Marquette County

Postcard (1910) from Paul Petosky

Once the iron deposits in Marquette county had been uncovered, the settlers began flocking into the region. Almost overnight, Marquette, Negaunee, and Ishpeming, as well as the smaller communities, sprang into being, attaining within a short time the status of incorporated villages and then of cities. Thus it was that the villages and cities of the county jumped into a class where schools were concerned far beyond their ages in years. The laborious building up of a school system by starting with part time teachers, short terms, crude log buildings, and similar disadvantages were pleasingly free. By this time, too, the state had evolved a public school system for incorporated villages and cities that gave the communities of this county a basis on which to work. The newspaper files of the old publications give ample testimony to the progress made in educational lines in the county, and the splendid school buildings in the villages, the cities, and the counties today show that the pioneers were not slow in obtaining the best for their children. Marquette, with eight graded schools, a junior high school, Howard high school, and the new Graveraet high school building on Third street, is offering the most modern and up-to-date elementary courses for the children, the 6-3-3 plan being the prevailing one in this city in accordance with the latest ideas of public school work. Negaunee is possessed of fine graded schools and a fine high school that is one of the modern ones in the county, for it was completed in June, 1909, at a cost of $120,000. The courses offered provide the manual training education that is one of the more recent developments of public instruction in the high schools. Ishpeming is no less progressive than her sister cities, and the school buildings there leave nothing to be desired for the adequate instruction of the children of that community.
Source: A history of the upper peninsula of Michigan ... Author: Fuller, George N. (George Newman), 1873-1957.

Bishop Baraga School (1910) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Champion, MI (School) (1909) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Gwinn MI High School 1950's - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Negaunee, MI (St. Paul's Parochial School) (1909) - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Negaunee MI - St. Pauls School 1930's - Contributed by Paul

Negaunee High School 1911 - contributed by Paul Petosky

Negaunee High School 1930's - contributed by Paul

Negaunee - Lake View School 1950's - contributed by Paul Petosky