Menominee County Michigan Genealogy & History

Menominee County Michigan

Written and Contributed by Paul Petosky
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Ingalls Post Office

Thomas Caldwell first settled in Ingalls in 1858. This community was named after Judge Eleazer S. Ingalls, who helped organized Menominee County in 1863.

The Honorable Eleazer S. ingalls, Menominee, Ml wrote a book, "The Iron Mines of Menominee County" published on January 18, 1871.

Ingalls had a station on the Chicago & Northwestern Railway which opened in 1872.

The ingalls Post Office was first established on January 20, 1879 with Louis Dobeas as its first postmaster. Ingalls, located in Menominee County is In Mellon Township.

Postmasters that served at the Ingalls, Ml Post Office are listed as follows:
Louis Dobeas........January 20,1879
John E. Mannering.....August 26, 1887
(The post office moved .25 miles north on September 5, 1887)
John L. Sutherland.....September 24, 1891
Llewellyn A. Jennings.August22,1893
Charles T. Morbeck.....December 20, 1897
John L. Sutherland.......June 27,1907
Mary A. Sutherland......February 4, 1915
John L. Sutherland........February 14.1916
Birdie C. Goulder.....June 7, 1916
Flossie M. Sutherland ....August 26, 1920
Mrs. Viola A. Dauville....March 21, 1927
Mrs. Pearl C. Nelson........ January 31,1953 (She retired July 24, 1970)
James Nelson.....July 24, 1970
Bertil R. Peterson.....August 17, 1974
Donna Mae Frank......November 30, 1990
Judith A. Jewitt......January 4.1991
Donna Mae Frank......September 25, 1992 to present
The ingalls, Ml Post Office uses zip code 49848

For those Interested in Ml Postal History you can contact me at
U.S. Postal Service
Donna M. Frank, Ingalls, Ml Postmaster
Jack Deo. Superior View, Marquette, Ml
Michigan Postal History The Post Offices 1805-1986 by David M. Ellis (1993)
Michigan Place Names by Walter M. Romig (1986)

Ingalls, MI postmark dated December 27, 1884.
(Postmark courtesy of: David M. Ellis)

Ingalls, MI postmark dated March 6, 1888.
(Postmark courtesy of David M. Ellis)

Menominee County map showing Ingalls (1911)
From the author’s collection.

Ingalls, MI Post Office (1909) From right to left:
the Post Office is the second building and
the third (middle building) is the hotel. From the author’s collection.

Ingalls, MI (Winter View) (1909) (Photo courtesy of: Superior View, Marquette, MI)

View of Ingalls, MI (1907) From the author’s collection

Hauling lumber, Ingalls MI 1908 - from Paul Petosky

Left: (Ingalls Creamery) (1910s) (Photo courtesy of: Superior View, Marquette, MI)
Right: Below: (E. A. Barker’s Store) (1909) (Photo courtesy of: Superior View, Marquette, MI)

Ingalls, MI postmark dated January 17, 2012. From the author’s collection
Ingalls, MI Post Office (2011) (Photo courtesy of: Donna M. Frank, Postmaster)

Ingalls, MI Post Office (2011) (Photo courtesy of: Donna M. Frank, Postmaster)