Manistee County Michigan History & Genealogy

Manistee County


Cemetery Location  Township

Arcadia Township/Conway Section 27, Saint Pierre Road, Arcadia.   Arcadia

Bear Lake Township Sections 16 and 17, Maidens Road, Bear Lake.   Bear Lake
Brethren Cemetery - Dickson Twp. Sec 17, 
   Coates Highway and N. High Bridge Road/County Road 669, Brethern.  Dickson
Brown Town/Browntown Section 5, Kerry Road, Onekama.   Brown

Chalker/Choker Section 36, Chalker Road, Wellston. Norman
Cleon Township Sections 10 and 15, Faylor Road/County Road 604, Copemish. Cleon
Corfu/Dickinson Sections 29 and 30, River Road, Brethren.  Dickson

Dublin Section 30, Hoxyville Road, Wellston. O Norman
Dunkard/Harlan/Brethren Section 25, Rice Road, Harlan. Cleon

Fairview/Lakeview Section 5, Potter and Linderman Roads, Bear Lake.  Bear Lake

Maple Grove Township Section 21, Nine Mile Road/County Road 598, Kaleva  Maple Grove
Marilla Section 9, Erwin Road, Marilla.   Marilla
Miller Section 19, Manistee.   Brown
Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery
 Section 14, Merkey and Maple Roads, Manistee.  Filer

Norwalk Lutheran Section 7, Chippewa Highway/US-31, Onekama  Brown

Oak Grove Cemetery Section 36, Cemetery Road, Manistee.  
Old Stronach Section 22, Old Stronach Road, Stronach.   Stronach
Old Schoolhouse From the city of Manistee, take Highway 31 North towards Bear Lake. 
   Go past Norwalk Lutheran Church on your left, and turn right at a sign the says "Norwalk"
   this is Kerry Road. Proceed East past Collins (Old 31), and start watching for a dirt road 
   entrance on your left. There is a small sign facing the cemetery once you turn in. 
   The cemetery is set back quite a bit from Kerry Road, not much past Collins.
   Unless you look closely, it is very easy to miss.  Brown
Onekama Township Section 12, Erdman Road, Onekama.  Onekama
Onekama Village Section 25, Erman and Joseph Roads, Onekama.  Onekama

Pilgrim Home Lutheran Section 12, Glovers Lake Road/County Road 604, Arcadia.  Arcadia
Pleasanton Township Section 15, Pleasanton Highway/US-31, Bear Lake. O Pleasanton
Pleasant View/Pleasantview Section 12, Kerry Road, Chief.   Brown

River View/Riverview Section 21, on the banks of the Manistee River off of River Road, Brown

Springdale Section 18, Springdale Road, Copemish. Springdale
St Joseph’s Catholic Section 25, Erdman and Joseph Roads, Onekama.   Onekama

Trinity Lutheran Section 14, Merkey and Maple Roads, Manistee.  Filer

Wellston Section 13, Baker Road, Wellston.  Norman