Mecosta County MI

Austin Township

The township of this name is numbered 14 north, range 9 west, Congressional survey, and is bounded on the north by Colfax Township, on the east by Morton Township, on the south by Deerfield Township, and on the west by Mecosta Township. Austin lies between the Muskegon and the Little Muskegon, the former of which just touches the northwestern corner of the township. Rising in Austin Township arc a score of small streams, which all flow from the center. Those on the east flow to the east, those on the south to the south, and those on the west to the west. Among the more important of these streams are Mac's Creek, Quigley Creek and Beaver Creek. In the northeastern corner is Burdon Lake. The Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad passes along the western border, running through sections 6 and 31. The township contains no villages.

Austin was organized in January, 1869, and its first Supervisor was Jacob Snyder. The population of the township according to the census of 1870, was 346. In 1874 it had grown but a little, and had 416. By the census of 1880, it had doubled its imputation of six years before, and had 833. Its increase in acreage of improved land was still greater. In 1874 it had 1,089 acres, and in 1881 it had 2,464. The equalized valuation of its real and personal estate at the lime of its organization in 1869, was but $125,727. Its present valuation is 8267,028. Its total vote, in November, 1882; was 56.