Mecosta County MI


8 June 1886 - Big Rapids Pioneer - Contributed by Gary Foster
The parties occupying the first three or four dwellings north of the German church were the greatest sufferers on account of yesterday's flood/ In grading Rose avenue last season, the gutter on the west side of the avenue was not replaced, consequently there was no way for the surplus water to run off except through the door yards along the avenue, three families were compelled to vacate their premises By way of the upper windows, the water rising in the yards to the depth of seven feet, thus necessitating the employment of boats in the removal of the inmates. The damage to household effects can not be accurately figured at this time, but a good many dollars worth of property have been ruined, and it is hinted that the city will probably be called upon to make the damage good.

February 8, 1887 - Big Rapids - Contributed by Gary Foster
For the second time this winter this section has been furnished with more rain than could be readily taken care of. the last prolonged shower having just taken its departure. We don't think any one in the immediate vicinity has been drowned, but there has been some lively work going on to-day to place perishable goods beyond the limits of the flood, and persons not provided with life-preservers know something what it is to get wet. In ail probability Big Rapids is better off than a good many other places, but the number of people in town just now is some what diminished because the washing out of certain small bridges compel some of the farmers to remain at home. Rain is all right, but just at this time of year something else would do more good. Where is that snow our local prognosticator was talking about?