By Willliam L. Alexander 1886
Transcribed by Tammy Clark
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Name State Rank Regiment  Branch of Service Company Present Post-office Address
Bartholomew, Hiram M Michigan Private 15th Regiment Infantry G Brooklyn
Dix, J.A. Michigan Private Brady Guards Oskaloosa
Fish, Isaac Michigan Private 1st Regiment Infantry H Astor
Franklin, Benj. Michigan Private 1st Regiment Infantry E Mingo
Jackson, W.D. Michigan Private 3d Regiment Infantry K Sloan

By Willliam L. Alexander 1886
Transcribed by Tammy Clark
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Name Rank Regiment  Company Present Post-office Address
Abbey, Aaron L Private Fifth Cavalry A Decorah
Abels, Solomon Private Tenth Cavalry H Greencastle
Aldrich, W.H. Private Fifth Infantry H Cumberland
Ames, Hiram S Private Eleventh Infantry I Des Moines
Anderson, E.C. Private Third Infantry B Shelby
Anderson, John Private Seventy-eighth Infantry K Portsmouth
Andrews, F.M. Private Sixth Infantry B Council Bluffs
Arnold, J.D. Corporal Twenty-sixth Infantry A Commerce
Atwood, E Private Twelfth Infantry C Carroll
Austin, Samuel Private Twentieth Infantry E Nevinville
Austin, Wm. H Private Eleventh Cavalry M Spencer
Avery Wm. Private Fifth Infantry F Upper Grove
Ayres, H.W. Corporal Twentieth Infantry I Fonda
Backus, Harvey R Private Twelfth Infantry C Stuart
Bailey, R. Private Second Cavalry G Sloan
Baker, B.J. Private Twenty-sixth Infantry K Hubbard
Baker, C.M. Private Sixteenth Infantry F Hubbard
Baker, Lewis R Private Twentieth Infantry B Luverne
Baker, V.A. Private Eighth Infantry I Cromwell
Barkalow, G.D. Private One Hundred and Forty-eighth Infantry D Des Moines
Barker, James W Hospital Nurse Ninth Cavalry B Dudley
Baxter, Geo. W Private Fourteenth Infantry G Spirit Lake
Baxter, Henry Private Thirteenth Infantry H Spirit Lake
Beach, M.W. Private First Infantry I Carroll
Beams, Wm Private Thirteenth Infantry H Manson
Bearry, John H Private Fifth Artillery K Mitchellville
Beaver, A Private Forty-sixth Infantry C Van Meter
Bechtel, Geo. F Private Eighth Cavalry A Boone
Beebee, Schuyler M Private Fourth Cavalry H Nevinville
Bennett, Lewis M Private Thirteenth Infantry C Boone
Bennett, S Private Twenty-first Infantry K Marcus
Bibbins, M.W. Captain Fifth Cavalry M Marshalltown
Billings, A. Private Seventh Infantry B Oakland
Blyn, Isaac Private Eleventh Infantry G Livermore
Bode, L.P. Corporal Fifth Cavalry C Shenandoah
Bogart, Gilbert Surgeon Twenty-third Infantry Humbolt
Bordner, H Private Eleventh Infantry D Onawa
Bosley, Hiram E Private Nineteenth Infantry E Lake City
Bowen, B.C. Private Ninth Cavalry B Smithland
Bowman, Michael J Private Third Infantry I Albia
Boyle, James Private Second Infantry G Des Moines
Brackett, W.M. Private Tenth Cavalry K Livermore
Bradley, Robert J Sergeant First Artillery A Percival
Bradley, S.H. Bugler Tenth Cavalry A West Branch
Briggs, James S Private Independent Provost Guards A Shellsburg
Brockway, John Private Seventh Cavalry M Fredericksburg
Brower, Joseph Private Eighth Infantry K Iowa Falls
Brown, Benj Private Twelfth Infantry C Mooreville
Brown, C.J. Private Third Infantry E Aplington
Brown, E.M. Private First Artillery A Hazleton
Brown, Ed. C Private Third Infantry C & E Sheldon
Brown, George Private First Cavalry L McGregor
Brown, Isaac Private Thirteenth Infantry I Council Bluffs
Brown, M.G. Private Fourth Cavalry I Aplington
Brown, Samuel L Private Fourteenth Infantry E Rockwell City
Bruch, J.P. Private Sixth Cavalry B Eldora
Bryant, V.A. First Lieutenant Twenty-fifth Infantry A Storm Lake
Buchanan, Geo Private Eighth Cavalry F Wall Lake
Buck, Eli S Private Sixth Infantry A Casey
Buck, R.H. Private Twenty-fifth Infantry B Osage
Bulen, John Private Twentieth Cavalry p Clinton
Burdick, D.E. Corporal Eighth Infantry F Des Moines
Burdine, Wm. Private Thirteenth Infantry K James
Burgin, John C Private Twelfth Infantry I Edgewood
Burleson, D.G. Sergeant Eleventh Infantry B Villisca
Burrett, C.M. Sergeant Eighth Cavalry F Jesup
Bush, A.M. Private Eleventh Infantry E Osage
Butler, R.D. Private Third Cavalry A Perry
Buxton, Edward Corporal Fifteenth Infantry E Deep River
Campbell, Dan'l Private Thirtieth Infantry I Victor
Case, Ira Private Fifth Infantry D Boone
Cate, Geo. W Sergeant Twenty-first Infantry A Carson
Chadwick, E.O.B. Private Twenty-fourth Infantry I Salix
Chalker, Geo. W Private Twenty-sixth Infantry B Clinton
Chapman, C.C. Private Twenty-eighth Infantry C Monticello
Chapman, C.H. Private First Cavalry L Westerville
Chapman, Geo. R Private Twenty-fourth Infantry Dubuque
Chapman, S.L. Private Sixth Infantry C Albia
Cheney, U.H. Private Tenth Infantry K Sigourney
Chesley, John Private First Engineers H Quasqueton
Chesterfield, Alfred E Private Engineers and Mechanics G Monticello
Chrisman, Wm. Private Nineteenth Infantry I Homer
Cissna, JOhn B Private Second Cavalry L Sigourney
Clark, Geo. E Private Eighteenth Infantry E Radcliffe
Clark, J.F. Captain Ninth Infantry K Colfax
Clinton, Edwin Private Third Cavalry A Forestville
Clute, Oscar Private E.P. Howland's Engineers Iowa City
Cobb, Albert T Private Nineteenth Infantry A Cherokee
Colburn, Stephen A Private Fourth Cavalry C Sibley
Colby, Henry M Private Eighth Infantry G Scranton
Cole, Alvin J Surgeon Fourteenth Infantry Ft. Madison
Cole, C Private Eighteenth Infantry A Rockford
Collier, H.S. Corporal Ninth Infantry G Cedar Rapids
Colton, Chas Private Ninth Infantry E Grant City
Comstock, R.C. Private Fifth Cavalry F Osceola
Comstock, R.E. Private Fourth Cavalry A Fontanelle
Conklin, Henry A Private Sixth Infantry F Nashua
Conner, A.H. Private Tenth Cavalry H Cedar Rapids
Cook, John Corporal Thirteenth Battery Prairie
Cook, Silas Private First Artillery L Barnum
Cooley, M.G. Second Lieutenant Tenth Infantry A Missouri Valley
Coon, James H Private First Infantry D Des Moines
Corner, C.H. Private Fourteenth Infantry E Dumont
Countryman, J.H. Private First Infantry G Harcourt
Crakes, Wm. Private Third Cavalry M Irwin
Crawford, Harvey Private First Artillery Alden
Crippen, Nelson W Private Fourth Cavalry G Aurelia
Cunham, Geo. Private Twenty-sixth Infantry F Ridgedale
Curtis, Benj. F Private Fourth Infantry A Ida Grove
Curtis, G.W. First Lieutenant First Infantry E New Market
Dailey, D.V. Private First Infantry A Dexter
Daniels, A.M. Private Fourth Infantry H Iowa Falls
Daniels, Warren Private Nineteenth Infantry D Bedford
Danks, S.H. Private Eleventh Infantry B Perry
Delano, J.H. Sergeant Eleventh Cavalry K Gladbrook
Delano, J.H. Private Twenty-first Infantry B Gladbrook
DeLong, Abraham Private Twenty-third Infantry G Sanborn
Demorest, Peter  Private First Infantry B Rock Rapids
Deneen, Leonard Private Nineteenth Infantry A Adel
Dewey, C.I. Corporal Eleventh Infantry K Sanborn
Dewey, James T Private First Infantry H Sutherland
Dickerson, John N Private First Artillery M Lake Park
Dillenbeck, C.H. Private Third Infantry H Chickasaw
Diltz, John Private Twelfth Infantry C Melrose
Dingman, John S Private Eleventh Infantry D Sutherland
Donahugh, John T Captain (also Lieutenant Company G) Fourteenth Infantry A Cresco
Doty, J.H. Private Twelfth Infantry C Spencer
Doty, T.P. Private Chandler's Horse Guards A Spencer
Drake, F.W. Private Seventh Infantry G Bancroft
Draper, B.V. Private Nineteenth Infantry C Coin
Drinkel, A.T. Musician Twelfth Infantry C Oskaloosa
Dugan, Patrick Private Fifth Cavalry L Waucoma
Dunbar, Wm. E Sergeant Fourteenth Infantry E Maynard
Duncan, C.S. Private Fourth Infantry B Emmetsburg
Duncan, J.M. Private Nineteenth Infantry D Council Bluffs
Dunham, C.E. Private Fourth Cavalry M Villisca
Dunn, James Private Fourteenth Infantry A Lewis
Dupley, Leander Private Sixteenth Cavalry D Coalville
Dutton, John Private Seventh Infantry D Alden
Earle, Irving Corporal Twenty-eighth Infantry E Muscatine
Eaton, F.N. Private Second Cavalry M Casey
Eaton, Frank P Private Fourth Cavalry I Dunlap
Edward, J.O. Private Eighteenth Infantry E Cherokee
Emerson, A.S. First Lieutenant First Cavalry B Red Oak
Engel, John Private Sixteenth Infantry A Chariton
Evans, G.W. Private Thirtieth Infantry E Muscatine
Evans, Sam'l Private Twenty-third Infantry G Nashville
Falks, Thos Private Fifteenth Infantry A Grinnell
Faqueid, John Private Seventeenth Infantry D West Union
Fargo, W.D. Musician Third Infantry Anamosa
Farnam, Rollin Private Sixth Artillery H Salix
Farr, A Private Eighth Cavalry M Cedar Rapids
Fenton, O.J. First Lieutenant Twelfth Infantry D Palmyra
Ferguson, Isaac C Private First Cavalry L Koekuk
Ferguson, J Private Seventh Artillery G Sibley
Field, Fred Corporal Twenty-ninth Infanry K Collins
Filble, H.W. Private First Infantry G Mason City
Finch, I Private Eighteenth Infantry D Wyoming
Firestine, M.T. Private Seventh Infantry H Tower Hill
Fish, Edwin Private Sixth Artillery A Rowley
Fitch, Edward C Private First Infantry B Anita
Fitch, J.E. Corporal Third Infantry G Waucoma
Fitzgerald, Joseph Private Second Cavalry G Toledo
Fletcher, Robert Private First Infantry A Carpenter
Foote, Chas. A Corporal Seventh Cavalry H Mt. Etna
Force, I.N. Corporal Fourteenth Infantry K Marshalltown
Fowler, S.M. Private Third Cavalry F Dubuque
Frain, Adnah K Commissary Sergeant Ninth Infantry Spencer
French, John L Private Twenty-fourth Infantry F Homer
French, Z.K. Private First Cavalry L Colfax
Frink, George D Sergeant First Engineers K Marshalltown
Fuller, Wm. Sergeant First Infantry Des Moines
Gage, Orson Private Nineteenth Infantry C Cherokee
Gates, D.J. Private Twelfth Infantry D Cherokee
Geuzley, Jacob Private Eighteenth Infantry D Victor
Geyser, Joseph Sergeant Fourteenth Infantry K Neola
Gibson, W.H. Private First Artillery C Red Oak
Ginde, J.B. Private Twenty-fourth Infantry B Walnut
Goebel, Henry Private Third Cavalry M West Point
Goff, S Private Fourteenth Infantry A Cherokee
Goodrich, Jonathan F Private Second Cavalry L Maquoketa
Goodrich, Noah Sergeant Second Artillery H Maquoketa
Gregg, C.E. Sergenat Ninth Infantry E Marion
Gregg, Jas. H Private Sixth Infantry D Rockwell City
Gregg, John A Private Sixth Infantry H Ruthven
Greimer, John E Private Fifteenth Infantry H Jefferson
Greiner, John Private Twelfth Infantry E Grand Junction
Griffin, C Private First Cavalry b Shenandoah
Gritton, Louis Private, 4th Regiment Miscellaneous M Ion
Gross, Reuben Private sixth Cavalry F Cherokee
Hadwick, A.W. Captain Twenty-seventh Infantry Rock Falls
Haines, Thos Private First Artillery H Council Bluffs
Hale, John H Captain Thirteenth Infantry D Waukon
Harman, Joseph W Private Sixth Infantry D Earlham
Harper, John Private First Infantry K Carpenter
Harris, T.H. Private Thirteenth Infantry C Sheffield
Haugh, John Private Fifth Infantry K New Albin
Hazen, E.H. Private Second Infantry K Davenport
Headdington, Elliott Private Twenty-fifth Infantry A Le Roy, Minn.
Heath, S.M. Private Eighteenth Infantry H Manson
Hedrick, Geo Private Tenth Infantry D Gosport
Hemenway, T.W. Private Tenth Cavalry C Manson
Henry, John  Private Ninth Infantry E River Sioux
Hicks, Chas Private Twenty-fifth Infantry D Strahan
Hilderbrand, J.A. Corporal Thirtieth Infantry H Cedar Rapids
Hinkle, Peter Private Twelfth Infantry C Pacific Junction
Hoagland, Henry E Private Eleventh Infantry E Iowa Falls
Hobart, A.J. Surgeon First Infantry Clinton
Holcomb, P.W. Corporal Tenth Cavalry G Clio
Holmes, J.S. Private Nineteenth Infantry C Greenfield
Hoot, S.J. Private Third Infantry D Waterloo
Hotchkiss, Jno. C Private Fourth Infantry B Des Moines
Howard, Freeman C Private Twenty-third Infantry A Van Horn
Howe, C. Private Thirteenth Infantry A Waucoma
Howell, James Private First Cavalry L Frederica
Hoxie, C.W. Private Thirteenth Infantry I Spencer
Hubbard, D.C. Private Second Infantry D Council Bluffs
Hults, F.W. Corporal Second Cavalry B Competine
Hunt, I.E. Private Twelfth Infantry F Little Sioux
Hunter, Lewellyn Private Eighteenth Infantry E Cherokee
Hunting, S.S. Chaplain Twenty-seventh Infantry Des Moines
Huntington, Rob't M Private Sixth Infantry I Boone
Hyzer, W.W. Captain First Artillery C Guthrie Center
Jackson, Andrew Private Second Infantry I Mt. Ayr
Jackson, John S Private Sixth Infantry D Cedar Falls
Jackson, Wm. M Private Fourth Infantry H Rippey
Jacobson, C.A. Private Third Infantry I Hampton
James, J.I. Corporal First Cavalry B Marion
Jay, Wm Private Second Infantry E Bristow
Jennings, H.D. Private Third Artillery K Keokuk
Jennings, H.D. Sergeant Second Infantry D Keokuk
Jennings, H.L. Private First Infantry B Council Bluffs
Johnson, Alonzo Private Fifteenth Infantry I Avoca
Johnson, Ezra D Sergeant Twenty-first Infantry B Littleton
Johnson, James Private Thirteenth Infantry D Grinnell
Johnson, John H Private Eighth Cavalry G Fort Dodge
Jones, A.A. Private Fourth Cavalry A Rudd
Jones, David Private Second Cavalry K Butler Center
Jones, E.M. Private Twenty-ninth Infanry K Glidden
Jones, F.A. Private Fifth Cavalry M Sidney
Jordan, Wm. H Captain Eleventh Cavalry L Waverly
Joy, F.D. Corporal Fourth Cavalry I Monroe
Kame, Wm. Private Twenty-fifth Infantry G Belmond
Keeler, Ezra Sergeant Twenty-second Infantry B Anamosa
Kellog, E.H. Commissary Sergeant Twenty-sixth Infantry   Centerville
Kellogg, John Private Tenth Cavalry E Geene
Kelsey, Almond W Sergeant First Engineers K Paton
Kennedy, Henry Private First Artillery B Eagle Center
Kennedy, W.T. Corporal Ninth Infantry B Knoxville
Kennicott, James Private Twenty-fourth Infantry H La Porte City
Kenyon, H.C. Sergeant Ninth Infantry G Jesup
Ketchum, John Private Thirteenth Infantry K Griswold
Kilburn, C.R. Private Third Cavalry I Whiting
Killam, L.C. Sergeant Twenty-fifth Infantry A Moulton
Kimball, W.F. Corporal First Engineers H Goldfield
King, C.O. Commissary Sergeant Third Cavalry Hancock
Kinnie, I.G. Private Ninth Infantry ? Carson
Kirk, J.S. Private Sixth Infantry D Brayton
Kitchen, Rob't Private Third Infantry K Rhodes
La Clear, Orville Private First Engineers H Villisca
Laughersy, J.P. Private Twenty-first Infantry I North Branch
Lease, R.R. Private One Hundred and eighteenth Infantry A Van Meter
Lease, W.N. Sergeant First Artillery F Winterset
Lee, Wm Private Twenty-second Infantry B Lake City
Leinbeck, Geo Private Ninth Infantry D West Liberty
Leland, S.C. Private First Artillery G Toledo
Lemm, Willard Private First Cavalry H Storm Lake
Lightfoot, Thos Private Twelfth Infantry I Mapleton
Linderin, T.V. Corporal Thirteenth Infantry A River Sioux
Lisk, John Private Eleventh Infantry G Clarence
Lockwood, F.E. Private Second Cavalry Company Manning
Lofland, Joshua Private Eighth Cavalry A Ion
London, Wm. Blacksmith First Artillery F Altoona
Lorance, J.C. Private Fourteenth Battery Belle Plaine
Lord, A.P. Private Nineteenth Infantry C Belmond
Lord, Franklin E Private First Artillery M Clarion
Lothian, James b Private Third Cavalry E Rolfe
Lowry, J.H. Private Second Infantry I Carroll
Lucas, Hiram Private Fourteenth Infantry F What Cheer
Lyon, Asher Corporal Thirteenth Infantry G Primghar
Mann, G.S. Sergeant Fourth Infantry D Spencer
Mann, Jacob R Farrier Ninth Cavalry C Independence
Markel, I Private Twelfth Infantry F Charles City
Marshall, Daniel Private Ninth Cavalry B Burlington
Martin, Robert Private Second Infantry D Sioux City
McCaffrey, B Private Ninth Infantry I Boone
McCrea, Leander Corporal First Artillery A Wall Lake
McGuffey, David Private First Cavalry G Pittsburgh
McLean, Alfred Engineers and Mechanics Cherokee
McMasters, Daniel Private First Cavalry I Hancock
McNames, Abraham Private Eleventh Infantry K Greene
McNames, H.C. Private Eighteenth Infantry B Greene
Mead, P Private Seventh Infantry I Bradgate
Meyer, John Private Fifth Infantry F Glenwood
Miles, C.L. Sergeant Ninth Cavalry A Alta
Miles, Wm. M Private Nineteenth Infantry A Lake City
Millar, J.A. Private First Cavalry H Cedar Rapids
Miller, A.B. Private Ninth Cavalry A Correctionville
Miller, James H Sergeant Third Cavalry A Hummaconna
Mills, Chas. H Private Fourth Infantry B Little Rock
Mills, David L Private Twenty-ninth Infanry C Doon
Minott, James S Sergeant First Infantry F Mount Vernon
Moon, Robert G Private Engineers and Mechanics Bedford
Moore, George W Private One Hundred and Second Infantry I Randalia
Morgan, A.W. Lieutenant Eighth Cavalry I Carroll
Morgan, William P Private Second Infantry H Jefferson
Morrison, D.H. Private Nineteenth Infantry E Oakland
Mosher, M.A. Private Eleventh Infantry A Stuart
Mosier, A.P. Private Twentieth Infantry A Bluffton
Mosler, A.P. Private Twelfth Infantry B Bluffton
Motherwell, Isaac Private Fourth Cavalry A Union
Mudge, James Private Twelfth Infantry C Prairie Hill
Myers, M.J. Private Second Infantry F Nevinville
Nash, Oscar Private Eighteenth Infantry G Bluffton
Newell, L.M. Farrier Tenth Cavalry L Baldwin
Nickerson, J.A. Corporal Eleventh Cavalry I Panama
Nipps, John Private Fifth Infantry D Council Bluffs
Norton, M.A. Private Fourth Infantry M Ruthven
Odell, Isaac Private First Infantry E Newell
Olander, Oscar Private Twenty-ninth Infanry I Sperry
Ormsby, A.L. Private First Engineers L Emmetsburg
Ormsby, E.S. Lieutenant First Engineers L Emmetsburg
Orunsby, Ed. T Sergeant Eighth Cavalry M Independence
Osborne, Henry D Private Eighteenth Infantry E Sioux City
Parker, Geo Private Twenty-eighth Infantry F Fonda
Parker, H.C. Corporal Twelfth Infantry K Wall Lake
Parks, Timothy Private Thirteenth Infantry K Lewis
Parmela, O Private Sixth Cavalry C Davis City
Parmenter, M.A. (enlisted as M.A. Robertson) Private Second Infantry A Logan
Parsons, Gillispie M Private Twenty-fifth Infantry D Irvington
Parsons, Horace C Sergeant Sixth Artillery C Irvington
Parsons, Horace C Private Sixth Infantry C Irvington
Parsons, W.H. Hospital Steward Tenth Infantry Glenwood
Patten, Joshua Private Twenty-fifth Infantry E Danbury
Pearsall, S.J. Private Ninth Infantry B Jefferson
Pelky, Israel Corporal Eighth Cavalry H Madison
Perkins, F.M. Sergeant Second Cavalry E Parkersburg
Perrin, Wm. Corporal Sixth Infantry K Rockwell
Perry, James Private Sixth Cavalry A Postville
Persing, E Musician, 11th reg. Band Miscellaneous Flamingville
Petty, A.H. Private Twentieth Infantry D Correctionville
Philbern, Peter Sergeant Seventh Cavalry G Sibley
Phillips, Chas. M Sergeant Twenty-fourth Infantry C Chancy
Piersol, Boice S Private Twenty-second Infantry B Hickroy
Pitcher, D.W. Private First Infantry F California
Pixley, A.F. Private Eleventh Infantry F Centerville
Pixley, J.S. Private First Infantry I Northwood
Platts, Geo First Lieutenant Twenty-eighth Infantry H Bristol
Plummer, David Captain Twenty-seventh Infantry A Cedar Falls
Powell, Ed Private Fourteenth Infantry C New Market
Price, J.M. Sergeant Twenty-sixth Infantry G Zearing
Quint, O.W. Private Thirty-first Infantry A Sioux City
Quint, Solomon Private Twelfth Infantry K Carroll
Ranger, N.W. Private Second Artillery H Lemars
Ranger, W.H. Private Sixteenth Infantry B Carroll
Redden, Wm. Corporal Ninth Infantry B Greely
Reed, H Lieutenant Thirteenth Infantry K Fort Dodge
Reiher, Charles Private Seventeenth Cavalry B Dunlap
Renardin, Chas Sergeant First Sharp Shooters G Red Oak
Reynolds, L.A. Sergeant Eleventh Cavalry F Shenandoah
Richards, C.W. Private First Artillery D Sibley
Richards, Sidney Private Twelfth Infantry I James
Robinson, Ed Private Sixth Cavalry B Vinton
Robinson, John First Lieutenant Second Cavalry I Stratford
Rockwell, J.D. Corporal Fifth Infantry A Council Bluffs
Rose, A Private First Cavalry M Colfax
Rosencrans, J.C. Sergeant Sixth Cavalry H Independence
Round, Oziel Private First Engineers E Le Mars
Rowe, J.F. Private Seventeenth Infantry B Emmetsburg
Sackett, E.P. Private Second Cavalry Company Davenport
Safford, C.H. Private Twenty-fourth Infantry I Logan
Sales, John Private Fourth Infantry H Ida Grove
Scales, E.H. Private Fourth Cavalry G New York
Schauger, F.J. Second Lieutenant Eleventh Infantry E Exira
Scott, John Private Third Cavalry C  Ames
Sebring, A.J. Private Fourth Cavalry I Grinnell
Selmurhamner, John Private First Infantry I Postville
Severtson, Knudt Private Michigan Sharpshooters B Ellsworth
Seward, Dwight Private Seventh Cavalry L Edgewood
Shenafelt, Wm. H Private Twelfth Infantry A Clear Lake
Sherman, A.E. Private Third Infantry D Minburn
Sidell, Adam Private Forty-third Infantry E Booneville
Simmons, G.H. Sergeant Fourth Cavalry A Luther
Sinclair, R.O. Lieutenant, 3d Artillery Miscellaneous Newell
Sixburg, C.H. Private Fifteenth Infantry A Nora Springs
Skinner, Isaac Sergeant Fourth Cavalry I Traer
Sliter, Henry Private Eighth Infantry F Carson
Smith, Geo. W Private Thirteenth Infantry I Eden
Smith, John R Private First Infantry B Spring Hill
Smith, Lee V Private Fifth Infantry F Lehigh
Smith, Oliver O Private Sixth Infantry F Lyons
Smith, W.J. Sergeant Sixth Infantry C Belmond
Snidecor, J.N. Sergeant Eighth Cavalry M Cherokee
Sparks, Spencer N Private Seventh Cavalry A Le Mars
Spaulding, C.O. Private, Artillery Miscellaneous K Whiting
Spear, Alonzo Sergeant Eighteenth Infantry A Ottumwa
Spencer, Samuel Private Tenth Cavalry F Orient
Spittle, A Private Thirteenth Cavalry F Remsen
Staddard, H Private First Cavalry E Lamoni
Stahlnecker, John Private First Artillery D Cromwell
Stall, M.E. Private Fifteenth Infantry B Waukon
Stall, W.R. Private Third Infantry F Waukon
Stauber, S.I. First Lieutenant Fourth Cavalry G Knoxville
Stayt, C.B. Lieutenant Eighteenth Infantry D Afton
Stevens, C.J. Private Second Cavalry H North  McGregor
Stewart, H.H. Private First Infantry G Colo
Stewart, T.J. Private First Artillery C Promise City
Stillman, Jas. T Private Eleventh Cavalry A Marshalltown
Stillwell, Henry Private Fifteenth Infantry I James
Stocking, John Steward, Cavalry Miscellaneous Burlington
Stockman, Geo. Private Nineteenth Infantry A Woodland
Stoddard, W.H. Private Independent Provost Guards A Lamoni
Stone, Levi Private Sixth Infantry A Sigourney
Storrs, H.M. Private Eighth Infantry A Clarinda
Storrs, Jos Private Ninth Infantry D Gilman
Stover, Frederick Private Fifth Cavalry K Mason City
Streeter, James Private Fourteenth Infantry Sutherland
Strever, W.H. Sergeant Sixteenth Infantry B Vinton
Swanger, J.W. Private, 12th Regiment Miscellaneous C Moulton
Syers, W Private Fourteenth Infantry F Walker
Tanner, Jos Private Ninth Infantry E Carson
Taylor, Chas. G Private Sixteenth Infantry D Indianola
Taylor, Frederick Private Seventeenth Infantry B Plymouth
Teed, L.C. First Lieutenant First Artillery B Creston
Terrile, A.B. Private Fourth Cavalry I Manchester
Thayer, A.J. Private Eleventh Infantry K Waukon
Thomas, Frank Private First Engineers Villisca
Thomas, Noble Private Twelfth Infantry A Dunlap
Thomas, Seth M Blacksmith Ninth Cavalry F Fort Dodge
Thomas, Wm. Private Twenty-fourth Infantry I Gladbrook
Thompson, Barthol Private Fifth Infantry I Dunbar
Thompson, J.H. Private First Cavalry D Malvern
Thompson, J.J. Private Nineteenth Infantry G Sheffield
Tiffany, J.W. Lieutenant Twenty-seventh Infantry H Center Point
Trumbly, Moses Private Fifteenth Infantry F Farnhamville
Tubbs, Lester Private Twelfth Infantry A Logan
Tuttle, O.T. Private Third Cavalry E Des Moines
Tyler, Edmund Private Twenty-ninth Infanry A Waverly
Underhill, D Private First Infantry F Ashton
Upham, Hiram Corporal Michigan Sharpshooters F Grundy Center
Upham, James Private Eleventh Cavalry G Williamstown
Van Blarcom, A.G. Private First Artillery A Little Rock
Van Buren, W.S. Private Fifteenth Infantry F Exira
Van Gorder, Noah S Private Fifteenth Infantry C Ireton
Van Nordstrand, A Private Eleventh Infantry E Waverly
Vancleve, Wm. Private Eighth Cavalry I Sloan
Vermuelen, John A Private Sixth Infantry C Albia
Wagoner, C Private Thirteenth Infantry E Council Bluffs
Wales, J.P. Private Third Infantry E What Cheer
Wallace, Richard Private Ninth Infantry F Greenfield
Walters, Fred Private Twenty-fifth Infantry I Shell Rock
Ward, James E Private Seventh Infantry K Farragut
Warner, Grove Private Twenty-second Infantry C Moville
Warren, Geo. W Private Sixteenth Infantry F Wilton Junction
Wean, Daniel Private Fourth Infantry Big Grove
Webster, Wm.  Sergeant First Cavalry A Wall Lake
Wedgewood, C.H. Private Eleventh Infantry H Upper Grove
Weld, L.T. Corporal First Artillery I Cresco
Welsor, Geo. S Private Sixth Cavalry M Malvern
Wescott, Wm. E Private Thirteenth Infantry G Dillon
West, R.C. Corporal Eleventh Infantry B Little Sioux
Wheeler, T.H. Commissary Sergeant First Infantry Afton
Wickham, C.H. First Lieutenant Third Infantry F Red Oak
Wilcox, E.C. Corporal Nineteenth Infantry C Adel
Wilcox, R Private Tenth Cavalry D Cario
Wilcox, S.C. Private First Artillery L Dubuque
Wilkin Benjamin Private Ninth Cavalry K Des Moines
Wilkins, Chas Private Eleventh Infantry H Audubon
Willard, C.A. Private Sixth Artillery I Prairie Hill
Williams, Chas Sergeant Twenty-ninth Infanry K Sergeant Bluff
Williams, W.L. Second Lieutenant Tenth Cavalry M Walnut
Wilson, A.G. Private Eighth Cavalry H Anamosa
Wilson, D Private Twelfth Infantry C Greene
Wilson, Samuel Corporal Fourth Cavalry M Princeton
Winans, Wm. Private First Artillery A Salix
Winslow, Henry B Corporal Twenty-first Infantry E Des Moines
Wolf, Peter Private Ninth Infantry G Staceyville
Wood, Darius Private Twenty-first Infantry A Reno
Wood, Sanford O Private Third Infantry G Fort Dodge
Woodin, D.W. Private Third Cavalry K Adel
Wright, Alden H Second Lieutenant Eleventh Infantry D New Hampton
Wright, D.K. Commissary Sergeant Fourteenth Infantry Afton
Wright, D.K. Private Nineteenth Infantry F Afton
Wyrick, John Private Twenty-third Infantry K Des Moines
Yaw, F.M. Private Sixth Infantry B Glenwood
Youngblood, Geo Private Twenty-second Infantry I Grant


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