Muskegon County, Michigan

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November 2, 1882 - The Ludington Record (Ludington, MI) – Thursday
An 8-year-old daughter of Geo. R. Whyst, of Whitehall, was fatally burned. Her mother sent her out with a shovel full of hot coals to her father who was working in a field, and the wind blew the fire upon her so that her clothes caught fire.
[Contributed by Jim Dezotell]

September 2, 1887
Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, Bangor Maine
Of the nine prisoners in the Muskegon county ( Mich. ) jail eight are women. The solitary mail prisoner is said to be constantly on his good behavior.
[Contributed by Shauna Williams]

September 24, 1889
Newark Daily Advocate (Ohio)
George Doellel a would-be wife murderer, arrested after a desperate fight at Montague, Mich., hangs himself in a station house cell.
[Contributed by Cathy Schult]

October 9, 1890
Chillicothe Morning Constitution, Chillicothe Missouri
Four of the six boilers at the Ducly lumber mill at Muskegon , Mich. , exploded, injuring six men fatally. Cause, low water in the boilers.

May 18, 1891
Chillicothe Morning Constitution, Chillicothe Missouri
Twenty blocks of business houses and dwellings were burned at Muskegon , Mich. , on the afternoon of the 16th. The courthouse was among the buildings destroyed.

July 11, 1901
Cambridge Jeffersonian, Cambridge Ohio
Dropped Into the Lake - Muskegon , Mich. , July 5-Frank Tazelow, an aeronaut from Grand Rapids , was killed while making a parachute drop. He fell 1,000 feet, dropping into Muskegon lake. Thousands saw the accident.

July 4, 1904
Muskegon, Mich., July 4 — A sailboat, containing seven pleasure seekers, was containing seven pleasure seekers, was capsized in Muskegon Lake today, and four of the occupants were drowned in view of hundreds of spectators. The party consisted of Albert Kennicott, of the Shaw Electrlc Crane Works, his wife and three children — Linda, four years of age, and two other little, girls, aged three years and thirteen months respectively, and two sisters, Misses Adeline and Georgette Emerson. High winds prevailed when the party started out, and when near Ruddimans Point the yacht capsized. Mr. and Mrs. Kennicott and Miss Georgette Emerson clung to the overturned boat. The parents made frantic efforts to save the children. The thirteen-months-old baby was rescued, but died before reaching' shore.
[The Washington Post – July 5, 1904 – Submitted by Dale Donlon]

September 4, 1909
Adams County News Gettysburg Pennsylvania
Friday September 3 – It is estimated that the loss accompanying the heavy frost in Muskegon and Oceana counties, Mich. , will run up to at least $100,000.

June 6, 1912
At Wellville, Michigan, Saturday as Kindly, wife and daughter were returning from a drive, they were met in the road by McGinnis, who was employed on a neighboring farm, confronted them with a rifle and asked Kindly, “Can I have your daughter,” No! replied Kindly. At this McGinnis took effect in Kindly’s neck, the daughter jumped from the buggy and fled with McGinnis, leaving her father prostrated and bleeding in the road.
[Pauls Valley Democrat, Pauls Valley, Okla, Thursday, June 6, 1912, page 7]    [Transcribed by Peggy Thompson]

October 19, 1912
Adams County News , Gettysburg Pennsylvania
Killed Breaking Into Jail
Man with Peculiar Mania is Shot dead by Sheriff Muskegon, Mich., Oct. 18-Edward Fromme, thirty-five years old, who, when under the influence of liquor, is said to have had a mania for breaking into other peoples’ houses and sleeping there, was shot and killed by Sheriff Fred Nelson. According to the officer, he attempted to break into the county jail. He was entering the kitchen window of the jail building when Sheriff Nelson fired.

27 April 1915
The Daily Book, Chicago IL
Mrs. Albert Steel, accused of murder of step-daughter, Evelina Mary, 13, pleaded not guilty in circuit court.
[Contributed by Kim Torp]

11 May 1921
Detroit, Mich., May 10. - Forest fires in western and northern Michigan today to ten counties. While no heavy damage had been caused, reports tonight said the flames were endangering some of the finest forest growth in the state. For the most part, patrol held the larger fires in check today, and were hopeful that promised rain would aid them tomorrow. New fires today were reported in Dickinson, Muskegon, Manistee and Emmett counties.
[Herald Democrat, May 11, 1921]


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