Information from Diana Seidl Rensing

Franz Seidl was born between 1822 - 1833, Pilsen, Plzensk? Kraj, Czech Republic. His death occurred 14 Feb 1899, Menominee, MI. Frank was buried 16 Feb 1899, Riverside Cemetery, Menominee, MI Buried in Peter Seidl's family plot - Lot 15, Sec. D, Sq. Feet 1380 Burial permits 14 Feb. 1899 age 77, birth sould be 1822. Disease causing death: cerebral apoplexy - (obstruction of a blood vessel in the brain) Medical attendant: W. R. HIcks, proposed date of burial 16 Feb 1899. Proposed place of burial Riverside Undertaker. P. Sibenaler (looks like, address: city

His wife, Margarethat Francica Schreiner, Schisser ? (Snyder) died 18 February 1899 Full name Mrs. F. Seidle, age 68 yrs. (birth year 1831) Disease causing death: Cancer (his obituary says paralytic stroke) Medical attendant: W. R. Hicks Proposed date of burial: Feb 21, 1899 Proposed place of burial: Riverside Cemetery Undertaker: Sebenaler (looks like) Dated Feb. 22, 1899. They died 8 days apart (it makes you wonder!). His obituary says "His aged wife was very feeble and the old gentleman was worried about her, having been informed of her serious condition. This grieved him and disease was brought on.

The children of Frank and Margaretha are:

Pertrus (1850-1893)

Frank (1852-1941)

Theresia (1856-)

Louis or Lewis (1858-1901)

Margaretha (1861-1890)

Franziska (Francis ) (1862-1899)

Anna (1855- 1892)

Maximillian (Max) (1869-1943)

Franz (1882-) ????

1. Pertrus Peter Seidl Born Feb 1850, Neumark, Pilsen, Bohemia, on Bavarian border. He died 29 Nov 1893, Menonminee, MI at 43 years of age. Buried 7 Dec 1893, Riverside Cemetery, Menominee, Menominee Co., MI Peter went to NB, then to Lanham, Wash. Co., KS. Peter was already married (or married in NY) when they came to U.S. because his children were born in NY. According to the Mich 1884 Peter came to the U.S. in 1876. Frank was single when they arrived in U.S. It appears he came in 02 June 1871 on the ship Hansa and worked in lumber mills in WI, and probably MI. The one sister, Margaret Seidl (I have facts about her because she stayed in Lanham, KS, married and died there). She married a Joseph Zipperer, who is the brother of Barbara Zipperer (she is named in 1880 census as Mary and also in others documents, probably Mary Barbara), who married Peter. Found Dustin, Margaret and Joseph Zipperer Great Grandson, and all the evidence point to Barbara being the sister of Joseph Zipperer. Dustin told me Joseph had a sister who married a Seid. After Margaret died, he went to Menominee, so Mrs. Seidl could help raise the children. He thought her name was Mary, and on the 1880 census of Menominee Barbara Zipperer Seidl, is named as Mary -- so she is Mary Barbara or Barbara Mary -- probably Mary Barbara (as the case with most German girls being named Mary but called by their middle name). Barbara Zipperer or Zepperr born 16 May 1860, Bohemia Died 12 Jun 1925, Menominee, MI. Daughter of George Zipperer or Zepperer (1832) and Theresa Seidl (1837-) Married abt 1882, Bohemia or New York Children are Maria (Mary) Theresa (1883-1950), Charles (1885-1950), Catharina (Charlotte (1887-1970), Walter Joe Frank (Joe (1889-1969), Gladys (called Clara) (1892-1970)

Other spouses: Mary Zipperer or Zepperer Born abt 1852/54, Bohemia (probably), died abt 1882, Menominee, MI. Daughter of George Zipperer or Zepperer (1832) and Theresa Seidl (1837) Children: Joseph (1874-), Frank W (1877-1943), Frank Finn (1876-), Anna Ann (Annie) Theresia (1878-)

2. Frank Seidl Franz Born 15 Oct 1852, Neumark/Friedrichsthal (big question), Czech Republic. He died 23 Jul 1941, Wymore, NE and buried at Jul 1941, St. John's Cemetery, Hanover, Wash Co., KS Frank was married to Theresa Becker Becher born 28 Oct 1858, Kotzting, Bavaria, Ger. died 4 Oct 1923, Rural, Lanham, Independence Twp., Washington Co., KS. She was the daughter of Joseph Becker Becher (1819-1881) and Barbara Niemeier Niemeyer (1817-1889) Frank and Theresa were married 30 Dec 1876, Plattsmouth, Cass Co., NE. The children are Peter (1877-1963), Barbara (1878-1967), Frank (Henry?) (1880-1968), Joseph (1882-1942), Mary (1884-1952), John (1886-1887), Lena (1889-1976), Henry (1892-1965), George (1896-1982), John (1899-1981),

3. Theresia Seidl

4. Louis or Lewis Seidl Born abt 1858, Neumark, (probably), Pilsen, Bohemia Died 3 Nov 1901, Menominee, Mich from cirrhois of the liver, 42 years and buried at Riverside Cem, Louis J. Seidl, no marker, Lot W 1/2 of 1. Dying of Cirrhosis of the liver and being divorced, and having a unmarked grave. According to the cemetery records, Louis was buried in the "Potters Field"?? and ? later? possibly moved? to Section J, west 1/2 of lot 1 (no cemetery marker in section J) Section J burial site is a different immigrant family group with a Louis among it's members). Dick Binsfeld reseach -- That he was moved "Very Unlikely!) (section J burial site is a different immigrant Seidl family group with a Louis Seidl among it's members) Louis married Kate Feustei born abt 1863, Wisconsin on 22 Jun 1882, Menominee (probably) and divorced 16 Aug 1900

5. Margaretha Margaret (Maggie) Seidl Born Aug 1861, Bohemia, Austria (today Czech Republic) and died 23 Oct 1890, Lanham, Wasington Co., KS Buried at St. Aloys Catholic Cemtery, Lanham, KS. The SS Oder carried the Fritscher and Pelzl families and many friends in May of 1876, and later the Seidl family in September of 1876.* The ship sailed from Bremen and Southampton to New York with Captain Christian Leist as its master. The ship weighed 1891 tons. On the trip that arrived with the Fritschers on May 28, 1876 she carried 740 passengers. The SS Oder, was launched December of 1873 with her maiden voyage in May of 1874 from Bremen to Southampton to New York. Her final voyage was April 26, 1885, on the Bremen-Southampton-New York service. The ship was an iron vessel built by Caird & Co. of Greenock in 1873 for Norddeutscher Lloyd Line (North German Lloyd). Her dimensions were 3265 gross tons, length 350ft x beam 40.3ft. straight stem, one funnel, two masts, single screw propulsion and a speed of 13 knots. There was accommodation for 90 1st, 126 2nd and 650 3rd class passengers and a crew of 103. In 1886 she was rebuilt with new high steamer boilers and new accommodations and then transferred to the Bremen-Suez Canal-Far East service. On May 30, 1887 she was wrecked in a storm on a rock outcropping of Socotra Island in the Indian Ocean.
A previous ship named the Oder was in service much earlier, built in 1851. That ship was completely a three masted ship, wooden construction weighing 621 gross tons. She carried only twenty-five 1st class and two hundred Steerage class passengers, with a crew of 18. That ship was on the Hamburg- New York service of the Hamburg America Line between 1851 and 1868.
New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 about Marg SeidelName:
Marg SeidelArrival Date:18 Sep 1876
Estimated birth year:abt 1861Age:15Gender:Female
Port of Departure:Bremen, Germany Destination:United States of America Place of Origin:Germany Ethnicity/Race?/Nationality:German Ship Name:Donau Port of Arrival: New York Line: 39

Marriage License was afterwards, to wit: on the 29 day of May A.D. 1879 returned to said Probate Judge, with the following Certificate endorsed thereon, to wit: State Of Kansas, County of Washington} Margareth was married to Joseph Zipperer or Zepperer who was born 4 Feb 1854, Bohemia (Friedrichsthal area maybe) and died 6 Mar 1902, Pilot Point, Grayson Co., Texas Joseph was the son of George Zipperer or Zepperer (1832) and Theresa Seidl (1837) Married 29 May 1879, Lanham, Washington Co., KS

Children were Annie (1880-1964), Frank (1883-1943), Mary (1885-1969), John (1887-1965), Dorothea (Dora) (1890-1958)

6. Franziska (Francis )probably Seidl born abt 1862/65, Neumark, (probably), Pilsen, Bohemia and died bef 1899

7. Anna Seidl 1855-68 Bohemia ? and died before 1892 Menominee MI Married Henry Weiss born abt 1841/43, Bavaria Died 22 Oct 1922, Menominee, Menominee Co., MI. They married 27 Apr 1885, Menominee, Mich

8. Maximillian (Max) Seidl Born 12 Feb 1869/ 71, Neumark, Bohemia (Mox 1900 census. Died 5 Aug 1943, Menominee, MI - age 74 years. buried Aug 1943, Riverside Cem., Menominee, MI - have burial permit. He married Mary Wueliner or Wellner born 28 Oct 1877, Kellnersville, Manitowac Co., Wisconsin and died 31 Dec 1965, Riverside Ceme. - 5 people buried together. Daughter of Fred Wellner Maximilian and Mary were married 3 Apr 1897, Menominee, Menominee, Michigan

Children are Walter Frank (1897-1992), Arnold George (1899-1975), Elsie (1901-1985), Edna (1903-), Harold Arnold (E) (Antonius Harold) (1906-1985), Cyrillrus Cyrus or Cyril Joseph (1907-1992), David (1908-), Philip Robert (1910-1989)