Macomb County MI

Town of Eastpointe
(East Detroit / Halfway

Photos and Information from Paul Petosky

History of Eastpointe, MI Post Office

This community was first settled by Irish and German immigrants in 1831. On October 13, 1897, the Halfway Post Office was established, as this was near the halfway point of the stage that ran between downtown Detroit and the Macomb County seat at Mount Clemens.

The first postmaster was Herman Hummrich, a grocer.

Located in Erin Township, the village of Halfway was incorporated in December 1924 and reincorporated as the City of East Detroit in January 1929. The city changed its name to Eastpoint on November 5, 1991.

The city's school district was unaffected by the municipal name change, as it is still called East Detroit Public Schools. It has one high school (East Detroit High School), one middle school (Kelly Middle School) and six elementary schools, East Detroit Public Schools, serves Macomb County residents whose primary district boundaries encompass the City of Eastpointe and the southeastern portion of the City of Warren.

Inside the lobby of the Eastpointe Post Office you'll find a beautiful oil and tempera on panel mural painted by artist Frank Cassara. This mural was installed on December 9, 1939 and is titled "Early Settlers."

Postmasters and Officers-In-Charge at the Eastpointe Post Office are listed as follows;

Orginally established as Halfway

Herman Hummrich -- October 13, 1897
August Rein ------ October 13, 1897
Curtice C. Hook --- July 23, 1921
Elmer E. Greer ---- June 24, 1922
Otto C. Miller ---- July 1, 1926

Name Changed to East Detroit on March 1, 1929

Fred W. Schroeder --- February 19, 1934
Owen A. Kern --- July 16, 1954
Monte L. Barnes --- April 19, 1957
Stanley L. Schook --- December 12, 1958
Norman F. Knoor --- March 26, 1965
Edwin W. Wagner --- June 30, 1970
Albert P. Chyz --- December 28, 1976
Gary G. Woundstra --- June 18, 1977
William D. Zerilli --- May 11, 1979
John F. Newton --- November 17, 1979

Name changed to Eastpointe on November 5, 1991

Paul Emmi --- September 25, 1992
Howard E. Byme --- November 17, 1992
Adrian Galazka --- June 25, 1997
Debra A. (Powell) Pummer --- October 2, 1997
Ruth S. Pruchyaputtra --- April 10, 2004
Lisa E. Simon --- September 25, 2006
Joseph P. Sternard --- August 25, 2006
Kathleen L. Brooks --- February 17, 2007 to present

The Eastpointe Post Office is located at 22430 Gratoit Avenue and uses zip code 48021

A special thanks goes out to Kathleen L. Brooks, Eastpointe Postmaster, and to Brian P. Farrell, Customer Service Supervisor at the Eastpointe Post Office for the many photos.

One of the signs in the postal museum showing Hayes, (this was a Contract Station of the East Detroit Post office, and was only operational from September 1, 1950 to January 9, 1959).

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Halfway MI

February 28, 1929, Last Day postmark at the Halway, MI Post Office.
It changed to East Detroit on March 1, 1929

Halfway, MI postmark dated December 23, 1909 along with a receiving postmark at Roseville

East Detroit, MI (Halfway) Dairy

Halfway School, Halfway, MI (1902). Miss Maude Zemmon and Mr. S.M. VanHorn were the teachers

East Detroit MI

Dedication program for the East Detroit, MI Post Office on March 27, 1938.
Ceremonies started at 2PM

March 28, 1938, First Day of Opening of the East Detroit, MI Post Office

Fireman polishing up their new fire truck at the all-new $200,000 fire station that
opened in 1957 on Nine Mile Road and Pleasant in East Detroit. Photo was taken in 1957

New East Detroit High School (1930)

Eastpointe MI

Eastpointe, MI Post Office (May 2011)

Cornerstone on the Eastpointe, MI Post Office reads
Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury, James A. Farley, Postmaster General,
Louis A. Simon, Supervising Architect, Neal A. Mllick, Supervising Engineer, 1937

March 28, 1938, First Day of Opening of the East Detroit, MI Post Office

Map of Eastpointe, MI (courtesy of Google)

East Detroit Goodfellows (1964)
(Left to right) (Front Row) Philip Behn, John P. Weishaupt. Matt Molnar, Chief Arthur A. Schrade,
Captain Gottfried H. Eschmann, Harry Mattice, Steve Garbarino and Richard L. Fogarty.
(Left to Right) Back row: Ronald Kazawowski, Captain Frank Molnar, Andy B. Harkleroad, Edward Secatch, Leroy Sherman, Bill Ponder, Max Rogers, Captain Glen Sherman, Danny J. Carvill, Bill Turner,
Elbert Wilson, W.H. Scott, Elmer Krueger and Detective Melvin Tomlinson, East Detroit Police Force.
All were fireman with the exception of Melvin Tomlinson.

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