Muskegon County, Michigan


Wabaningo Post Office 1910's - Contributed by Paul Petosky

Wabaningo, now a resort community, was settled before 1833. It was first called Sylvan Beach, but the post office, established in 1897, was named Wabaningo, after a local Ottawa chief. It was made a branch of the Whitehall office in 1954. The office operated as a summer post office from 1897-1938, 1939-1942, 1944-1953, 1954-1965, and 1966-1999. Wabaningo is no longer an acceptable name for delivery, although Sylvan Beach is an acceptable name with the Whitehall ZIP code 49463.

It is also the location of the White River Light station, which includes a lighthouse built in 1875, which now houses a small lighthouse and maritime museum. The original Fresnel lens is on display there.
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