville.
(Information and photo from Paul Petosky)

Cedarville MI - Northland Manor Hotel 1940's - Contributed by Paul Petosky

The Old Fur Company Headquarters - Photo by Rossiter
Contributed by Paul Petosky
"Standard Guide to Mackinac Island & Northern Lake Resorts" (1904) (top)

John Jacob Astor House 1908 - Contributed by Paul Petosky (bottom)

Pen Hotel 1911 - Les Cheneaux Island MI - Cedar Slab Laundry
Contributed by Paul Petosky

Rexton MI - Rexton Hotel Contributed by Amber (Fuller) Jones

The Rexton hotel at the corner of Cedar and South Winnebago streets, has been sold by Mrs. E.W. Billick to parties represented by Knapp, Barnes & company for a consideeration of $30,000 the highest price ever paid for property in this vicinity. Mrs. Billick has purchased the residence at 610 Park avenue.
Saturday, April 24, 1920 Paper: Morning Star (Rockford, IL) Page: 9

Russell House Ad 1890 - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Snyder House Ad 1890 - Contributed by Paul Petosky