Macomb County

Macomb County MI

ALDEN, Dr. J.M. ALLEN, Augusta M. 12 Jul 1852 dau of S.W. Allen
By Rev. A.E. Mather
CALKINS, Lebbeus CURSIS, Lovinia 22 Sep 1855 By S.A. Taft
CANNON, George H. COLE, Lucy M. 31 Oct 1852 By Rev. Z. Coleman
COLLINS, Benjamin F. TRIST, Cordelia D.E. 05 Oct 1852 By Rev N. Eastwood
FARRAND, Dr. Hiram CALKINS, Phebe M. 25 Apr 1850 By S.A. Taft
GARLICK, Horace LUFKIN, Sarah 10 Feb 1852 By Rev. A.E. Mather
HOUCK, Francis WOODWARD, Esther 08 Nov 1854 By Rev. Z. Coleman
HOWE, Leonard V. THROOP, Clarissa J. 04 Mar 1853 By Z. Coleman
JONES, Charles E.
TUCKER, Carrie 05 May 1894 Mt. Clemmons
LANCKS, B.M. COTTON, M.H. 13 Mar 1856 By Rev. C.W. Rees
MANN, John PICKLE, Elizabeth H. 27Mar 1852 By Rev. Z. Coleman
MARTIN, COLE, Mary 31 Dec 1850 By S.A. Taft
MOYER, A. SMITH, E. 03 Feb 1852 Rev. Z. Coleman
RACKHAM, Horace H.
HORTON, Mary A. 11 Nov 1887 Fenton
SHEAR, Monroe GLAZIER, Laura E. 02 Jan 1853 By Rev. James Ward
SLY, Charles OWEN, Martha 29 Oct 1851 By Rev. Z. Coleman
SPRAGUE, John SKINNER, Laura 29 Mar 1857 By Rev. A. Denison
TAFT, Daniel HAYNES, Mary J. 08 Jan 1851 By S.A. Taft
THOMPSON, Morton A. HOLMES, Louisa A. 04 Jul 1857 By Rev. E. Curtis
WATERLOO, Alfred GILLETT, Mary J. 13 Feb 1856 By Rev. A. MacLean
WIXOM, Chauncey MITCHELL, Emily (Mrs) 05 Jul 1851 By Rev. G.W> Harris
WRIGHT, Robert C. DAVEY, Anna M. 22 May 1853 By Rev. James Ward
WULFFE, Arthur
Marriage Ceremony
HAIRE, Dorothy 09 Aug 1941 Zion Church