Cemetery Location County Township

Amble Cemetery
Section 17, Bailey Road, Howard City. Owner: Township.  

Bloomer Section 22, Miner Road, Carson City. Owner: Township.  
Burke Section 34, Bollinger Road, Crystal. Owner: Township. 

Carson City Cemetery
Cato Township Section 22, Gates Road, Lakeview. Owner: Township.  
Cedar Lake Section 25, Cedar Lake Road, in Cedar Lake. Owner: Village. 
Clear Lake Section 36, Brown Road, Fenwick. Montcalm Fair Plain
Coady Catholic/Cody Catholic Section 10, Amble Road, Coral. 
   Owner: Religious. Montcalm Maple Valley
Coral Section 5, Kendalville Road/County Road 530, Coral. 
   Owner: Township. Montcalm Maple Valley
 Crystal Cemetery 
    Sec 29, Crystal Rd/County Rd 565 
   and Holland Lake Road, Crystal. Owner: Township. Montcalm Crystal

Dalton Section 33, Crystal Road, Carson City. Owner: Township. 
Dickerson/Witsell Section 1, Gravel Ridge and Cutler Roads, Lakeview. 
   Owner: Township. Montcalm Winfield

East Montcalm Section 27, Greenville Road/M-91, Greenville. 
   Owner: Township. Montcalm Montcalm
East Washington Section 15, E. Washington Street/M-57, Greenville. 
   Moved to West Washington Cemetery. Montcalm Eureka
Entrican/Hillside Section 9, Grow Road/County Road 585, Entrican. 
   Owner: Township. Montcalm Douglas
Eureka Township Section 4, M-91, Greenville. Owner: Township. 
 Evergreen Cem Sec 27, Derby Rd, Six Lakes. 
   Owner: Township. Montcalm Belvidere
Evergreen Township Section 32, Muskrat Road, Sheridan. 
   Owner: Township. Montcalm Evergreen

Fair Plain Township Section 20, Miller Road, Greenville. 
Ferris Center Cemetery
Forest Hill Section 1, Forest Hill Street, Stanton. Montcalm Sidney
 Forest Home Cemetery

Hillcrest Section 9, Lake Road/M-66, Six Lakes. Owner: Township. 
Home Township Section 22, Neff Road, Edmore. Owner: Township. 

Klees Section 36, Klees Road, Crystal. Montcalm Ferris

Lakeview Cemetery
Langston/Riverside Section 26, off Greenville Road/M-91, Stanton.  
   Owner: Township. Montcalm Pine
Little Denmark Section 7, Johnson Road/County Road 595, Gowen. 
   Owner: Township. Montcalm Montcalm

Maple Ridge/Vickeryville Section 11, Sessions Road, Vickeryville.  
Maple Valley Section 22, off Cannonsville and Cody Lake Roads, Coral. 
   Owner: Religious. Montcalm Maple Valley
McBride/McBride's Cemetery

Monroe Road/Monroe Settlement/Saint Jorgens-Peter's Section 28, Monroe Road,   
   Owner: Township. Montcalm Montcalm
Montcalm County Poor Farm/Potters' Field Section 5, 
    County Farm Road/County Road 506, 
   Greenville. Owner: County. Montcalm Fair Plain
Montcalm Mennonite Church Section 13, 315 S Gratiot, Carson City.
    Owner: Church Montcalm Bloomer

North Sidney Section 8, Grow Road, Sidney. Owner: Religious 

Palmer Cemetery
Perch Lake Bible Church Section 28, Monroe Road, Greenville. 
Pierson Cemetery

Reynolds Township Sections 23 and 26, Almy Road, Howard City. 
    Owner: Township. Montcalm Reynolds
Richland Township/Vestaburg Section 33, Crystal Road/County Road 565,  
    Owner: Township. Montcalm Richland

Sheridan Section 6, 622 E. Condensery Road/County Road 506, Sheridan. 
   Owner: Township. Montcalm Bushnell
Sidney Township Section 16, Sidney Road/County Road 510, Sidney. 
    Owner: Township. Montcalm Sidney
South Sidney Section 31, Muskrat Road, Sidney. Montcalm Sidney
Spencer Section 2, Herrick Road/County Road 555, Crystal. 
   Owner: Township. Montcalm Crystal
Saint Charles' Catholic Section 8, Harlow Road, Greenville.  
St Mary’s Section 12, N. Williams Street, Carson City. Owner: Religious.  
Sunny Hill Section 34, Castel Road, Fenwick. Owner: Township. 

Trufant Section 34, Stanton Road/County Road 522 
     and Master Road/County Road 601, 
    Owner: Township. Montcalm Maple Valley

Veteran's Park/West Washington Section 9, W. Washington Street/M-57,  
   Moved to Forest Home Cemetery. Montcalm Eureka
Vinewood Section 28, Wyman Road/County Road 571, Edmore. Owner: Village. 

West Montcalm/Wolverton Plains Section 31, Johnson Road/County Road 595  
   Owner: Township. Montcalm Montcalm
West Pine Section 7, Gravel Ridge Road/County Road 595, Lakeview. 
   Owner: Township.  

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