Mason County Michigan

Cemetery Location Township

Batchelor Christ Section 29, Sugar Grove and Morse Roads, Custer.  Sheridan
Brookside Cemetery  Section 14, US-10, Scottville Amber

Center Riverton/Riverton Section 10, Hawley Road, Scottville.  Riverton

East Victory/North Victory Section 4, Townline Road, Scottville.  Victory
Eden Township Section 32, Major Road.  Eden
Elm Flats/Sugar Grove Section 30, Sugar Grove Road, Scottville.  Sherman
Emmanuel Lutheran Section 36, Schoenherr Road, Fountain. Sheridan

Fountain Section 14, Fountain Road, Fountain.  Sherman

Grant Township Section 24, Freesoil Road, Freesoil.  Grant

Hamlin Village Section 20, in Ludington State Park, Ludington.  Hamlin
Hamlin Indian/Sacred Heart Catholic Section 23, Jebavy Road, Freesoil.  Hamlin

Lakeside Cem.  
Lakeview/Ludington City
Long Lake Section 2, LaSalle Road, Freesoil. Grant

Maple Grove Section 20, Freesoil Road,  Freesoil
McCumber Section 23, Anthony Road.  Logan
Meade Township Section 19, Bennett Road, Freesoil.  Meade

North Amber/Town's Sec 10,  Johnson Rd between Amber Rd and Stiles Rd on  
    North side of the road. Amber

Pere Marquette Section 23, E. Sixth Street, Ludington. Mason Pere Marquette
Phillips Sections 3 and 34, S. Lake Shore Drive, Ludington.  Pere Marquette

Rickey Section 27, Conrad Road.  Amber
Riverside Sec 21, off Custer Rd,    Custer

Sacred Heart Catholic Section 8, Fountain Road, Ludington.  Victory
Saint John Cantius’ Section 27, in Freesoil.   Freesoil
Saint Joseph’s Catholic Sec  22, Campbell and Dewey Rds, Fountain. No longer exists. Sheridan
Saint Mary's Catholic Section 21, off Custer Road, Custer
Saint Peter’s Section 22, Stiles Road, Scottville. Owner:Saint Peter's. Mason Riverton
South Victory/West Victory 
Summit Township Cemetery

Tallman Section 4, Bockstanz and Goff Roads, Walhalla.  Branch

Unknown Section 23, south of White Road, Freesoil. Site no longer exists.  Grant
Unknown Section 26, north of Freeman Road, Freesoil. Site no longer exists.   Grant 
Unknown Section 10, Ludington. Mason Pere Marquette

West Riverton Section 5, Chauvez Road, Ludington.  Riverton