Crystal Michigan

Montcalm County

History of Crystal Village

The village of Crystal is situated near the east shore of Crystal Lake. The first settlement in this vicinity was made by Enos P. Drake, who in the year 1857 built a small dwelling-house and saw-mill, the latter on the outlet of Mud Lake, and occupying the site upon which the steam-mill of Starkey & Rup now stands. The mill in Evergreen known as Rider's Mill had already been built a number of years; nevertheless the one built by Drake served a want long felt by the settlers here, as the roads to the older mills were circuitous, and at times almost impassible. Mr. Drake also built the first dwelling within the present limits of Crystal. It is now occupied by John Fuller.

The first framed building was the Eagle Hotel, commenced by Samuel Burtch and completed by Hiram Steffey.

The village, which is still small and of minor importance as a business centre, was laid out by Asa Ward, on land owned by Samuel Burtch and Enos P. Drake. There are at present three general stores, one boot-and-shoe store, one drug-store, two hotels, a grist-mill, saw-mill, and a number of smaller business places.

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