Mecosta County MI

Cemetery List contributted by Tina Easley

Aetna Twp. Sec. 25 Jefferson Rd. Morley
Altona Meth. Epis. Church Sec. 8, 5 Mile Rd, Lakeview. Hinton Twp.

Big Rapids/Highland View Sec 10, Bellevue Street, Big Rapids Twp.
Byers/Pine/Pine Plains Big Rapids Twp. Colfax Twp.
Boyd Sec. 33, 150th Rd. Morley. Deerfield Twp.
Brown Sec. 20, 40th Ave. Barryton. Fork Twp.
Byers/Pine/Pine Plains Sec 25, Mill Pond Rd. Big Rapids

Catholic/St Michael Sec. 19, 50th Ave. & 9 Mile Rd. Wheatland Twp.
Chippewa/Chippewa Lake Sec 29, Chippewa Lake Rd/County Road 570
Chippewa Twp Sec 32, 18 Mile Road, Rodney. Five graves. Abandoned
Church Sec. 4, 90th Ave. Evart. Chippewa Twp.
Crapo Sec. 3, Meceola Rd. Reed City. Green Twp.

Decker Sec. 12, 10th Ave. Blanchard. Milbrook Twp.
Dye Section 30, Arthur Rd. Sheridan Twp.

East Fork/Fork Sec. 13, 10th Ave. and 21 Mile Rd, Barryton. Fork Twp.
Eaton Cemetery

Fairview Section 20, 225th Ave, Stanwood. Mecosta Twp.
Flake Cemetery

Grant Center #1 Section 21, 21 Mile Road, Big Rapids. Grant Twp.
Grant Center #2 Section 16, 21 Mile Road, Big Rapids. Grant Twp.
Greenwood/Higbee Sec.9, 155th Rd. Morley. Deerfield Twp.

Highland View - Big Rapids
Hinton Section 15, 90th Avenue, Lakeview. Hinton Twp.
Holt Section 18, 3 Mile Road, Morley. Abandoned - Deerfield Twp.

Indian Section 22. Private property. Morton Twp.

Kerhner Farm/Kirschner Farm Sec. 7, 120th Ave. Abandoned Martiny Twp.

Ladner Section 10, Hayes Road, Big Rapids. Mecosta Twp.

Martiny Section 18, 15 Mile Road, Rodney. Martiny Twp.
Morgan/West Wheatland Sec 7, off 55th Ave. Remus. Wheatland Twp.
Morton Section 25, 70th Avenue, Mecosta Morton Twp.
Morton Section 25, 65th Avenue, Lakeview. Hinton Twp.
Mt. Carmel Catholic Sec. 9, 17 Mile Road, Big Rapids Twp.
Mt. Hope Cemetery

Norman-Cummings Section 35, 6 Mile Road Abandoned- Wheatland Twp.

Olin Section 22, near Shinglebolt Creek off Buchanan Road Austin Twp.

Parkhill Section 8, 22 Mile Road, Paris. Green Twp.
Pine Plains Cemetery
Pioneer Section 1, 130th Avenue, Evart. Grant Twp.

Quigley Section 4, 155th Avenue and 6 Mile Road, Morley. Deerfield Twp.

Roberts/Wager Section 24, 10th Avenue, Remus. Wheatland Twp.
Rodney Section 24, 14 Mile Road, Rodney. Colfax Twp.
Rustford Section 25, 130th Road, Morley. Deerfield Twp.

St. Ann's Section 7, 22 Mile Road, Paris. Green Twp.
St. Appolonia Section 30, Jefferson Road, Morley. Deerfield Twp.
St. Peter's Lutheran Section 28, Old State Road, Stanwood. Mecosta Twp.
South Grant Section 29, 160th Avenue, Big Rapids. Grant Twp.
Sparks Cemetery
Stanwood Section 25 and section 30 in Austin Township, Pierce Road, Stanwood. Mecosta Twp.
Stanwood Section 30 and section 25 in Mecosta Township, Pierce Road, Stanwood. Austin Twp.
Strong Section 11, 17 Mile Road, Barryton.Sheridan Twp.

Unknown Grave Section 5, 100th Avenue, Rodney. Mecosta Martiny Twp.
Unknown Grave Section 7, 120th Avenue, Rodney. Mecosta Martiny Twp.

Van Gilder/Van Guilder/West Union Section 6, West Avenue, Big Rapids Twp.

Wamboldt/Wheatland Section 28, Pierce Road and 30th Avenue/M-66, Remus. Wheatland Twp.
West Aetna Section 7, Newcosta Road, Morley. O Aetna Twp.
West Section 34, 19 Mile Road, Big Rapids. Twp.