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* Veterans Buried in Monroe County *
Monroe Evening News, Saturday, April 17, 1951
Contributed by Don King

Fifty veterans of the War of 1812 are buried throughout Monroe County according to the list prepared by Mrs. Alice Turner Miller of Ithaca. Mrs. Miller, descended from Monroe County pioneers, has complete her list from cemetery and war records and local histories. Her list of those buried in the county follows:

Anderson Johnson . Died December 18, 1856 at the age or 72 years, and buried in Johnson Cemetery in Exeter Township. His wife Sarah, who died May 7, 1863 at the age of 64, is buried beside him. Mr Johnson applied for his Contingent Expense Award Feb. 8, 1859, at the age of 64. He apparently served in New York State.

W.C. Andrews . Died July 18, 1874, at the age of 82, and buried in Sackett or King Cemetery in Raisinville Township. His wife Laura T., who died Feb 9, 1881, at the age of 78, is buried in the same cemetery. His grave is marked as that of a veteran. He served as a drum major in the war. A daughter, Mary M. was married to William C. Rowe.

Amos W. Avery . Died June 1, 1863 at the age of 76, and buried in Union Cemetery, Erie Township, with his wife Nancy, who died Dec. 11, 1869, at the age of 82. The Averys lived in LaSalle, and in 1857 he applied for his Contingent Expense Award for service in New York State.

John Baker . Born March 7, 1793, died Jan. 12, 1850 at the age of 56, and buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Port Creek, in Ash Township. Maria Barnes, his wife, died May 8, 1869, at the age of 70 and is buried beside him. The Bakers lived in Ash and in 1858 the widow applied for his award.

John Barnett . Died Aug. 11, 1872, at the age of 86, and with Jane, his wife, who died April 17, 1901 at the age of 85, is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Summerfield. He applied for his award through New York State in 1858.

Jesse Bartlett . Died Aug. 19, 1862, aged 67. He and his wife, Bethia, who died Aug. 12, 1862 at the age of 65, are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Summerfield. His grave is marked as a veteran and he applied to New York State for his award in 1858.

James Bentley . Born Nov. 5, 1784 in England, he died Aug. 13, 1864. He married Amanda Barker, born Dec. 12, 1800, on Jan. 31, 1816. She died Apr. 18, 1889, in Monroe. They are buried in St. Paul's Cemetery in Monroetown. Mr. Bentley served as a non-commissioned officer under Gen. James Winchester and his wife was a witness to the war. As a British soldier at the ill-famed Battle of Copenhagen, Mr. Bentley deserted, as did many of his comrades, and in 1803 came to the River Raisin. He joined the militia company here of Capt. Issac Lee. After Winchester was defeated here, Bentley and 16 others from Frenchtown joined Gen. W.H. Harrison's force at Maumee and fought in the two sieges of Ft. Meigs. He frequently ran the gauntlet of British and Indian fire to bring water from the river. Harrison sent him to carry messages from the besieged fort to other posts. After the war he carried the mail from Maumee to Detroit, on horseback or, in wet weather, by canoe. With James Knaggs and Medard Labadie, both of Frenchtown, he was in the Battle of the Thames and all three witnessed the death of Tecumseh at the hands of Col. Richard M. Johnson of Kentucky. His wife came to Frenchtown with her stepfather, H. Brooks, and Stephen Downing in 1815. The Bentley and Downing farms adjoined.

Benjamin Brott (Brodt) . Died Oct. 21, 1841 at the age of 55 and buried in Ash Cemetery. A son, George, applied for his father's award in 1857. The family home was in Grafton.

Jonathan Carter . Died April 22, 1857 at the age of 78. He is buried in the New Azalia Cemetery in Milan Township. He evidently served in New York and resided in Dundee.

David D. Curtis . Born May 27, 1795, died Aug. 25, 1869 and buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Summerfield. His wife, Emeline, born March 18, 1805 is buried with him. His grave is marked as that of a vetern. The family home was in Dundee and an application for an award was made in New York in 1858.

David Harry . Born May 1, 1791, and died Jan 1. 1885, buried in marked grave in Rice Cemetery, Milan Township.

Hall Deland . Died Aug. 31, 1878, at the age of 82 and buried in Lamberville Methodist Cemetery. He applied for his award from New York in 1858. He was one of the 19 survivors of the war who were guests of Joseph Guyor at his marsh home for a reunion in June, 1871.

Cyrus Evert . Born July 17, 1792, died July 17, 1838 and buried in London Cemetery, London Township. A son, Hamilton B. Evert, applied for his award in 1859.

Francisco Farwell . Died in 1851 and buried seven miles west of Monroe in a cemetery not identified. A native of Vermont, he married Esther Farnsworth, who was born in Vermont and died in Lockport, N.Y. in 1845. They had nine children and moved to Monroe County in the 1820's.

John Francisco . Died Sept. 16, 1860 at the age of 66. His wife, Tryphene, died April 17, 1876 at the age of 72. Both are buried in London Cemetery. He applied for his award in New York in 1859 and also recieved a pension through New York.

Isaac Hall . Died Dec. 22, 1878, aged 83. He and wife Mary, who died Sept. 8, 1875, at the age of 74, are buried in LaSalle Cemetery. They lived in LaSalle and he applied for his award in 1858.

Vergil Holcomb . Born Jan. 20, 1778, died May 23, 1855, buried in Rice Cemetery, Milan.

Asa Howe . Son of Julius and Relief Howe, born in New York Oct. 16, 1873 and buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

Wing Irish . A resident of Dundee, buried in Oakwood Cemetery, he applied for his award from New York in 1858 at the age of 71.

William Jackson . Buried in marked grave in Oakwood Cemetery.

Lewis Jacobs . Mr Jacobs lived to be 101 years old and is buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, Erie, in an unmarked grave. He served as a Michigan volunteer in the war. Some records indicate he born in Bay Settlement (Erie) in 1776, but there were no known white settlers in the county at that time. His children were Stephen, Dominic, Lewis Jr., and three daughters. A grandson, evidently, is listed in Wing's History as Peter Jacobs, son of Dominic and Catherin Jacobs. Peter was born Aug. 10, 1850, in Bay Settlement, and in 1885 married Alice Gaunier. He served as justice of the peace six years starting in 1874. He was a carpenter and a member of St. Joseph Church.

Samuel Jenne . Died May 10, 1871, aged 81. He and Elizabeth, his wife, who died Aug. 13, 1863, aged 71, are buried in Oakwood Cemetery. The grave is marked. He applied for his New York award in 1858 from Dundee.

James H. Johnson . Died Oct. 16, 1850, aged 76. Millicent Dodge, his wife, born March 18, 1781, died Sept. 13, 1874. Both are buried in Vanankin Cemetery, Whiteford Township. A soldier from New York, he moved to Bedford Township after the war.

Henry Mason . Died July 15, 1876, aged 86, and buried in Blouch-Osgood Cemetery, Bedford Township. From Bedford, he appliedto New York for his award in 1858.

Col. Ephriam Morse . Born Sept. 13, 1778, died Aug. 6, 1859, buried with his wife, Statira, Born May 1, 1788, died Nov. 21, 1855, in Oakwood Cemetery.

Michael Morse . Died in 1871, aged 77 and buried in New Azalia Cemetery, Milan. Served from New York from which he received his award.

Nicholas Moyer . Born Feb. 4, 1797, died Aug. 10, 1880. With Mary, his wife, born June 13, 1806, died July 13, 1886, buried in McIntyre Cemetery.

Gilbert A. Munson . Died May 9, 1866, and buried in Rice Cemetery, Milan. Applied to New York for his award in 1857, aged 70.

Gilbert Palmer . Son of Abel and Lois Palmer, died April 28, 1840, aged 46 and buried in London Cemetery. On Nov. 26, 1812, he married Hannah Herkimer, who died March 30, 1864, aged 72. Served as ensign in the Battle of Sackett's Harbor, N.Y., and moved to Exeter in 1833 or 1838.

David Parker . Buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

Samuel W. Pitts . Died Sept. 1, 1866, aged 77 and with Catherine, his wife, who died Jan. 2, 1878, aged 77, buried in Doty Cemetery, Raisinville. Applied to New York for his award in 1858.

Edmund Reynolds . Born Feb. 27, 1795, died Feb. 24, 1863. Married Rhoda Hayward, born Aug. 28, 1797, died Feb. 17, 1860. Both are buried in Oakwood Cemetery. They had eight children.

John Root . Buried in Grafton Cemetery, Ash, with his wife, Orpha J., who died May 19, 1873, aged 52, and a son Solomon, 2. He applied to New York for his award from Grafton in 1857.

David Seward . Died May 10, 1853, aged 72, at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Thomas Lee, in Summerfield, and buried in Burnham Cemetery, a small private burying ground between Petersburg and Deerfield. In 1943, the gravestone was moved to Lyons, Ohio, beside the grave of his wife.

Col. John Smith . Born Sept. 10, 1779, died Dec. 27, 1850, and buried with his wife, who died in 1862, aged 74, in Union Cemetery, Erie.

Martin Smith . Died May 17, 1851, aged 68, and with his wife, Achsah, who died Feb. 5, 1835, aged 46, buried in Oakwood Cemetery. His grave is marked with a government stone. He served as a corporal in the 25th U.S. Infantry Regiment.

Alexis Soleau . Son of Alexis and Josette Soleau, he died Sept. 11, 1871, aged 78, and is buried in St. Charles Cemetery, Oldport. He came from France to the River Raisin and with his son, Touissant, was taken prisoner at Sandy Creek.

S. Stacy . With wife, Rachel, who died in 1851, aged 57, buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

Samuel Stone . Served both in Revolution and War of 1812. Born in 1763, Died Oct. 2, 1834, and buried in Oakwood Cemetery. He married Polly Stone and after her death, a second wife, Fanny, who died in 1850, aged 73. Mrs. Marion Babcock os Dundee is a descendant.

Benjamin Sumner . Died June 2, 1862, aged 71, and buried in Vanankin Cemetery, Whiteford. Applied to New York for his award in 1858.

George Taylor . Died Oct. 17, 1872, buried in Rice Cemetery, Milan.

Justus Tremain . Died Feb. 1, 1872, aged 74, and with Lura, his wife, buried in Oakwood Cemetery

Joseph A. Trombley . Buried in Vanakin Cemetery.

Jacob Turner . Son of John Turner, born April 12, 1789, in Rensselaer County, N.Y., died Jan. 28, 1866, in Erie and buried in old part of Erie Cemetery. He severd as teamster transporting military stores in New York and come to Monroe County in 1831. The great grandfather of Mrs. Miller, he married Gertrude Decker Nov. 23, 1811 in Shadack N.Y. She died Nov. 15, 1868, aged 71, in Erie.

William Valentine . With wife Ruth, who died in 1869, buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

Sylvanus A. Whipple . Died Dec. 13, 1871, aged 76, and with Alice, his wife, who died Aug. 7, 1864, aged 65, buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Port Creek. Applied to New York for award from Ash in 1857.

Ezra Younglove . Son of Samuel Younglove, a Revolutionary soldier, born in 1771 and died May 25, 1867. He is buried at the County Farm, his grave marked with a government stone. He enlisted in the war and discharged after being wounded, then reenlisted in a Kentucky regiment and was chief gunner on one of Commodore Perry's vessels. Many Kentucky troops served on shipboard as Perry had only a few seaman. He came to Frenchtown after Perry's victory and lived with the father of the late Joshua West at LuLu after the death of his wife, a LaFountain. In the war he also served as a spy and was awarded a gold medal. The late Mr. West furnished most of this information.

George Younglove . Born Nov. 16, 1794, in Great Barringron, Mass., died Sept. 6, 1876, aged 81, in Monroe. He married Harriet Phelps, who died in 1855, aged 58, and both are buried in Doty Cemetery. They had 11 children and after her death, he married Mary Phelpe. A son, George, married Gertrude Turner, daughter of Jacob Turner. He served in the war under Capt. A. Jones and Col. S. K. Chamberlain.