Mecosta County Michigan
This slightly smaller than any other township in the county. It comprises all of township sixteen north, range nine west, Congressional survey, except section six and parts of I sections five and seven, which, being cut off by the Muskegon River, are, for the sake of convenience, attached to Green Township. It is bounded on the north by Osceola County, on the east by Chippewa Township, on the south by Colfax Township, and on the west by Green Township. It is watered in the northern part by the Muskegon River and its tributaries, Pogie Creek and Blodgett Creek, and in the southern part by Pickerel Lake River and Ryan Creek. The Township contains several small lakes, drained by these streams, of which the most important are Blodgett Lake, Mud Lake, Pickerel Lake, Young Lake and Little Young Lake. These lakes and streams abound in fish, and no better field for the sportsman exists than Grant Township. It has no railroad within its borders and yet much of its territory has been cleared and settled.

The township was given a civil organization in 1865, and the first election was held in October of that year. The first white settler was Sylvanus Ford, a single man, who located on section 20 in 1863. The first family to settle in Grant was that of Charles L. Tuttle, who located on section 18, also in 1863. The first birth was that of Irving Tuttle, son of Charles L. and Mary C. Tuttle, which occurred July 4, 1865. The first death was that of Uryal
Portrait Biographical Mecosta MI 1883