Maple Valley Township

Montcalm County



The first township-meeting of Maple Valley was held in the shingle shanty of Seth Moen, on section 1. The meeting bad been appointed to be held at his house, but he having moved away it was adjourned to the place above mentioned.

Maple Valley at this time comprised town 12 north, of range 9 west, now the township of Winfield. There were at that time eighteen voters in the two townships.


The supervisors, clerks, treasurers, and justices of the peace elected annually for the years 1864 to 1880, inclusive, are as follows:


1861-67, Charles Parker; 1868, Philo B. Ingham; 1869-70, Henry Sump; 1871, Samuel Wiseman; 1872, D. L. Shook; 1873-74, Charles Parker; 1875-79, A. C. Fisher; 1880, William Birkett


1864, Charles Parker; 1865, James S. Ferguson; 1866, R. Rain; 1867, J. B. Fletcher; 1868-69, Alvin Darls; 1870, Henry Cowden; 1871, AMn Daris; 1872, B. J. Blanding; 1873-80, John Haleomb.


1864, James Cody; 1865, Jacob Ferguson; 1866, Isaac Mattison; 1867, Peter Kain; 1868, William Cody; 1869, Peter Kain: 1870, Isaao Mattison; 1871, Henry Cowden; 1872, Edwin Meads; 1873-74, J. C. Richards: 1875-76, D. L. Shook; 1877, Isaac Morris; 1878, Richard Kearney; 1879, T. O. Northrup; 1880, R. Kearney.


1864, Miohael Whaler), William Cody, Charles Parker, William Sheehan; 1863, William Sbeehan; 1866, Charles Parker; 1867, Charles Condon, William Cody; 1868, E. R. Ferguson; 1869, James 8. Morrison, Cyrus Hincmman; 1870, Emory J. Blanding, James I. Parks; 1871, R«v. It. M. Wright, Andrew Acker; 1872, J. P. Taylor ; 1873, T. H. Stimpson, Samuel Wiseman; 1874, S. Belgrare, C. M. Slawson; 1875, E. J. Blanding, J. D. Van Tassel; 1876, Charles Baldwin; 1877, Sylvester Belgravos, John Skech; 1878, G. B. Lewis, W. M. Parsons; 1879, J. R. Taylor; 1880, James Starks.


This village is laid out on land entered from government by Mr. Trufant, who built a saw-mill here in 1872, which was the first run by water in the township. He sold out to J. B. Hileman and Jacob Hessert who built a steam saw-mill on the site of the old one. They have since added a shingle and planing-mill, and now employ eighty men. They average forty thousand feet of lumber and forty thousand shingles per day. Their planing-mill is one of the best in the county. There are now four mills in the vicinity of Trufant, some of which will not continue in operation more than a few years. The firm of Hileman & Hesser laid out the village in the year 1874, and named it after Mr. Trufant, the first settler of this land, who removed to Mount Clemens and there died. The first building erected was a boarding-house built by this firm and run by Samuel Barr. In 1872, T. H. Stimpson put up a building for a hotel. He was a member of the United Brethren Church, and subsequently went to preaching. The first store was opened by Herrick Fox. He built a small house and opened a light stock of goods, but did not remain long in the business. Philip Wilson opened a stock of goods in 1873, and remained in business but four years. Frank Seymour started in the mercantile business in Trufant in 1875, and closed out in 1880. George H. Cowin opened a stock of drugs in 1877, and still continues in this business. Dr. J. T. Joslyn was the first physician to locate in Trufant. He remained but a year, and then returned to Guernsey. He was succeeded by Dr. Hammond, who is still a resident of the village. The death of Elmer Howey in 1872 was the first in the village.


This hamlet is situated principally on land owned by William Fitzgerald, in section 15. He told eighty acres to R. Kearney, who laid out the village in 1872. The sawmill at this place had been built by Babcock & Ferguson in 1870. Soon after the village was laid out, Dr. Slawson, who was also the first postmaster, built a store-room and opened a stock of goods. He remained in business some years. The hotel was built by Horace Sturtevant. There are now one hotel and one general store in the village. The population is about fifty.

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