Midland County Michigan
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Cemetery List contributed by Tina Easley


Arrance Cemetery, Section 35, Waldo Court. Midland. Midland


Bentley/Wayne/Whitman Cemetery, Section 36, Pine River Road./ Midland


Coleman/Warren Township Cemetery, Section 31, S. Coleman Road, Coleman
     Owner: Township. Midland Warren


Edenville Cemetery, Section 12, W,. Curtis and Water Roads, Edenville
     Owner: Township. Midland Edenville


Geneva Community Cemetery, Section 1, Caster Road, North Bradley.
     Owner: Township. Midland Geneva
Geneva Township/Union Cemetery, Section 12, Caster Road, North Bradley
     Owner: Township. Midland Geneva
Greendale Township Cemetery, Section 26, Stewart Road, Lee.
     Owner: Township. Midland Greendale


Homer Cemetery, Section 26, Prairie Road, Midland
     Owner: Township
Hope/Old Hope Cemetery, Section 27, E. Baker Road, Hope.
     Owner: Township. Midland  Hope
Hubbard Lutheran Cemetery, Section 11, off Hubbard Road, Larkin
     Owner: Religious.  Midland  Larkin


Ingersoll/Poseyville Cemetery, Section 8, Poseyville Road, Poseyville

     Owner: Township.  Midland   Ingersoll 


Jasper Township Cemetery, Section 27, S. Pine River Road, Pleasant Valley.
     Owner: Township. Midland  Jasper
Jerome Township/Sanford  Cemetery,  Section 24,  Center Street, Sanford.
     Owner: Township.  Midland  Jasper


Kelly Cemetery,  Section 8,  School and Coleman Roads, Lee. 
     Owner: Township


La Porte Cemetery
Larkin Cemetery,  Section 20, Sturgeon Road, Midland.
     Owner: Township

Lee Township Cemetery,  Section 21,  S. 9 Mile Road, Midland.
     Owner: Township


Midland City Cemetery
Midland Memorial Gardens, Section 1, N. Meridian Road, Sanford
Mt. Haley Township/Ryan/Saint Patrick's Catholic Cemetery, Section 22, Homer Road, Merrill.
     Owner: Religious. Midland Mount Haley


New Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Section 32, Bombay Road, Bombay.
     Owner: Religious. Midland Mills
New Edenville Cemetery, Section 11, W. Curtis Road, Edenville.
     Owner: Township.; Midland Edenville
New Hope Cemetery, Section 14, Shearer Road, Hope
     Owner: Township
New Jerome Township Cemetery,  Section 24, Center Street, Sanford


Old Bombay/Old Order Amish Cemetery, Section 31, Bombay Road, Bombay
     Owner: Religious. Midland Mills
Old Calvary Catholic Cemetery

Porter Township Cemetery, Section 4, River and 9 Mile Roads, Wheeler
     Owner: Township.  Midland Porter


St. Agnes' Catholic Cemetery, Section 24, Center Street, Sanford.
     Owner: Religious. Midland Jerome
Sturgeon Creek Cemetery, Section unknown, 1611 Sturgeon Road, Midland.
     Owner: City. Midland Lee
Sullivan Cemetery, Section 23, Irish Street, Sanford.
     Owner:  ?  Midland, Kerome

Swanton Cemetery, Section 12, Water Road, Edenville
     Owner:  ? Midland Edenville


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