Brooks Township
Newaygo Co MI

According to the Congressional survey, Brooks Township is 12 west, 12 north, and is bounded on the north by Everett, on the east by Croton, on the south by Grant, on the west by Garfield. It at first contained the entire western half of the county, and was one of the two first townships organized before the county itself. For many years it contained the west half of township 12 north, 12 west, and the east half of 12 north, 13 west. In 1880, the latter tract was used in making the new township of Garfield, and half a township was taken from Croton, by way of compensation. By this arrangement, the village of Newaygo is thrown on the line between Garfield and Brooks. The Muskegon winds through the township from east to west, crossing sections 24,13, 14, 15, 23, 26, 27, 22, 21,20 and 19. The Newaygo division of the Chicago & West Michigan railroad runs through the northwestern quarter of the township, crossing sections 5, 4, 9, 17 and 18. In the southwestern corner lie Big Brooks (or Hess) Lake and Little Brooks Lake. The former is about two mites long, and one of the largest bodies of water in the county. In the northwestern corner is Great Marl Lake, and portions of Little Marl and Pickerel Lakes.

Brooks was one of the two townships organized in 1851, before the county was organized. Isaac D. Merrill was the first Supervisor. At the last election, held April 2, 1883, the following officers were elected: Sanford Brown, Supervisor; Frank Towns, Clerk; James Herron, Treasurer; Otis Freeman, Highway Commissioner; Henry Hyde, Drain Commissioner; Samuel D. Bonner, School Inspector; Sanford Brown and John A. Brooks, Justices of the Peace; Aaron Courtwright, George King, John T. Thompson and Auselm Miller, Constable.

The population of the township of Brooks in 1880 (then containing all of Newaygo village) was 1,497. There are now four school districts in Brooks Township. For the year ending Sept. 3, 1883, the number of children between the ages of 5 and 15 was 502; the number of children that attended school, 295; number of- non-resident pupils, 8; number of days of school taught, 498; number of frame school-houses, 3; number of log school-houses, 1; number of pupils that can be seated, 384; value of school property, $5,500; number of male teachers employed, 3; number of female teachers employed, 5; wages paid male teachers, $1,372.

Isaac D. Merrill 1851
Ephraim H. Utley 1852
John A. Brooks 1853
Sullivan Armstrong 1854
Ashley B. Furman 1855
Alfred A. Maguire 1856
Hiram Baker 1857
Theodore Wilson 1858
Justus C. Hubbard 1859
Amasa B. Watson 1860
Warren P. Adams 1862
Dexter P. Glazier 1863
Amasa B. Watson 1864-5
William T. Howell 1866
E.S. Gray 1866
William D. Fuller 1867
Augustus paddock 1868
Wm. D. Fuller 1869
Wilkes D. Stewart 1870
William D. Fuller 1871
Sanford Brown 1872
John A. Brooks 1873
Timothy Edwards 1873
Sanford Brown 1874
James Herron 1875
Sanford Brown 1876-8
George W. Fry 1879
Sanford Brown 1880-81
C.K. Carter 1882
Frank Hoag 1883
Sanford Brown 1883
Wm. Glanville 1883

Source: Portrait and Biographical Newaygo County 1884