Porter Township
Midland County Michigan

Porter Township is situated in the southern part of Midland County and is numbered 13 north and 1 west. It is bounded on the north by Lee Township, on the east by Mount Haley Township and Saginaw County, on the south by Gratiot County, and on the west by Jasper Township.

It is a finely wooded section, but the natural order of events will transform the fine forests into fields of corn, wheat and oats, and gardens of fine vegetables. The Pine River crosses this township diagonally from southwest to northeast, its course being northeast, and in Midland Township it unites with the Chippewa. Along this river many settlers have located their homes, and lumber camps are scattered over the tract drained by it and its tributaries.

Porter contains no towns or railroads, and but one post-office, bearing the name of the township. Porter was organized Jan. 6, 1868. Lewis K. Brewer, Samuel Sias, Theodore A. Brewer, David and Almison Robinson, Ceo. A. Smith, Wm. McNeil, Win. E. Wilson, John McConnick, Geo. W. Cole, John McCummon, Wm. Jarvis and R. T. Pufler were residents and free-holders at the time, and their names appear as petitioners asking that the territory above described be organized into a township. The first election was held Jan. 25, 1869, at the house of Lewis K. Brewer, who, with Geo. A. Smith and B. T. Puffer, were Judges.

Porter ranks among those second in importance in the county, and will soon become a fine agricultural region.

It is needless to add that the names of the Supervisors attached to this brief history are men of enter- prise, who have developed the town; but ere long they will pass away, and it is fitting to remark that no better men ever graced the Board than were those from Porter Township.


W. K. Willson..............1869-71
J. D. McCummon...........1872-5
B. V. Puffer................1876-7
Robert Potter..............1878-81
B. F. Puffer................1882-3
Wm McNeil...............1884

Portrait and biographical album of Midland County, Mich. - By Chapman Brothers 1884

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