Jasper Township
Midland County Michigan

Jasper Township occupies the southeastern corner of Midland County, and is bounded on the north by Greendale and east by Porter Townships, on the south by Gratiot, and on the west by Isabella Counties. It is numbered 13 north and 2 west. The Pine River crosses the southeastern corner of Jasper, and is the principal stream. This township ranks with those that are second in the production of grains, vegetables, etc.

Nicholas Depue was the first settler in Jasper. He bought land here in 1854 and settled on section 31. Soon after his arrival his two sons, Marshall and Wm. T. Depue, came. In 1860 Thomas Marlin arrived and settled on section 30. Both Martin and the Depues came from Warren, Trumbull Co., Ohio. In 1860 A Ison L. Hailey found his way to Jasper and settled on section 34.

Ida, the daughter of Wm. T. Depue, was the first child born in the new township. Her birth occurred in the spring of 1860.

Miss Emily Martin, now Mrs. Geo. Smock, taught the first school in Jasper.

The township was organized March 20, 1861. The first election was held at the house of Alson L. Bailey, on the first Monday in April, 1861. A. L. Bailey, Levi Caldwell and Nicholas Depue were Judges of this Election. Mr. Bailey was elected first Justice of the Peace. At a meeting of the Board of Supervisors held Feb. 4, 1862, townships 14 and 15 north and 2 west were added to Jasper.

Later these townships were organized into Greendale and Geneva. A town house was erected in 1873 for the convenience of the citizens of the township. This is one of the most promising townships of Midland County. It contains many farms which are well cultivated and improved. The soil in this section is excellent, and in quality it is second to none in the county.

The names of the Supervisors of Jasper, together with the number of terms served in this capacity, are given:


Wm. T. Depue.............1861-3
Marshall S. Depue.........1864
John F. Balch.............1865-7
John C. Sias...............1868-70
R. C. Martin..............1870-2
John C. Sias...............1876
A. J. Martin..............1873-84

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