Missaukee County, MI
Genealogy and History

Cemetery List from Tina Easley

Aetna Section 17, Kelley Road, Falmouth. Aetna Twp.

Bloomfield Section 28, LaChance Road, Manton. Bloomfield Twp.

Butterfield Section 18, Kelley Road, Merritt. Butterfield Twp.

Caldwell Section 8, Brown and Packingham Roads, Manton. Caldwell Twp.

Clam Union/Falmouth Section 7, Koopm Clam Union Twp.

East Moddersville Section 16, Finkle Road, Falmouth. Holland Twp.

Lake City Cemetery

Old Jennings Cemetery

Moorestown Section 24, Edmonds and Star City Roads, Moorestown Norwich Twp.

Mount View Section 25, Strief Road, McBain. Richland Twp.

Pioneer Section 14, W. Moorestown and Edwards Roads, Lake City. Pioneer Twp.

Reeder Cemetery

Richland Sections 16 and 21, Lucas and Geers Roads Richland Twp.

Riverside Section 16, Burkett and Geer Roads, McBain. Riverside Twp.

Star City Section 25, Star City Road, Lake City. West Branch Twp.

Stittsville Section 29, Seven Mile Road, Moorestown. Norwich Twp.

Vogel Center Section 30, Koopman and Stoney Corner Roads. Clam Union Twp.

West Branch Section 5, Cutcheon Road, Lake City. O Branch Twp.

West Moddersville Section 7, Finkle and Nelson Roads, Falmouth. Holland Twp.


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