City of Carney

Menominee Co MI

The village of Carney is a railway station in Nadean township surrounded by a good farming country, and is a substantial agricultural village. Peter Garrigan is a representative man of the villiage and a general dealer in real estate. 0. E. Blomqnist is postmaster and conducts a general store. David Goldberg also has a general store; R. T. Esterbrook a meat market and Jule Duquaim is the village blacksmith; while the Hotel Girard furnishes good accommodations to the public.
(A history of the northern peninsula of Michigan and its people;. by Alvah Litterfield Sawyer 1854-1925)

Greetings from Carney MI - contributed by Paul Petosky

Carney, MI (1920s) - contributed by Paul Petosky

Carney, MI - Blue Bird Hotel 1940's - contributed by Paul Petosky