Monroe County

Monroe Co MI - 21 Dec. 1882 - The Ludington Record (Ludington, MI)
Three young men of Berlin, Monroe county, named Shinevare, Roberts, and Reaume, went to the pineries a few weeks ago, but they didn’t like the business. They returned a few days ago, all sick with the pleurisy, and all have since died.
Jim Dezotell

Maybee, Mich., Dec. 31, 1894 -- Special Telegram. --
Claude Hooker married Harriet Crooks at her home here two years ago tonight, but the following morning when the bride arose she found her husband gone with the more costly of the wedding gifts. She searched for him high and low, but not a single trace of his whereabouts was found. She went back to her parents' home and for two years mourned for him as dead. This afternoon the recreant husband arrived in town and was immediately welcomed back to his wife's arms. He nonchalantly insists that his departure was the result of an hallucination, and that he has since wandered over the entire country but could not come home. Last Wednesday he says he regained complete possession of his senses and found himself in New Orleans whence he at once hurried to his bride's side. [1894 Jan 1 - Inter Ocean, Chicago, Illinois]
Contributed by Teri Moncelle Colglazier or McLean County Genealogy Trails
We aren't sure where this story really happened, it was found in a Maybee Michigan newspaper.