Macomb County MI


Contributed by Patti Wulff
From Leeson's History of Macomb County, Michigan, pp.852

The township of Warren was erected under the name of Hickory March 11, 1837. Under an act approved April 2, 1838, all that portion of Macomb known as Sections 12, 13, 24, 25 and 36 in Township 1 north, of Range 12 east, was set off from the town of Orange and annexed to the town of Hickory. Under the same act, the name of the township of Hickory was changed to that of Aba. It retained this name until March 25, 1838, when it received its present title -- Warren. The first town meeting was held at the house of Louis Groesbeck, April 3, 1837, with Avery Dennison, Moderator; Samuel Gibbs, Clerk; Louis Beaufait, Alonzo Haight and Jenison F. Glazier, Inspectors of Election. Samuel Gibbs was elected Supervisor; Alonzo Haight, Clerk; Louis L. Beaufait, Collector; Harris Corey, Loring Hawley, L. L. Beaufait, Assessors; Peter Gillett, John H. Barton, Loring Hawley, Commissioners of Highways; Northrup Jones and Louis Groesbeck, Overseers of the Poor; James N. Bruce, with Beaufait and Corey, were elected Constables. Avery Dennison, Sam Gibbs, Lyman E. Rhodes, Commissioners of Schools.

The village of Warren in this township was settled at an early day. It is twelve miles southwest of Mt. Clemens and fourteen north of Detroit. Its location is within a half mile of the D. & B.C.R.R., which renders the place a suburb of Detroit. It is a fine agricultural section, which is devoted to farming, market gardening, grain, vegetables and fruit. There are Methodist and Lutheran churches, a district school and a steam feed mill and foundry in the hamlet. Its conservatism in respect to population is remarkable. The census returns of 1880 credit it with being the cetner of 150 people. Similar returns for years past have accorded to the little hamlet precisely the same number. Among the early settlers were the Groesbecks, Joseph Jerome, Harris Corey, Joseph Mosho and George Bolam, many of whom have left families, members of which still reside in the township. Among the business and professional men of the village are John Ames, Milo Ames, Oliver Barton, J. L. Beebe, C. Davy, William Cole, D. L. Case, Frink & Murthum, L. Groesbeck, Silas E. Halsey, John Hartman, Rev. A Harwood, W. Helzenger, E. Lawrence, F. McCall, William McMullen, Judson C. Mason, E. Mores, C. Sanderson, Edward Tharrett, G.B. Walker, G. Whitten, Rev. William Young.